Are you one of the (official) 9.1% of Americans who are unemployed?
Don’t just sit at home and be depressed. Where’s your good ol’ can-do American spirit?
Be creative! — like this bowling alley in Clearwater, Florida.
BigFurHat of reports, July 15, 2011, that the bowling alley is doing record business despite a bad economy. The alley also reports a record number of 300 games.
Since opening in November 2010, 963 patrons have bowled a perfect game, including strikes in the warm-up frames. This alley also has the highest bowling league average in the country, with a 237. And that’s the senior league.
Here’s why:

It’s Bowl-O-Bama!

H/t my dear friend Bill O.  😀
Be creative! The possibilities are endless:

If you own a pub, install a Dart-O-Bama!

Do you manufacture urinals? Here’s the perfect Pee-O-bama sticker for ya!

And then there’s always this all-time favorite, Poop-O-Bama!

The possibilities are endless!

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9 years ago
9 years ago

At this point I need a punching bag with the faces of Bambi, Reid, Pelosi, Boehner, et al. After I get done smacking it with my fists, give me a baseball bat so I can swing away. Then I’d finish up with a shotgun to it till there’s nothing left of it. Yeah, I’m a little cranky today 🙂