Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” New Orleans housing charity is in trouble

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From NY Post: Brad Pitt is caught in a hurricane of litigation over defective houses his Make It Right foundation built in New Orleans and he can’t find a graceful exit from the storm.

Make It Right appears to be barely functioning. The charity reportedly stopped building new houses in 2016. Its website hasn’t been updated since December 2015, and social-media accounts went idle in mid-2017. Like most nonprofit orgs, Make It Right has publicly posted its tax filings and financial statements for several years, but the last available filing is for the 2014 tax year. Years ago, the charity partnered with other groups to build veterans housing in Newark, New Jersey, and affordable apartments in Kansas City, Missouri.

New Orleans homeowners are suing Pitt and the foundation, claiming fraud over defective designs and shoddy construction. Pitt and other former foundation officers are petitioning to be removed from that suit, and he and the organization are suing the architect who oversaw the project in the city’s devastated Lower Ninth Ward. The charity has made repairs to rotting and collapsed porches.

In December, the city of New Orleans warned the 109 Make It Right homeowners that natural-gas meters in their houses might be improperly installed — a dangerous condition that could lead to gas leaks and explosions.

For Pitt — an architectural buff who hoped to pioneer new designs for affordable, green housing — the venture has been an embarrassing disaster. “The easy thing for him would have been to walk away, but then he would be accused of abandoning the people he promised to help,” my source said.

Pitt — after buying a mansion in the French Quarter and raising millions for the foundation after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 — was busy making movies. He let other people run the project, which aimed to build 150 green-energy houses.
“Brad was a co-founder, but he wasn’t on the board for years,” the source said. “When the problems arose, he committed to help make it right.”

Ron Austin, the lawyer representing the homeowners, told me, “According to their 2015 tax filings, the foundation is insolvent. If Mr. Pitt succeeds in getting himself removed from the lawsuit, these residents will be without any remedy. It’s obvious he is trying to cut and run.

Austin said his clients are stuck with 30-year mortgages. “It’s sad and scary. They don’t have anywhere to go, and they can’t afford to move.”

Emails and phone calls to the foundation were not answered.


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9 responses to “Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” New Orleans housing charity is in trouble

  1. The whole thing was a vanity project for Pitt who, though without a scintilla of training, fancies himself to be an architect. He and Angelina Jolie may also have used their charity foundation and projects (incl. her “charitable” globe-trotting”) for tax write-off purpose.

    • Yep, I’m sure every house had a ring to tie up your unicorn and a sacrificial altar out back. Maybe this is why I don’t call a plumber when my electrical service fails. I guess he can “act” like an architect as long as he doesn’t build anything.

    • Very funny about tying up a unicorn in just this latest socialist “New Dawn” in housing utopias. I spent about two min researching this mini-Haiti boondoggle and see there were 13 design firms, each with “sustainable” designs. Problem is, these designs are notoriously UNsustainable—as we see here—with vernacular, local methods and materials tossed aside to erect the whims of insufferable narcissists like, oy vey, a truly evil sh*thead like Frank Gehry.

      His design for this project is what it intuitively appears to be—the imposition of in-your-face structural disorder in the midst of creole culture’s humble yet lovely vernacular house styles. Generally such new designs are so technically inept and nonstandard that local contractors have to do their best to make things fit (“Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture” by structural engineer Malcolm Millais has endless proof of this). The result of these physical manifestations of social engineering—posing as humanitarian do-goodism, of course—almost immediately start to rot just as the usual Progressivist projects using blacks as laboratory guinea pigs go bad almost overnight.

      This stuff goes way back to post-WW I Bauhaus horrors imposed on European workers, which were totally unlivable like this crap. Tragically more evil has been accomplished by the likes of Brad Pitt and Frank Gehry because their supposed good intentions sanction such experiments and wave away these outcomes, while anything done by private enterprise would bring social outrage, swift justice, and probably bankruptcy.

