Boston Marathon Bombings

On April 15, 2013, just before 3 p.m. (EST) at the finish line of the Boston Marathon crowded with runners and spectators, two bombs exploded. Three people were killed, one of them an 8-year-old boy. More than 170 were wounded, some with their limbs severed.

Here are the links to posts FOTM had published on the bombings.

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Boston Bomber pal: Pot made me clueless,” Oct. 8, 2014.

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April 21, 2014.

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Officials change story: Boston bombings suspect was unarmed,” April 27, 2013.

Pastor Manning on Boston Bombings,” April 27, 2013.

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Were Boston Marathon bombings a false flag? – Part 2: The bomb drill,” April 25, 2013.

Were Boston Marathon bombings a false flag? – What’s a false flag?,” April 24, 2013.

Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev and family were on welfare,” April 24, 2013.

Hitler Bloomberg: Boston Bombing means Constitution will have to change,” April 23, 2013.

Boston Marathon bomb exploded at 666,” April 23, 2013.

Boston Bombing: Getting the sheeple used to the police state,” April 23, 2013.

What Beck revealed about Boston bombings’ mysterious Saudi national,” April 22, 2013.

Photos of alleged Boston Marathon bombers’ apartment,” April 22, 2013.

Boston bombings suspects were double agents?,” April 21, 2013.

Where is the video showing the Tsarnaev brothers placing the bombs?,” April 21, 2013.

Owner of Mercedes carjacked by Boston jihadist-bombers believes in “coexistence”,” April 20, 2013.

What about that other Boston bombings suspect, the Saudi national?,” April 20, 2013.

Boston bombings suspect #2 taken alive,” April 19, 2013.

NPR thinks the Right did Boston bombings because it was Hitler’s birthday,” April 19, 2013.

Who are the two Boston bombings suspects?,” April 19, 2013.

One Boston Bombing Suspect Is Dead,” April 19, 2013.

Photos of Boston bombings suspects,” April 18, 2013.

Suspect identified in Boston bombings,” April 17, 2013.

Heroism and kindness in the midst of Boston Marathon terror,” April 17, 2013.

Yankees, other MLB teams play ‘Sweet Caroline’ in Boston tribute,” April 17, 2013.

WND: Arrests in Boston Bombing, in Pakistan,” April 16, 2013.

New York Times immediately seeks to gain an opportunity at the expense of Boston bombing victims,” April 15, 2013.

2 bombs explode at Boston Marathon: 3 dead; 170+ injured (Updates),” April 15, 2013.

41 responses to “Boston Marathon Bombings

  1. You people are so sick and looking for anything you can to raise fear in the public’s mind. With Mark Levin on of the heroes here…I KNOW it is all crapola! Don’t you have anything better to do than look for conspiracy after conspiracy..and just love our country and try to love each and all? Is you hatred of a black president and the act of wanting to bring good tight gun laws into a culture that has gone mad…more important than healing America and making it great again.??? I doubt it. O, BTW I have a coexist sticker on my car…got a conspiracy about me…you birdbrains??


    • Bless your heart, Carol, for calling us “sick,” “crapola,” conspiracy kooks, haters, racist, and “birdbrains”! Gosh, character shows!

      Sending you a big S-M-O-O-C-H!


    • Carol, I don’t know if your post is real or a joke. If it’s real, please do a little research into the history on gun control in Russia, Germany, China, Cuba, etc in the 20th century, and you will find that more people were murdered after gun control was passed in those nations than in all the wars in the entire prior history of the world combined. The conservative estimate in the Congressional Record is 130 million. Also please read None Dare Call It Treason, and None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

      Also, are you aware that the Republican Party has been at the front of the Civil Rights movement since 1854? Republican Abe Lincoln defeated the South, led by Democrat Jefferson Davis and freed the slaves. Republicans helped hundreds of blacks win elections in the South after the war. The Democratic Party fought back by forming the Ku Klux Klan. The Democratic-led Klan tried to pass gun control and terrorized both whites and blacks for 100 years unless they vowed not to vote Republican.

      Republican President Eisenhower tried to pass civil rights legislation and was constantly blocked by Democrats. Even today, it’s the Republican Party who bends over backwards to create favorable business climates and low taxes so all races can enjoy economic freedom.

      Please do yourself a favor, turn off the TV and educate yourself on the facts.


