Brad Pitt in 2011: 'I made a pact with the Devil'

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On September 9, 2011, at the Toronto International Film Festival, Brad Pitt and his co-stars (Chris Pratt, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill) met with journalists to publicize the movie Moneyball.
As reported by Huffington Post, Pitt said with a straight face:

“I related it more to my upbringing, I grew up in a very Christian environment — a very healthy environment and a loving a family — but there were parameters that I didn’t understand, that I questioned it, and it took me until my adult years until I could really try new things… That was satanism, it works really well, I made a pact and the movie came out, so… No, you’re really dealing with certain things as you grow up and you’ve got to try things on for yourself and really figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. I just relate to that time, it’s a very personal time, it’s a comfort system and you cut the tether and find yourself very on your own with nothing to hold on to.”

The audience laughed. But you can see for yourself in the video clip below that Pitt wasn’t joking. Look at his eyes.

It now “makes sense” that, posing for the New York Times, Brad Pitt made the 666 sign with his hand.

See “Brad Pitt gets deep on Trump and Brexit; makes 666 hand sign

As explained in the article, “Top Ten Illuminati Signs“:

The sign is made by touching your thumb with your index finger making a circle. The other fingers follow the index’s shape thus forming the tail of two 6s…. The sign is given as a pledge of allegiance to Satan. When it is given over the eye, it represents the eye of Lucifer.

See also “Footage of Angelina Jolie describing her satanic initiation into the Illuminati

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42 responses to “Brad Pitt in 2011: 'I made a pact with the Devil'

  1. Oh, I thought the pact with the Devil meant he had negotiations with Hilary Clinton.

  2. Britt?

  3. For what its worth, I’ve been saying that for decades as well. It is the fundamental choice. You can’t be “a little pregnant” and you can’t be “a little evil”.
    Notice that Mr. Pitt sees the world as revolving around “him”. It is a “personal” choice, etc.. No it isn’t. Every sin adds to the total weight of sin in the world. We have far to many egotists that think they are all that matters.

  4. From the look on Pitt’s face, he certainly did not appear to be joking when he indicated that he had made a pack with the Devil. It is most unfortunate that the goofballs in the audience were so unobservant.

  5. Angelina Jolie was with the devil and he was married to her…..

    • Good point, George.

    • I agree with you George. The issue is that I think all these stars that made these $20 million dollar paychecks, including his now ex Jolie, she was heavy duty into Satanic worshiping and the Illuminati …She’s nuts…The tatts and so forth…wearing Billy Bob Thornton’s vile of blood around his neck..Don’t think Aniston isn’t into this stuff..Here is a link to a photo of her right at the height of her Friends fame…. She was making the Satanic symbols and she is showing it right here in front of everyone’s face…None of these people are normal..They do disgusting satanic rituals..The more money & fame you want, the more shit you have to do. It’s too gross for words..NO amount of money is worth selling who you are and your soul for someone to own you….She’s a so so actress…She’s not what I would call a Streep at all…She’s just good for romcom’s…. She has to pay LARGE if she wants more fame and money..She’s worth over $200 million..What the hell does she even need now..Jolie is not popular any longer… Brad can still hold his own… Aniston and movies really only comedy..ALL huge stars in Hollywood do this sick shit…It’s disgusting…

  6. Bob—you made me “see the light” about how EVERY DAY, we must stand up for the fight of Good vs. Evil…..After so much & after so long, (esp if,like me, you work with the public) one tends to pass it all off serially as “just more crazy stuff” but, as you listed them, it made me realize the aggregate weight of the Evil….and the constant assault that, one day at a time, just seems to be “the next thing” inside the “normal,” BUT—-taken together and looking back over even recent past….it shows the MAGNITUDE and the constant assault of Lucifer against the absolute survival of the human race. It’s NOT just our morality at stake…but the morallity that supports our very existance on Earth……and…if you are a believer….our Afterlife with God. So….yes, I now see this as a Biblical struggle that has only 2 possible outcomes…one way, or the other. I’ve never had to think of it that way before.

