Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary

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We’ve all heard of or read about the many people who, it is said, were murdered on orders of Bill and Hillary Clinton. (See, for example, the website Arkancide.)

But the deaths are the stuff of rumors — until now.

On September 24, 2013, on the Pete Santilli radio show, a former longtime Clinton associate named Larry Nichols admitted that he had killed people as the Clintons’ hit man or murderer-for-hire.

Larry NicholsI took this screenshot of Larry Nichols from one of his videos uploaded to YouTube in 2009.

Larry Nichols (LN), a self-described former Green Beret, was a longtime associate of Bill Clinton (BC) and served as the marketing director of BC’s Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA), “the best kept secret in Arkansas.” The two men first met in the late 1970s when BC was an up-and-coming politician.


Wikipedia has no entry on Arkansas Development Finance Authority except for a brief reference to ADFA as one of the entities investigated by the United States Senate Whitewater Committee, but without identifying or describing what ADFA is. So I did an Internet search for ADFA and discovered that it is actually an agency of the Arkansas State government. The ADFA website describes itself as “Arkansas’ largest source of low-cost financing for low-to-moderate income housing development, small industries, government, education, agricultural business enterprise & health care.”


On September 24, 2013, Nichols was interviewed by the Pete Santilli radio show for As introduced by Santilli, Nichols “has a lot of inside information on the Clinton crime family.” He published The Clinton Chronicles (a 1990 documentary subtitled “An Investigation Into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton”) on the Clintons’ “child trafficking,” Bill’s “sexual escapades,” and how Hillary “spent 30 years covering up Bill Clinton’s sexual and criminal activities.”

Here’s the audio of Nichols’ interview with Santilli:

Larry Nichols’ interview begins at the 1:11:08 mark in the YouTube audio. Here’s my transcription of what Nichols said. LN is Larry Nichols; PS is Pete Santilli.

LN: “I have actually beat up women and beat up husbands to protect the Clintons…. Not only have I killed people for [Bill Clinton], I’ve [never been in] jail.”

PS: “You’ve always been protected by the Clintons.”

Beginning at the 1:11:49 mark, LN says: “But now let’s call a spade a spade. I’ve been all over the world killing people for this country, some deservedly, some not. Ain’t matter to me. Just what I was paid to do…. Ronald Reagan sent me to El Salvadore. I did it for God and country.”

PS asks if, at the time when LN killed for the Clintons, did he do it patriotically, for the common good?

LN: “I didn’t give a shit. Some of these people, like Wayne Damond (?), needed to be dealt with. So I went to the jail, cut his nuts off, put them in a jar, put formaldehyde in it and left it there.”

PS asks what motivated LN in killing for the Clintons.

LN: “Just money. One minute I was doing something for the government, next minute I was doing something for the Clintons. What difference was it?”

PS asks how the Clintons presented “these [murderous] tasks” to LN.

LN: “Whenever I got an F2 call, that meant go and kill. State police are not trained to kill in … the late ’70s, early ’80s. There were no SWAT teams…. I had an F2 call, that meant go in and kill a guy. I didn’t give a shit…. When it [the order to kill] came from the president [Reagan], it was for God and country. When it came from Clinton, hell, I didn’t give a damn. I just go kill somebody, cut his nuts off.”

PS asks if LN was paid to murder.

LN answers that if the Clintons did not pay him, “they’d piss me off and they didn’t want to piss me off.”

At some point, however, the Clintons turned on LN and he had to defend himself. LN says: “I had to [defend myself] because I didn’t have a support group. The media weren’t going to cover it, so if I died, they’d just pour alcohol over me and say I was drunk and crashed on the side of the road.”

PS asks LN what kept him alive.

LN: “I’m a Green Beret. I’m trained … I’m skilled in staying alive. We have one rule: Kill back first. So if they send people to me, I’ll just kill them back first. I don’t ask questions. I deal with it.”

Larry Nichols was also asked about Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be president. His answer: “After the Benghazi debacle, No.”

Nichols claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a friend, told him what we already now know — that the Obama administration had been providing arms for Muslim terrorists in Syria (via Libya). When Netanyahu voiced his objection, the arms supply stopped, which enraged the al-Qaeda-connected terrorists to attack the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

What Nichols doesn’t say (doesn’t know) is that the Obama regime has NOT stopped supplying arms to the Syrian “rebels,” but is actually expanding the CIA’s training of the terrorists.

H/t Dean Garrison and FOTM’s TnRick

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0 responses to “Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary

  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Jesus, Mercy!!! RIP

  2. There is a long list of the deceased, down to State Troopers that guarded them, that knew too much. I used to listen to a radio program in FLorida in the 90’s and the host was scared of no one. He exposed more than you could imagine. This is dispicable and yet, HC wants to be Prez. Oh God, Please protect this country, She is no different than the sitting one now. She is totalitarian from her toes up.

  3. I’m wondering if she’s totalitarian because she covers up so much or she covers up so much because she’s totalitarian.. like which came first? Why isn’t the mainstream media picking up on these clues people like LN?

  4. A close friend of mine, recently deceased @ age 74, confided to me as much as he dared re his run-ins w/the Clintons, when he was their financial advisor & broker. There is NOTHING either of them wouldn’t do to stay in power, at the top of the heap. NOTHING. Absolutely w/o morals, ethics, or any feelings except lust and greed. Believe it. And the stories about men in black suits who visit people to warn them from talking or else… well, they’re all true. Never trust yr feral gubbmint about ANYTHING. State gubbmint’s about as bad, smaller scale.

  5. Nichols needs to tell us who he killed to save his soul and save us from Hillary. If he does not, he will burn in hell and we will burn on earth.