    • Carol, your racial rant does not hold any substance. “Us people” don’t dislike Obama because he’s black; we dislike him because everything he’s doing to this great country is wrong. You are entitled to your opinions, ma’am, and we are as well. I can only speak for myself here, but when a Liberal rants like that, I consider it a badge of honor. BTW, I don’t have to put a “coexist” sticker on my car to show that I am in favor of coexisting with all people. It is evident in my everyday actions, which BTW just comes naturally to us…


      Liked by 1 person

        • Good comments, Queen Bee.

          Dr. Eowyn, Carol above sounds like a perfect match for Boomer from the British National post. Perhaps you could play matchmaker and arrange a blind date? I’m sure they would enjoy each other’s company. They could spend romantic evenings together trolling sites and sharing their compassion, tolerance, and superior intellect. Why, it would be a match made in h***.


            • Muttley was my 2nd fave character in that cartoon series.

              LOL – Anybody want to guess who my first favorite was?

              And no, it wasn’t Dick Dastardly.



          • Thank you, Mike, for your compliment, and I’d like to thank you as well. Being a Conservative, I already knew that it was the Democrats who wanted slavery (from reading real history books), but your post educated me on some specifics I didn’t know. I enjoy perusing sites that are as intelligent as I push myself to be, and where I can learn more of the truth, as I believe it. That’s why I don’t buzz onto Liberal sites. I prefer to share a little honey in hives that are similar to mine, and FellowshipOfMinds is a great place to do that…



        • Thank you, Dr. Eowyn. Coming from you, I consider that a compliment…



    • Yeah, like communism is going to restore America as founded.

      If you want to live in a country in which the only people allowed to have guns work for the government, then move your ass to North Korea.

      I’ll not only help you pack, I’ll drive you to the airport.



    • Try taking your car with your “coexist” sticker to Saudi Arabia and drive it there. I’m sure they’ll allow it since you just want to get along…


      • DCG,




      • Good point, DCG, and let’s point out the irony of that “coexist” sticker shall, we? Notice the very first letter in the word starts with the crescent moon and star, the symbol of the Islamic faith. Notice that the Crucifix of Jesus, symbol of the Christian Faith, is the last letter of the word. Seems kind of prophetic, doesn’t it? I believe God WILL have the Last Word…


    • Clinton McClanahan

      Wake up bitch!!!


    • Clinton McClanahan



    • He isn’t black, he’s mulatto. Try again.

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  2. This confirms some early suspicions of possible drills:


  3. I am retired and read all I can on many of the current and past conspiracy theories. My concern is that when I see comments about how President Obama might be involved. I honestly don’t think that any of our presidents have the knowledge of what the fbi, cia and the nsa are doing. I think the Snowden leak proved beyond any doubt that our “spy” agencies are pretty much accountable to no-one.

    The forces in charge of our spy agencies, for the most part, have been in their positions for years and it makes little sense to me that they are ever going to inform any president of what they are doing. The president will be there only four…possibly eight years and I don’t think that the agencies are going to divulge their scope of work to them because the way it is set up they don’t answer to him.

    And the coincidences are just ……to coincidental.


  4. 2007 film ‘the departed’ see that! and perhaps relate that to BB and sandyhook…if you like…!