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  8. It sounds like he put a lot of effort into making “his choice”. Who knew it was THAT hard to BECOME STUPID?

  9. Despite my ravings here on FOTM, I am not a particularly religious man. Or, if I would refine that, I know I am not as religious as I would like to be, or as I know I should be. But I do know the Truth of the Catholic Faith, and even if I don’t pray enough, or go to Confession and Mass enough (I know I don’t), I still don’t feel right about that.
    I do not particularly like the way I have been treated throughout life (save for my friends at FOTM), and my complaint is that I LACK THE POWER to achieve the things I believe I need. And I would say that this is every man’s complaint, given the God-Forsaken evil system that we have been born into. (The only consolation we can find is that it is all relative: At least we are more fortunate than most of the world and most of history).
    This all being said, I can understand Pitt (who bears a vague resemblance to my homely mug—only my goatee is better than his!) Brad Pitt is an excellent actor, despite his political leanings, his religious beliefs (if any) or whomever he married or will marry in the future. So without approving of the sin in the least, I can understand that Brad Pitt—like anyone in his right mind—wants and needs POWER.
    I said I understand it. I AM NOT SAYING I APPROVE OF HIS CHOICE.
    My parents were old-fashioned religious Catholics. And I remember the old-fashioned priests who would have PUT UP THEIR DUKES if they caught any priest molesting a child! God does not give me everything I want (Thank God) and I shlub along. But the LAST thing I would EVER consider doing is starting a conversation or “dialogue” with the Devil. I was taught (as were most of us 50 and more years ago) that this was an egregious sin, of the most base and desperate order, for at least one simple reason: YOU WILL GET AN ANSWER.
    Brad Pitt, like any man, needs POWER. But that power has to come either from God or from the free and fair market of free trade (other human beings). Like James Dean and Jayne Mansfield before him, it did not end so well for them. I have known a few people who made their own “deals with the Devil.” Whatever happened to them, I don’t know—and I DON’T WANT to know, for this simple reason: God Hears all and He Sees all, and He is recording the transaction.
    EVERY DEAL WITH THE DEVIL COMES WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE. Ask Hugh Hefner, or James Dean, or even Marilyn Monroe, by looking at what happened to them. DON’T EVER “shake hands” with the Devil: He never lets go!

    • “anyone in his right mind—wants and needs POWER.”
      Really? I can honestly say I do not desire to have or wield power over anyone.

      • I don’t mean power over people. I mean the power to get things done so people can get to where they need to be.
        I mean the power to carry on our daily duties. I drive for a living, and I am good at it. In 32 years of driving professionally, I have NEVER caused a collision of any sort. So I need the power to control the vehicle, to concentrate, to serve the public and to earn a living. THIS is power, and I certainly hope it serves the public interest and people: I take people to where they have to go. This requires power of some sort.
        And I need the power to pay my bills. Call it grace or power—same difference.

        • You mean like control over things we need like the basic necessities and life in general right? 🙂 I keep praying for God to help, and He usually does, though it takes total faith in Him, and sometimes He’ll let you dangle for a good while to test your faith! We’ve been in a bad financial situation for years now, but all of a sudden money will come out of ‘nowhere’ it seems, or DH will get some work. We can still pay our bills, thank God but it can be nerve wracking to let go and let God.

        • Steve, i love your comments. I usually read yours first. Nope we dont need power. Brad Pitt isnt an eighth of the person you are. Dont get sucked in to this Hollywood thing. Pitt of Hell is no better actor than anyone else. It’s all an illusion.
          For what its worth i have not been going to church or doing any fellowship lately but i am going to try to get back to that and i hope you do as well.

  10. Anyone married to or dating Angelina needs to see a priest for exorcism. I love your site, very informative. But why give a link that clearly shows its anti-Catholic bias? ST Pope John Paul the Great? Christopher Columbus? Some of the sites you link to make me shake my head.

    • What “anti-Catholic bias” sites are those? Please be specific and point us to the factual errors in those sites.