  2. I live in New Orleans. I lost my house in Katrina so I looked into getting one of these houses. The sub-contractors were chosen from “minority group” applicants nobody ever heard of. Some of them took their money from Pitt and left without doing the work. The project had so many problems that I don’t think they even built half of the houses they promised to build. I could see it was a problem from the start. When I finally found a good contractor to build a new house on the site of my old one we had many conversations about the Pitt project. My contractor was a 25 year veteran of home building, learning the trade from the age of 14 working for his contractor father. Even with all of his experience he said that contracting and home building was a hard and stressful job because of the enormous number of things that could go wrong and then be covered up in the process by unscrupulous sub-contractors. My contractor had a core group of subs that he used over many years, that he could trust to do the job. Brad Pitt’s project was a hot mess right from the beginning and the shoddy workmanship came to light a few years ago.

    • I was forced to deal with minority contractors and vendors repeatedly in a couple of jobs I had. There were a couple that were excellent but the vast majority were terrible.
      One concrete contractor was Jamaican and his word was gold. If he shook your hand you got top quality work with no excuses. I helped his son get into the HVAC/R business by setting him up with the tools of the trade and getting him on with a good family owned business. He is very successful and his employer is happy with him…
      I also had a Jamaican that hauled stone for us. Same deal with him. His word was gold and you got exactly what you needed…
      The others were terrible and we always had to get someone else or do their work over… No surprise there

    • I’m glad you got a good outcome to your loss,but I need to ask this;After losing your home to a Natural Disaster,what made you decide to rebuild in the same location? I’ve seen it before-a family’s house is washed away by a flood,the news reporter asks the Dad, “So-What’ll you do next? Will you be moving to someplace above the flood plane?” And the guy says, “Nah-the insurance will cover it,so we’ll just rebuild right where we are.” Sorry-it just doesn’t make sense to me. Of course,you WOULD get a new home every time a flood,hurricane or tornado destroys your home…..

      • Junkie,
        Every section of the country deals with some natural disaster. Earthquakes happen in all parts of the country. There’s tornado alley through the midsection of the country. Wildfires out west. Snowstorms destroy properties up north. Flooding happens in every part of our country. I ask you…where would you suggest victims of these catastrophes run. As for the government rebuilding my property every time a disaster hits, let’s look at the facts. I had owned that piece of property for 30 years with no problem. I paid high flood insurance rates all those 30 years, never once having to collect on it. But that’s why you buy insurance. You pay your money and hope you never have to collect on it. I thought about moving but all of my friends and family live here and I had an elderly mother who lived in a nearby city that I had to tend to. There are multiple decisions that go into making a move. When I decided to stay and I rebuilt, I took precautions against being flooded out again. I built my new house a foot higher than the Katrina flood and 2.5 feet higher than the area’s base elevation. I built in other weather proofing for the area like hurricane strapping on the structure and hurricane/high impact proof windows. At great expense I added as many precautionary features as I could. You do the best you can with what you have. But let me just say this…if you think you can outrun Mother Nature, you need to re-think that assumption.

  3. Brad Pitt sure turned the Make It Right in New Orleans to the Made it wrong for the homeowners who can’t get out of his bad deal, but how can anything turned right when his life has been one of wrong deals, drugs, alcohol, and a failed marriage, not that his ex-wife is is better than him, but actors should keep to acting since it is the only trade they know best.

  4. I don’t know that these characters below are involved in New Orleans, but it would surprise me if in the ancestral home of the Monsanto family, that they or similar tribal members would NOT be, especially with the Brad Pitt and Hollyweird connections.
    Some crooks seem to be able to continue to do the same thing and to continue to get away with it. Don’t we ever wonder (((why)))? All of these “Affirmative action” types of swindles were forcibly set up to be jewish boondoggles secondarily, but primarily as a method to gain jew power [political especially] over the White American people.

    “(((Shady real estate clan))) at center of New York City’s plan to convert homeless apartments into affordable housing” [Jan 20, 2019]

    “In the world of New York real estate, members of the Podolsky family are known as players with a checkered past. The family’s now-deceased patriarch Zenek Podolsky was born in Poland and, by his own account, survived the Holocaust through working for the Gestapo as a welder who’d clean out the safes of fellow Jews sent to their deaths.”
    “Why Run a Slum If You Can Make More Money Housing the Homeless?” [Dec. 1, 2013]

    “In July 2011, a nonprofit called Housing Solutions USA was incorporated, listing one of the 95th Street hostels as its address. The charity’s board was made up of Podolsky employees and contractors, including a lawyer who contributed a $725,000 loan for start-up costs. Instead of fighting City Hall, the Podolskys were shifting their tactics, turning an antagonist into a customer.”


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