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  6. I was living on Beacon Street, near Clarendon Street in the Back Bay in Boston during the bombings (2 blocks east of where the bombings took place). Every year I’ve left work early, around 11:30am, on Marathon Monday (aka Patriot’s Day) to join my friends at the finish line. I had a business lunch and was planning to leave after that to meet my boyfriend and our friends at the usual spot…Forum on Boylston Street. After lunch I returned to my office to finish up a couple things when I got a frantic phone call from my mom who lives in SD, who told me about bomb #1. Knowing how close to my home it was, and that I was planning on going there as I had every year prior, she was relieved to find me safe at work in the financial district. Word spread immediately in the office and we were all glued to social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as live footage and news reports. When the 2nd bomb went off we were all fearing there might be more, not knowing if there would be larger attacks, if this was an enemy attack, but the worst was wondering if any of our friends was a injured. When the false alarm of a 3rd bomb was announced, my boyfriend picked me up immediately and we went to his home, both of us trying to call out with little or no luck. Friends and family started sending us Facebook messages due to the fact that calls weren’t getting thru. That’s how we communicated the night of the Boston Bombing because we learned later cell towers were shut down, because bomb experts were afraid that not knowing what kind of bomb or how they were detonated, because a cell phone signal could be a possible detonator for a bomb. Everyone in Boston updated their status to say they were ok, and their location. Many needed a place to go living close to the bomb site which was totally quarantined. It was like a war zone and no one could enter or leave the affected Back Bay area. My boyfriend told me that two of our girl friends had been standing in front of Forum, and as one pulled her wallet from her purse to show her ID the bomb went off beside them. The purse and wallet is what saved her from a possible major bodily injury. Schrapnal tore up the leather, and was given to police as evidence to determine what the bombs were made from. Her best friend in line behind her wasn’t so lucky. The schrapnal cut deep into her lower leg, and she was rushed to the hospital. Doctors tried to save her lower leg by surgically removing the schrapnal, and hoping the damage wouldn’t be irreversible. Unfortunately she was faced with a difficult decision to save her leg, but it would never function the same. She wouldn’t be able to run, dance, or wear high heels…even walking would prove difficult. If she decided to amputate from the knee down, it wouldn’t be easy, but she would slowly learn to walk, and eventually be able to do everything she did before. After talking with other amputees, and knowing her life would be forever changed regardless of her decision, she chose to amputate to regain mobility. It took her a long time to learn to walk with endless physical therapy. When she finally returned home she would occasionally fall and be so frustrated and angry. Our friends have had several fundraisers to help cover her medical costs, as well as prosthetics. She even got a leg made so she could wear her high heeled shoes again! Oh and the other friend who was with her, like I said, she didn’t suffer physical body damage, but has been going thru spells of deep depression and guilt of “why my best friend and not me”. She was covered in not only her best friend’s blood, but also the blood of strangers. As for my personal story, I was escorted by either 2-4 police officers or US military to enter a building where I had a facial appointment, in which their office was routinely checked and all clients names and information including scheduled time was released to them each morning. Swat teams surround my office and army tanks lined my neighborhood streets. With no suspects, there was no way to determine if there would be another bomb, or perhaps something on a larger scale. Two punk kids with zero regard for others absolutely ruined peoples lives that day. I know this is probably the longest comment ever, but I could write a novel about what happened in our city that week. I wanted to paint a picture for to the non-believers, so you can possibly re-evaluate your skepticism by putting yourself in one of the victim’s shoes. Or in my friend’s case, her prosthetic leg. I actually encourage questioning the information we’re fed by the media. But I also know that the media here was pulling at anythjng to have something to talk about considering they were trying to keep the interest level up to encourage people all over the country to stay glued to the tv. In my opinion their inaccurate stories actually made them look incompetent in the end when the truth came out. So I challenge non-believers of the Boston bombing to question how you came to your conclusion by asking, “what is it that makes me believe the bombing was fake?” Is it the choppy video footage (security cameras, personal videos from people videoing the runners)? Or maybe the pictures you see, are the colors too vibrant (ever heard of photo filters…Instagram/Facebook/all smartphones with a camera/photo editing apps?) Perhaps you watched the news and felt like their story felt more like that…a story. I was listening to the live police scanner after I heard about the MIT security guard being shot. The officers and dispatchers stayed in communication to relocate backup force in their direction, and I sat alone in my apartment with my dad on speaker phone, seeing flashing emergency vehicle lights speeding by my apartment. I knew this was bad, but no one knew (or at least it hadn’t been mentioned) who they were chasing, other than the suspects responsible for the MIT security officer’a death. Once it became clear that it was the Boston bombers they were chasing and authorities were getting close, the police scanner went dead silent for obvious reasons. (1) The seekers are not going to find the hiders if the hiders know the exact location and direction of the seekers at all times. (2) if anyone had wanted to help the hiders escape to a place the authorities weren’t checking, they totally could’ve pulled that off.

    To be fair, I understand why some people find it difficult to believe or even imagine the nightmare everyone in my city was living that week. But out of respect for the victims, their families, and for the non-believers…please tone it down. I’m not upset by your opposing opinions, I’m honestly embarrassed for you knowing that one day you’re going to realize you were way off, and will be forced to tuck your tail between your legs and eat your words.

