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This picture of a borealis over a cree village on James Bay, Hisassibi, Quebec, was taken by microserf, an occasional but longtime FOTM commenter.
Microserf took the picture with a wide angle lens.

Thanks, micro, for sending and allowing me to post your pic!

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0 responses to “Borealis

  1. Amazing. Seeing an aurora borealis is on my bucket list of things to do.
    Of course the southern eastern sea coast isn’t known for them so I have a problem.

  2. Very beautiful! I hope to personally witness it someday… 🙂
    Oh, and GO CARDS! Man I love my Redbirds… WorldSeries – here we come! 😀 …(please forgive me – I couldn’t help myself 😉 )

  3. Now I can understand why some of our artists painted what they did of these skies: their depictions were not exaggerations or distortions. The Creation never ceases to astound us, and reveal our limitations!!

  4. cool pic. i have seen the aurora borealis while fishing up at my cousins cabin in the u.p. also i am also a cardinals fan and nl pennant number 18 is oh so sweat now lets win the world series.. beat texas beat texas


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