Boy Scouts of America is bankrupt

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Another longtime American institution lost to pedophiles and the Left’s political correctness.

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the largest Scouting organizations and youth organizations in the United States. Boys are trained in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and, at older age levels, career-oriented programs in partnership with community organizations. More than 110 million Americans have been participants in BSA programs at some time.

In recent years, BSA has been mired in controversy over the admission of LGBTs as scouts or adult leaders. On January 1, 2014, after major businesses like Intel, UPS and Merch severed their financial ties with the BSA over its decision to retain its policy prohibiting LGBT scouts and adults, BSA changed its policy. Henceforth, LGBTs are allowed, but any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, is not allowed. That, in turn, alienated some churches and conservative members who left the BSA for a new Christian scouting group, Trail Life USA.

Max Jaeger reports for the New York Post that sources told The Wall Street Journal that the Boy Scouts of America has hired Chicago law firm Sidley Austin for help in a potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

On December 12, 2018, BSA sent a letter to its employees that it plans to “explore all options available to ensure that the local and national programming of the Boy Scouts of America continues uninterrupted.”

BSA is overcome by an avalanche of problems, including:

  1. A precipitous drop in membership of as many as two-thirds of its members — some 4 million boys — since the 1970s. In the last two years alone, the Mormon Church — BSA’s first partner — where scout membership had long been considered a rite of passage, pulled 610,000 scouts.
  2. Dozens of sex abuse lawsuits, stemming from hundreds of claims of abuse in the ‘70s and ‘80s, including one filed by four former scouts who claim they were molested by scoutmaster Waldron Ackerman between 1974 and 1976. The plaintiffs claim that BSA was aware that scouting had become a “pedophile magnet” but didn’t take appropriate action to prevent abuse from occurring. Last year alone, BSA paid $7.6 million to an outside law firm to help fight its legal battles.
  3. A lawsuit by the Girl Scouts this November for trademark infringement and dilution after the Boy Scouts of America dropped “Boy” from its name to rebrand as just “Scouts” in its quest expand recruitment to girls and “transgenders”.


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19 responses to “Boy Scouts of America is bankrupt

  1. They have been dismantling “opposition” groups for years. The militia movement which was gaining much traction, was deflated by the false flag attack on OKC. America seemed to me to really change after Freemason (CFR)Bush announced ‘The New World Order” which was the dismantling of the US industrial base, culture & society, which Bush’s pal Clinton began in earnest with (open borders)NAFTA, WTO, & Communist China’s illegal cash flow to the Clinton Admin & Democrat Campaign Finance Committee (true treason, election meddling, & collusion). The Occult ‘Thousand Points Of Light” cryptic statement was in reference to the globalist thousand pages of the international globalist agreements of NAFTA & WTO anti-American treasonous legislation that is to lead to a one world dictatorship of the Bolsheviks and our destruction.

  2. I want these aholes completely out of business

  3. Well, it’s really not surprising when they decided to allow homosexuals in as leaders, and all the transsexual business as well. The evil permeates these once great organizations and ends up destroying them. I loved girl scouts, but because of their latest stances, I haven’t bought their not-very-good-anymore cookies for decades. It’s so sad, breaks my heart.

  4. Everything the Left touches turns to shit. This is just another sad example.

  5. Thanks to the pressure put on by perverts and to Robert Gates, the Boy Scouts
    of America has been morally corrupted.

  6. Republicans build through private innovation and investment;
    Democrats destroy through governmental intervention and divestment.

  7. Everything libtards touch goes bad.

    • You’re SO right,and that SHOULD be a VERY telling observation to any Leftist,but apparently whenever something contrary to their indoctrination arises,they suddenly can’t hear or see anything. I find it hilarious that they consider THEMSELVES to be the smartest…..

      • You’re talking about the kind of people who would fart in an elevator then begin gushing about how MUCH it smelled like airfreshioner!

  8. It sucks but the organization needs to die now.

  9. It’s about time, that old institution died out when the gays and lesbians were granted admission. Serves them right.

  10. Shot themselves in the foot. A bandaid’s not going to fix that, so just go ahead and die.

  11. I was a Cub Scout for a couple of years when I was a kid,but I,and some of my fellow Scouts,opted to stop attending,for financial reasons. Turned out that every year we (my Parents) were expected to buy a new uniform and all the related accessories,in order to “fit In” with the REST of the Scout Troops.This was in the early 60’s,the Scout gear was only available at ONE store in our area,and all told it was close to $100.00 per year,and there were additional things that were required. Not sure how that would compare to the cost today,but it was pretty spendy back then. (Turns out the “leaders” of this deal were all pretty high up in the local “pecking order”,one of which owned the only store that had the uniforms and accessories they required,and ours was the only Troop from the “low income part of town”. kinda makes sense now that they’d encourage us to quit,so as to not tarnish their squeaky clean image.

  12. Boy Scout founder Robert Baden-Powell was a freemason who once lived in my hometown of Flushing, New York. I was a Boy Scout in two different troops, and I enjoyed all those camping trips. The Boy Scouts have kept a large number of boys out of trouble and into good, positive things, and their handbook is still a useful prepper and survivalist guide.

    This is a great post on the Scouts’ current troubles. But let us never forget the efforts of HILLARY CLINTON, who worked for over 20 YEARS to do everything she could to cripple and destroy this once-great organization. I truly believe that if the current cultural malaise ever clears, the Boy Scouts can and will make a solid comeback.

    • I hear you, Steven, loudly and clearly. This makes me very sad. I joined the Scouts at age 13, and looked forward to every meeting. It got me out of my lower middle class neighbourhood, and I took pride in earning every one of my badge achievements. I had a subscription to Boys Life, and especially loved the last L hand page, a collection of humorous anecdotes, good clean humour that could be shared.

      I’m glad that I will be dead soon, so I won’t have to see the final utter collapse of everything I once cherished….

  13. The commie-lib traitors won’t be happy until they have corrupted and/or destroyed every traditional American institution in existence.

  14. Other commenters have said pretty much what needs to be said here (the obvious cost of allowing insanity, that is transgenderism other PC/social justice garbage, and vile debauchery, that is homosexuality, into an organization, the organization is a microcosm of society, and its collapse mirrors what will happen to our society as well, if these corrupt things are permitted to continue to spread.)
    There is another creepy angle though, and that is boy scouts, or scouting in general used to teach independent activities, good and viable skills, which allows individuals to be out of the control of the state, and this I think is another reason why the organization was marked for termination, can’t have the slaves learning how to make fire (remember what happened to prometheus when he gave human beings Fire? If you don’t mind my repurposing of an old greek myth.) how to make and repair things, and learning how to use one’s brain, all of these being activities which a totalitarian kakistocracy hates. Expect the same to follow for the girl scouts, assuming they don’t take this as a chance to rebrand themselves into the trans scouts, throw out the feminists who resist their attempt at erasure of femaleness entirely, etc. Although as I had heard the girl scouts never covered quite the same gamut of survival etc. stuff that the boy scouts did, making them less of a threat in that department.


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