    “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If you weren’t in Boston, and you’re getting information based on what the media is saying/showing, please stop broadcasting your hypotheses to the world. You’ll thank me later. Trying to convince the world that a football is actually a baseball isn’t necessarily impossible, it’s just ridiculous. You’re barking up the wrong tree guys, find another head scratching story to dissect, investigate and solve, live the FBI did for the bombing victims and the city of Boston.


    • “If you weren’t in Boston, and you’re getting information based on what the media is saying/showing, please stop broadcasting your hypotheses to the world.”

      Really? By your curious “reasoning,” only those with cancer can be oncologists; only those who were present at the 1787 Philadelphia Convention are “entitled” to speak on the U.S. Constitution, which means the Supreme Court can’t interpret & rule on the Constitution; and you should stop talking, writing, wondering, even thinking about 99.99% of the things that happened in our world because you weren’t there.


    • If you weren’t in Boston, and you’re getting information based on what the media is saying/showing, please stop broadcasting your hypotheses to the world.

      Since when did you become a member of the First Amendment police?


  7. My motive to write in wasn’t to stop anyone from considering alternative ideas from what is being fed to us by the media. But to educate those who agave no other way to base their beliefs. I’m not really even sure if the people who say the bombing was all a movie set with actors are serious, or just trying to create another way of thinking. Honestly I don’t care either way. But as a shrinking society of people who only wish for the best for others, I was compelled to shed light on what happened that day, week, and for Heather and Michelle….a lifetime of horrible nightmare and memories. Yet despite the evil, those young women see the glass half full my friend who had to make the decision to amputate didn’t know any of the details of the days following the bombing. Including the fact that one of the suspects was in the exact same hospital as she just days after he put her there. And for all of the first responders who may read this, as well as any compassionate individuals who respect those who go above and beyond to keep the injored alive….no matter what they’re accused of doing, you deserve at least the same respect you give, which is endless. An EMT who’s the brother of an acquaintance, was in the ambulance with the older brother. He was in rough shape, and the EMT’s were quickly trying to stabilize him on the aw yo the hospital. The bombing suspect spit in the face of the EMT who was trying to keep him alive. Not quite what I would consider a “thank you”…perhaps in their culture it’s a way to pay respect? Yeah right. Ignorance is bliss, till your best friend/daughter/mother/wife becomes the victim. Age and where you live doesn’t determine your likelihood to be a murderer.


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  10. Lisa is a disinformationist.
    Hi Lisa, do you enjoy spreading government disinformation 🙂
    I hear it pays pretty well.
    Boston Bombing was a military mulague public hoax and you know it, you should be the one to tone it down, with that windy silly cock and bull story.




  12. My best friend knew one of the women who had her legs blown off. She had legs prior to that. She is a hairdresser not an actress and others can testify that she had legs prior to running in the marathon. Period.


  13. dear Lisa:
    The first bomb exploded at 2:49:43 pm
    The second bomb exploded at 2:49:57 pm (about 13 seconds later)

    but YOU found time to do the following:
    -got a frantic phone call from mom ..(ring ring..)
    -told me about bomb #1. ..(chat chat..)
    -was relieved to find me safe at work..(more chattin’)
    -we were all glued to ..Facebook ..Twitter .. live footage .. news reports…
    (alert co-workers..log on..get glued..more chattin;..)
    -WHEN the 2nd bomb went off ..

    mm mm mm.
    all that chattin’ and activities happenin’ in LESS than 13 seconds!
    u busted.


  14. Shocking hypothesis, folks, a government conspiracy. Wow. I think it may just be possible that this blog is run by members of the Illuminati to keep us all from considering the most important question about fiction: was Shelock Holmes gay?


    • Ever heard of the Watergate government (Nixon) conspiracy? How about the Fast ‘n Furious government (Obama) conspiracy? What about the massive Operation Northwoods government (Kennedy) conspiracy? You never heard of those? What woeful ignorance.

      Oh wait! For all we know, you are a member of the Illuminati determined to keep us all ignorant and happy, like somnolent sheep being led to the slaughter. BAAAH!


  15. Did anyone here catch the Dave McGowan analysis of this false flag? I believe his site is now defunct but prior to the change he had a dozen or so lengthy posts (with pictures) which demonstrated conclusively (to the sane man or woman) that the “victims” were crisis actors and the entire event was staged.


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