  6. This Nichols clearly has no conscience. The one he originally had was seared by his murdering profession. Now I know why my dad, a good Catholic, turned down an offer to work for OSS (pre-CIA). They were in the assassination business at the time, and his conscience blocked him.

  7. Just another tool in the Clinton’s toolbox . Remember ” The Clinton Chronicles ” Pat Robertson was pushing . Larry was supposed to be the ” nice guy ” in that cesspool known as the state of Arkansas . If this article is correct , he is no better than the pricks he ” served “……Hell , he probably had something to do with the two teenagers / Mena ………..

    • I remember Pat Robertson’s piece. It was very revealing. He speculated that Clinton’s coziness with the Dixie Mob is the likely reason for the murders (aka the “Arkansas Flu”), and that Clinton probably didn’t call the hits but benefited from them. This post however indicates that the Clintons called the hits directly.

      Years ago, Ron Brown, the head of HUD, had become a liability to Clinton’s run for second term in office. His criminal activities were threatening to decrease Clinton’s favor. Shortly after that, Brown died in the crash of a military transport plane in Europe. The last people to use the plane before Brown were Hilary Clinton and her associates. Bill was subsequently seen laughing while walking out after the Ron Brown funeral service.

      • And if you remember as soon as he saw the cameras on him the prick went to crying mode in a heartbeat . Just another p.o.s. in a long line of p.s’ o .s. …….They all suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Apparently, u didnt remember too much because it was Jerry Falwell’s produced documentary, not Robertson. And Falwell admitted he lied or embellished alot on there.

          But its true that All of them are psychopaths

      • It’s all coming back to me.ron brown Clinton laughing then with camera on him tearing up.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. I had no idea! Horrible!

  9. This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. I feel like I need to take a shower to get clean.

  10. As happy as I am to find someone who has FINALLY admitted publicly that murders were indeed directed by the Clintons and that he, Larry Nichols, was one of the assassins, I have to ask, what prompted him to admit this? I too remember “The Clinton Chronicles” and Larry Nichols. It was “The Clinton Chronicles” that made me pay more attention to what goes on behind the curtains in politics and forever erased any further naïve beliefs about how our country is run. I can’t wait to hear more tomorrow!

    • Unless Nichols comes forward and confesses who he killed and when, his disclosures mean nothing. Sad but true.

      • Nichols’ disclosures may mean nothing in the criminal-judicial sense, but it means a great deal to those of us who want the truth about the Clintons.

  11. They killed Jesus too…………………………….. Blood speaks………………………

  12. The spirit of Barabas lives on……….there was the chance of crucifying Barabas but they chose to crucify Jesus…………Holy Ghost lead us into all truth…………….

  13. I don’t know why LN said he went to the jail to castrate Wayne Dumond. Wayne was castrated at home and found by his sons. The local crook sheriff put the balls in a jar of formaldehyde and left them on his desk for a while. It’s a shame a little lie like that shreds credibility because most of what LN says is true.

  14. Well, you cant have a bomb ass post like this without the clincher in the comment section….

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  21. I don’t see someone coming out and admitting they beat up and killed for the Clintons. Not that it may or may not of happened It probably has. But don’t you think it would take someone is willing to go to jail. Because that is what would happen in this situation wouldn’t it? Or… maybe it would be someone real stupid. I just don’t see it. I may be wrong but I just can’t get a handle on him doing that.

    • “I don’t see someone coming out and admitting they beat up and killed for the Clintons.”

      Larry Nichols, the subject of this post, did just that.

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  23. So this may be late , But I haven’t found any US Army Sf’ers that can find a Larry Nichols record on any A-team or ????? Vet it or shut the fuckup! Alex Jones , did he vet Nichols?

  24. As to who and why, it don’t matter. But the fact that the Clintons have been involved in illegal activities for years is completely true. And it will continue as long as they are above the law. They can make all the little heart felt speeches they want, but facts are facts. they are crooks at the highest level!!

  25. Melonie villnave

    They just found in the wikileaks emails that KILLARY sent goons to Bernie and his wife roughed em up and threatened to kill bernies wife. Yet she is still on this side of the jail cell 😡

  26. Sounds like this bastard should disappear!!!!!!

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  28. Larry Nichols is now a Godly man fighting a battle for his life. He is working diligently educating the public as to who the Clinton’s are. He knows that it would be a major disaster for this country if that EVIL woman is elected as dictator.
    I pray for and communicate with Larry. He has made some major mistakes but who of us has not? God knows his heart and that he is trying to prevent more lives from being destroyed. Have you spoken out about your past sins?

    • No, Larry is not a ‘Godly’ man. Some needed To Be dealt With? Idiot americans – God Says ‘ You shall not kill’. If it Happened, a ‘Godly’ man Will repent. And no, death penalty is not ‘Godly’ but satanic.

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  31. Good Work..Keep it coming and expose these people.

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  33. Aren’t you embarrassed to be American these days? The global community is looking on in awe at the nonsense peddled by Trump and the gullible millions that follow him. Say a lie often enough and it becomes the truth…

    • Gosh, AdrianR, thank you for your entirely gratuitous insult!

      Your IP address says you’re in New Zealand. You just single-handedly destroyed my idealization of New Zealand as Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

      But wait! Actually you fit right into Middle-earth — as an Orc.
      AdrianR is an ugly evil Orc

    • You wanna see lies? Maybe read WikiLeaks to see the awesome nonsense peddled by a womyn under criminal investigation.

      I’m NEVER embarrassed to be American. Quite PROUD of it. This corrupt admin is the embarrassment…

    • You want lies, AdrianR?

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  36. All the enemies to the Constitution are DOMESTIC. Wake up Amerika.

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