Bomb at Detroit Federal Building

With the largest enclave of Arab immigrants living in nearby in Dearborn, this is a story that will probably not be fully explored  by the politically correct MSM.  ~LTG
FYI— Excellent exclusive published on Pajamas Media today regarding known terrorists crossing Mexican border.  You need to go there and read the whole story.   “

  • In February 2001, Mahmoud Kourani crossed the border from Tijuana in the trunk of a car, eventually settling in Dearborn, Michigan. Kourani, who federal prosecutors claimedhad received training in weapons, intelligence, and spy craft in Iran, bribed a Mexican embassy official in Beirut to obtain a visa. Kourani’s brother is known to be Hezbollah’s security chief in southern Lebanon.

  • ~LTG
  • Source: Bomb at Detroit Federal Building Sat for Weeks

    Updated: Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011, 6:16 AM EDT
    By Staff

    DETROIT (WJBK) – Shocking new details about that explosive device found at the McNamara Federal Building in downtown Detroit.  When the city’s bomb squad was called in to take it away and detonate it, many assumed it was discovered that morning. 
    But FOX 2 has learned it was actually found on February 26 by an officer with the Federal Protective Service, the security agency that guards federal property across the country.  But instead of calling police then, the employee stored the explosive in a locked room for three weeks.  What’s worse, we’re told this employee’s supervisors were aware of what was happening, and did nothing.
    FOX 2 asked the Federal Protective Service about this, and they issued a statement that didn’t mention the three week delay.  FOX 2 is in the process of getting more out of them through a Freedom of Information Act Request.
    FOX 2’s Simon Shaykhet spoke to a former FBI agent about these new revelations.  And he says heads are going to roll.
    Click the link to see the video on this story.
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    don’t surprise me with all the ragheads on the loose there. We can probably expect much more of this-


    I heard on Fox that the package has been sent to Quantico for examination.
    But at that time they did not call it a bomb, they called it a package. That was about an hour ago, about 10:00 CDT.


    It appears the turban bedecked camelus hygienists up Michigan way might be getting jezz a little restless.
    Imagine my surprise.
    And even if this “package” is carrying the personal signature of Osama himself, the enemy-coddling traitorous MSM will not only ignore it, but try to pin the blame on a white Christian American.