      • Dr E,
        The 10 signs of the illuminati shows pictures of St John Paul the Great with his hands in a triangle and Christopher Columbus with his hand in his shirt. I have a hard time believing St JP was a member of the illuminati. Maybe it is just me but the pose of CC in the painting is a very common technique. Also from my understaning CC was a 3rd order Fransician who wanted to fund a Crusade. Like I said, it could be just me but some of the photos seem like the site is grasping at straws. As you are aware there are many anti-One True Faith ppl out there and love to align The Church with such anti-Catholic / globalist groups. I do love this site though. One of my go to sites in the morning. Sorry for any misspelled words, i use a phone and my spelling is just sucky.

  11. makes sense, he married satanist jolie

  12. May Satan cradles you in its arms on your final descent to the bottomless pit, your last resting place, HELL.

  13. I feel sorry for Brad Pitt, he seemed like a nice guy. Just pray for his soul, and all others who are under demonic mind control. I can’t judge since I’m not him, but he should have just quit HELL E wood instead of selling his soul. It’s a shame he turned his back on God and sold his soul out for temporary earthly rewards.
    Any of those ‘celebrities’ that haven’t pledged allegiance to the devil need to split NOW. And, go read the Bible before they do something they regret.

    • I don’t reckon he’s nice.
      that’s just an act.
      Like all of them.
      He lies for a living & drags down the masses through movie peropaganda and worshipping of idols.

      • Indeed. How can a satanist ever be “a nice guy”?

        • Sorry about the ambiguity.
          I said “seemed”, as in past tense. I remember he seemed like a nice guy years ago. There was some story (I forget how long ago but it was probably over 15 years) where someone broke down on the side of the road. Some guy stopped to help and the stranded motorist thought the dude was some stringy-haired hippy, turned out it was Brad Pitt).

          • I didn’t mean it to sound rude. I’m just so tired of celebs who are really just ushers amd priests for the new world religion. And they know it.

            • No problemo! I know, sometimes comments come out that way ‘cuz they’re typed. That’s why I usually use smiley faces, ha ha! 🙂
              I didn’t mean to sound rude either- I should have used a smiley face in my previous post. 😉

  14. Little wonder Hollyweird is dying, and Pitt is dying with it.

  15. Bernard O'Byrne

    This sounds naive, I know, but honestly I just can’t comprehend the lunacy of a decision like that. How could you make that choice, whatever is on offer ? A lousy eternity is a crap trade off for fame, cars and money…

    • I’m puzzled too, Bernard. But that’s because we actually believe in God and His Word. Those, like Brad Pitt, who imagine the Devil is beneficent — the bestower of all worldly goods — and so made their pact with sold their souls to the Devil are fooling themselves.

      • There are some scams out there that use that sort of logic. They appeal to people’s belief that they are some how smarter than everyone else. It’s your basic Dan Brown, Gnostic nonsense.
        Either The Church is lying to everyone (for who knows what reason), or all of the rejected heretical writings were really the “right” ones.
        There is a whole theme on Lucifer. Like Dan Brown, some of it is true enough to sound plausible for the uneducated. They use just enough true information to make the lies seem logical.

    • Bernard, some of them just aren’t that bright I’m afraid. Also greedy.

  16. Try this interview to understand the kind of person that BELIEVES in this crap. Eye opening!

    • Excellent video! Amen.
      This satanist doesn’t know what hell is. I can’t believe that anyone would even trust satan. Don’t they know he’s the great deceiver?
      This witch is most likely not telling the complete truth.
      She knows the Bible in order to corrupt those who don’t know it themselves.
      Mormonism is supposedly a freemason cult, it’s definitely a cult though.
      The woman here said she’s a 4th generation witch, I’m assuming it’s the type of abuse Brice Taylor talked about in her book. People need to pray for those who are satanically mind controlled.
      Pray to the Lord for discernment, and then listen to what He says. Keep the faith. Pray for strength.

  17. I liked his early movie, “Across the Tracks” (1991). His little brother in that one, Ricky Schroder, turns 48 this year… waaaaah, we all get old.
    Beyond that, I don’t care for him or his films. Or his attitude.

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