Bored at a meeting? Make sure you wear your PlayPants!

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DailyMail: Designers are always looking for ways to make clothes as functional as possible, but one company may have taken it a step too far with a bizarre new idea. A new range of jeans that come with hidden zips in the front pocket to grant easy access to your private parts are to go on sale after raising enough funds. PlayPants are described as ‘exceptional quality jeans with one magic feature – completely unzippable front pockets’.
The unusual jeans are the brainchild of Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin, who put them on Kickstarter to raise £10,000 – and he was successful. Writing about his creation on the site, Robert said: ‘When not in use, the pockets function just as any other pockets would – you can safely store your belongings in them.’
He all lists all the reasons why he thinks you need PlayPants and when he thinks they may come in use, which include: itchy private parts in public, a lonely single night at the cinema, a boring corporate meeting, and a dull love life.
The designers have installed two hidden zippers in the front pockets, which they say can be comfortably unzipped with one hand. ‘And don’t worry – the zippers are safe and secure, so your most precious possessions are at no risk,’ they add.
PlayPants, which don’t yet have a price, were created by Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin, who has been running his namesake label for more than three years.

Serious about their jeans...

Serious about their jeans…

While he understands that the jeans are ‘fun’, he also maintains that his team take the process of making them very seriously. ‘Every pair of PlayPants is hand-finished by experienced tailors at our in-house atelier,’ he explains.
‘We have also done careful textile research and picked the highest quality denim with just the right amount of elastane for ultimate comfort and flexibility.  The tailors are using extra-strength double stitching and overlocking methods to make these jeans virtually indestructible.’
The quirky creations could be coming to a shop floor near you soon; Robert managed to raise £10,000 from 68 backers who were obviously enthused by his idea.
Speaking about the jeans, womenswear buyer, Becky Schneider, Accent Clothing, said: “As denim experts, we are always keen to see new denim styles/washes and features brought to the market.  PlayPants is an interesting concept, but we’re not entirely sure if these jeans will catch on. We’ve learnt that denim enthusiasts are more concerned with the quality of the denim – its strength, wash, fit, etc.
‘The functionality of these jeans and their target market don’t suggest to me that these jeans will be a must have for the fashion heads or denim anoraks.’
Alrighty then…at least these jeans don’t have a cutout exposing your penis (that might be a little awkward in a meeting).

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0 responses to “Bored at a meeting? Make sure you wear your PlayPants!

  1. Good grief. Our world just gets more perverse with each day.
    These Play Masturbation Pants are meant for sodomites. Their “designer,” Lithuanian designer Robert Kalinkin, clearly is one and a Jesus-hater and blasphemer.

  2. OMG, I can only imagine who the 68 backers are, PeeWee perhaps?
    Perversion to a whole new level.

  3. The product won’t catch on if a zipper does.

  4. Ditto Dr. Eowyn. How can it get any worse?
    Now I am going to play the Devil’s advocate. Since women think it is their duty to parade around exposing their boobs and butts, maybe pants that did have a cutout exposing the penis would provide equality, diversity, inclusiviness or what society likes to call gender equality!
    Now for a true story. One day I was providing staff support for the CEO’s, CFO’s, Prez of the Board, Board members, etc. meeting at the ‘corporation’ I retired from, when the CFO put his feet on the conference table, took off his socks, turned them right side out, put them back on, and put his feet down. Everyone watch this in total disbelief. This act was bad enough for a person making well into a six-figure income (actually this is what happens when you have more brains than sense), but there happened to be a person of Greek heritage in the meeting. I learned later that, according to the Greek’s, showing the soles of your feet, even with socks and shoes on, is a big NO-NO!
    I have come to the point in life where absolutely nothing would surprise me. May our Lord come quickly!

    • Wow! I can’t believe your corporation would tolerate such uncouth behavior. My guess is that CFO did it deliberately to insult the Greek. A lot of behind-the-scenes vicious politics going on at that corporate meeting.

  5. I would expect to see ‘Moochie’ wearing them in public soon….. itchin’ and scratchin’ down Pantsylvania Avenue.

  6. As the Globe more quickly circles the drain into the bottomless pit…

  7. And once again, just when I think our culture is nearing rock bottom, somebody shows up with a shiny new shovel….

  8. Just what Pee Wee Herman needed at the adult theater… and this won’t lead to being busted for public indecency?

  9. I am going to ask a question at this point (for some it may seem down and dirty) but . . . are we going to have sodomites (who may be HIV Positive) getting off in public places . . . . . will this lead to the necessity of those of us who are not HIV positive wearing surgical gloves when in public in order to avoid any bodily fluids that may be left behind on theater seat arms, door handles, etc.? I am not asking this in a fascias manner. With all the other things we have to worry about, this just seems to be perhaps another thing we will have to start avoiding. (If I have offended anyone, I beg your forgiveness!)

  10. I agree with all the comments…but was wondering if anyone noticed the satanic hand signal of the woman’s hand? Sure it’s satanic…there is no modesty or decency with this kind of garbage and the uneducated youth of America will buy this garbage in droves. Come soon Lord, come soon.

  11. Can we all start a letter campaign to say how offended we are by his label?? This is all wrong on so many levels.

  12. In Victorian times men wore cod pieces to show off their package

  13. Not Billy Graham

    I was kind of wondering why this article was posted on this website? It wasn’t quoted in a context…just reprinted complete with the blasphemous “Jesus Jeans” graphic. I just sent a link to another story to my pastor…should I be embarrassed if he comes here and sees this article?

    • We post many articles (reprinted) on this blog to show the culture war that exists in today’s world (see also “corrupt politics/economy/culture” page as well). I wouldn’t be embarrassed for someone to see it, but that’s your call.

    • Not Billy Graham,
      DCG reposted the Daily Mail article as a straight-forward reporting on the disgusting “Play Pants.” Any regular reader of FOTM knows that in so doing, neither DCG nor Fellowship of the Minds is endorsing the pants.


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