(Update II) Both Holder and Obama Knew About Gun Running in 2009

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*Video deleted*

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0 responses to “(Update II) Both Holder and Obama Knew About Gun Running in 2009

  1. The Presidents men said they are increasing the DEA presence in Mexico from 5 to 9 agents. Advertising how many agents there are is seriously wrong. Our administration is the enemy by revealing the number of DEA agents.

    • That many? Four (4) more guys? For a total of nine (9)? More Secret Service guys got in trouble in Colombia.

  2. Terry,
    I have no doubt whatsoever Obama instigated this from the very beginning, and his bosom buddy (butt buddy?) Holder was all to eager to go along.
    And I’ll bet that the documents Holder has been refusing to release (and is probably having shred) would demonstrate exactly that.
    They should both be held responsible for the deaths of everyone who has been killed with these guns.

  3. So what’s left to prove? What deep and dark mysterious evidence is Issa looking for? Doesn’t he have the Internet? OK, everybody, hit “Send” and let’s get this over with before November, for cryin’ out loud.

  4. It’s going to be more lies, and eventually pardons.

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    Running guns or drones to kill, what’s the duff? Late term abortions or rebel support. When the Kenyan value for life is so oft repeated, where is the grand jury?

  6. Why is this private all of a sudden

  7. Did Obama get to this and make you pull it? It seems to have disappeared from the entire internet. I cant find it anywhere

  8. Where else can I find it? Anyone know? I will record it this time

  9. I have spent over an hour this morning looking for this 2009 gunrunning video on the internet. It looks like the Feds really did a good job of suppressing it. So much for Freedom of Speech, being transparet or full disclosure. It seems to be selective disclosure from this administration

  10. I found it on thegatewaypundit.com/2012/06/obama-knew-about-gun

  11. Thanks, Grouchy!


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