Boy flees in terror from a chicken

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This video was posted on Facebook — of a dad forcing his son to confront a rooster.

Screaming with terror, the boy flees from the rooster, who pursues him until he’s cornered.

The boy then repeatedly tries to kick the rooster, while the dad laughs in the background.

I think the boy is a soyboy wimp, and the dad is a sadist.

I root for the rooster, who stood up for itself; agree with this Clash Daily reader:

OliveBeer: “Punk az little phag and a moronic father…wish the rooster had taken both of them out.”


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15 responses to “Boy flees in terror from a chicken

  1. If this is the typical American father and son, is anyone shocked that our country is messed up? Weird, cruel and sadistic.

    • WTF makes you even think ‘typical American father and son’? Are you stupid, ignorant or blind?
      What exactly is messed up in this country that you lay at the feet of American fathers and sons?
      Everybody gets a vote and a shocking number of idiots vote wrong.

    • That is a really ridiculous statement. – of course it is not a typical American father & son, why would you even say that? How many fathers & sons do you know who act like this?
      I don’t know any & I’d suggest that you are getting a bit carried away.
      We have almost 329M people in the US + another estimated 22M illegals & you are judging an entire nation on this video. Ludicrous!

    • I find that I must come to your defense. . . You prefaced your remark with “If this is the typical . . .” not “This is the typical . . .” It is an atrocious thing that even ONE AMERICAN FATHER is teaching his child to perpetrate abuse of an animal. The dumb-ass Father put his dumb-ass son inside the confines of what the rooster knows to be his domain, and the rooster is fighting against a predator. This Father needs a good case of whoop-ass to come down on him. How many people do you know who would wish to claim either this father or son as a family relative? Certainly not me!

  2. Absolutely pathetic!! Disturbing!! It would be different if the rooster were chasing him in open range. That boy was in the rooster’s compound/cage. Roosters protect their hens… that is what they DO! His father is teaching him to be a BULLY by upsetting the animal whose natural instinct is to protect. This is one of the ways children learn to be indifferent to the suffering of other beings. The boy really wanted to make his dad proud by kicking the animal. Very disturbing to me. If I discover the location, I will report it to PETA, etc. This is wrong.

    • Electra Ellis . . . . Bravo! You are absolutely correct. No doubt about it. This should be reported to PETA. This dame-ass father should not be allowed to own animals if he is not willing to protect them from bullies, and he in fact encouraged his son to kick this poor animal that was doing what any self-respecting rooster would do under these same circumstances.

      I’ll just bet that if this kid is not already a bully at school . . . then he is well on his way to becoming one.

  3. The father makes me sick. He’s a stupid, ignorant A-hole and is teaching his son to be one too. I feel sorry for their animals.

  4. He should be charged with child cruelty and animal cruelty. That is serious!

  5. Of course I agree with every one of the above comments, and 100% more as well. I’ve raised chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys by the hundreds, and this creep is a disgusting PoS. No true warrior-Mentor, father-protector would ever behave this way, especially in front of his own family. If CPS had even brain one, it would indict this jerk immediately if not sooner, and give him a year’s community service to shape up or ship out!

    • I raise chickens and I agree.

    • Joseph BC69 . . . . My dear friend–you are right on the money. Bravo. I have little doubt that this boy will grow up to have aberrant mental ideas when he is an adult. This stemming from having such a sadistic father. What a pity.

  6. I agree with you all. I had a friend who had a rooster & it was bad news. Always on the attack mode. Nasty little bugger he was, but funny to watch.
    That dad could have taught his son to be both decent and smarter than the rooster.
    Oh, wait……..

    • I used to collect eggs from barn chickens at a hatchery many years ago. It was my first day & nobody told me to be wary of the roosters. I was walking along bucket in hand & suddenly I heard this strange whirring noise from behind, I turned my head as the darn thing hit the back of my thighs with both spurs.
      it hurt like hell & I had hematomas/ bruises for 6 months.
      We’d always had about 100 chickens & couple of roosters when we were kids, but I’d never ever known those roosters to be aggressive.

  7. Meanwhile in Russia…they prepare for war. No marshmallows with legs over there. No “my fweewings” or whiny butthurt crybabies longing for a safe space.

  8. Wow! That poor rooster.


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