Brad Pitt: "We don't always know best so let's check ourselves"

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The agnostic philosopher actor, Brad Pitt, was working hard last week walking the red carpet to promote his new movie The Big Short, which he also produced. From IMDB the movie is about “four outsiders in the world of high-finance who predicted the credit and housing bubble and decide to take on the big banks for their lack of foresight and greed.”
Brad PittThe film deals with the credit and housing collapse of 2007 – 2010 and clearly raises Pitt’s ire. He said, “This entitlement that you can make money off the backs of others without being responsible to what it’s doing to them or what it could do to them drives me crazy,” he told Confidenti@l. “The fact that no one was held accountable after this mass failure drives me crazy so I wanted this story told. I’m really proud to be able to tell this story.
He also has some also had some “words of advice” for voters in the upcoming presidential election. “Don’t be so emotional,” he cautioned. “Don’t see the world from our own backyard. Understand everyone has self-interest and that we are now in a community. We are not an island and we don’t always know best so let’s check ourselves.
“Let’s check ourselves?” What is he referring to? The Syrian refugee crisis? Newsbusters claims that Pitt was referring to the American people to stop being so closed-minded about the foreigners in their panic after the Paris attacks. Americans somehow think they’re an island of xenophopic egotists.
So let’s look at how Pitt takes care of his “self-interest” shall we? I carry because I can’t afford to travel with a big bodyguard (or several of them), as the Pitts typically do, all over the world.
pitt family
pitt family2
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Maddox
And looks to me that the Pittts have PLENTY of room to welcome some refugees:

Château Miraval, owned by the Pitts

Château Miraval, owned by the Pitts

The Pitts own this wonderful chateau and vineyard, located in France. Their chateau has 35 rooms and is surrounded by gardens with a moat, fountains, ancient aqueducts, a pond and a chapel. Plenty of room for the “women and orphan” refugees to run around and relax. Or is his chateau “an island”?
But I’m sure Brad knows best. Typical Hollyweird elitist hypocrite.
h/t Newsbusters

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0 responses to “Brad Pitt: "We don't always know best so let's check ourselves"

  1. Since all movies are making money off people who have no say in what is being produced, I think I will avoid this movie. The last sentence says it all.

  2. DCG, don’t be so ridiculously hypocritical of Brad Pitt’s lifestyle. I am no fan of his, but its good enough that he makes a film about the matters that piss him off concerning the psychopathic fraudsters of the 0.001%. That he travels the world with an army of security personnel is for his own and his family’s safety. In this day and age that is the wisest way to travel if you are world famous.

    • Ah, “psychopathic fraudsters of the 0.001%”… so, he made a movie about the Clintons?

    • To me it’s not good enough he lectures me from his high horse. He may be pro Second Amendment yet he supports a highly anti-Second Amendment president. Because like most elites, they know the rules will never apply to them. Just like Pitt claims to be an environmentalist…using more energy in a day at all his homes and his private jet flights than I use in a year, no doubt. Yet I’m hypocritical of his lifestyle. Ok…

    • The gravamen or point of DCG’s post is that Brad Pitt, sheltered by his enormous wealth, berates us for not taking in any and all so-called refugees from the Middle East, when it is ordinary American people who would live next to and pay (via taxes) for the so-called refugees, and when our national debt is an unsustainable $20+ trillion. DCG used Pitt’s army of body guards to illustrate his wealth and his family being shielded and protected when ordinary Americans are not. The point of DCG’s post is not whether Pitt should or should not have an army of body guards.

  3. Brad Pitt should give thanks he earns so much money, with so little talent.
    He needs to keep his mouth shut and have more mancations with George Clooney & Randee Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s, Charlie Sheenesque Husband). Brad reminds me of Barbra Streisand with her oral diarrhea and hypocrisy.

  4. It would be nice if once, just once, Hollywood multi-gazillionaires like Brad Pitt would give a hoot about middle-class Americans who bear the brunt of living near and paying for the so-called refugees. Pitt and Jolie also own other luxury homes, including a lush $20M heart-shaped island off the coast of New York which Jolie bought as a 50th birthday gift to Pitt. Do you think they’ll invite any refugees to the island’s two luxury homes that were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? /sarc

    • I am a big fan of FLW’s work [it’s not always perfect] and this was unknown to me, so I checked out the link, where it was stated that “…one of the owners of the secluded estate has shot down the rumors, telling Extra that the report is not true and the island is still up for sale.”
      I know too much about Hollywood’s inner workings to be a fan of that cult-following-environment, but I know that some few of its names are good people.
      For example: it is my understanding that upon his death the great majority of W C Fields estate money went to a RC home for orphaned boys. And he didn’t like Hollywood: “Hollywood is the gold cap on a tooth that should have been pulled out years ago.”
      Overall, it is very difficult for wealthy people to see themselves to be as average as you and I, for example. Actors of all stripes come into a great deal of money early on, so they are easily corrupted, and from the time I spent w/a few of them, it’s the exception that proves the rule. Frank Sinatra was one such.

  5. Well, isn’t he special? I love it when the uber rich climb up on their box and preach to the little people, the very people that will be picking up the tab for all the inspirations of the rich. They can write most of it off, that is why they pay the big bucks to the CPAs.
    I have not heard one uber rich yet explain how many invaders they have taken in, behind their gated mansions with the really green grass.
    I sure hope his movie fills in with what Clinton had to do with the housing downfall. And explains the intentions of Dodd and Frank. And oh, I bet he shows GW and McCain going to Congress multiple times with concern of exactly would happen and did, if left unchecked. I an sure it was in the script.
    Saving more money by not watching another worthless movie.
    I wonder what his Conservative parents think.

    • Glenn, you’ve posted some fine comments here, but for me this has to be yr ‘Best Yet’ by a mile! Your statements are so clear I feel you must be a long-time self-employed idiot, same as I was and still am. I will LOVE retiring at 75, if I don’t get called home before then.

  6. What a letdown! I read the title of the article and thought, until I got into the article, that there was some hope for Pitt. The Middle Class: Everyone’s favorite WHIPPING BOY.
    All Right—there are Hollyweirdos who are worse, I imagine….

  7. Agreed, and ditto. His intentions are all fine, of course, but the road to Hell is paved w/them and broken promises.

  8. another hollyweird liberal elitist who lives with his head in the sand


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