Boys and Girls, It's ManBearPig Time!

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Honolulu – HawaiiNewsNow – January 11, 2011

According to national news sources, it is snowing in 49 states across the country including Hawaii where snow has fallen atop Mauna Kea on the Big Island. Florida is the only state without fresh snow.

Yesiree. It’s Global Warming!
As “Dianne” writes in her comment on this blog: Our goose is cooked!
What better time than now to revisit the monster called Man Bear Pig!

H/t beloved fellow DCG  😉

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0 responses to “Boys and Girls, It's ManBearPig Time!

  1. ha, love that vid!
    We had 3″ snow this am…fortunately for Global Warming it melted after lunch 🙂

  2. Yeah, I still have nearly 5 inches of global warming all over the yard and roof.

  3. Oh, and speaking of the South Park guys-

    • Ah Rush…one of my first concerts in high school!

      • DCG,
        I haven’t missed a Rush show since ’79 until this last tour, as my best friend’s mom passed away the day before the show, and I just wasn’t able to go.
        Best concert for the buck you will ever see. 🙂

  4. Had a couple of inches of ice down here in the tropical South for since Monday… must be that Global Warming, I’m sure ol’ Al will get to cliaming that after chasing the polar bears out of his yard.

  5. Yes, we are full of global warming here; it has risen into the double digits here in a kind of tropical climate called The South! The other day it was 8 degrees! Where is man/bear/pig, or pig/bear/man?


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