Boehner, McConnell YOU BOTH SUCK!!!!!

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As usual this spineless ass has capitulated to Obama and the Democrats, him and his butt-buddy Mitch McConnell have once again sold us down the river. They had the chance to stand up to those bastards and instead they bent over and kissed their ass.
They could have stood their ground and called out Obama on his out and out  lies about the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, but no, they would rather cower before the democrats.
Nothing in D.C. will ever change as long as we keep voting these cowards back into office term after term, our country will continue it’s downward spiral into the abyss until we get representatives with some guts to stand up to the Democrats. Until then I think I will just send Boehner and McConnell some Chapstick, after all I wouldn’t want Obama to get his sphincter chaffed from all this ass kissing.
Tom in NC

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5 responses to “Boehner, McConnell YOU BOTH SUCK!!!!!

  1. These two spineless and useless goobers, along with Cantor, are going to ensure that the Dear Ruler gets a second term.
    When he does, you are going to see his inner dictator, already bubbling near the surface, come bursting out.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Tom.
    They just handed Skippy & the libs a big fat political gift while screwing us. We are hosed…

  3. Tom,thankyou for conveying my thoughts!! 🙁 I am ready to go to D.C. with a pitchfork and a fire hose. Everyone of them were asked nicely to pack it up and step out by the Veteran Defenders and the American people,including the illegal alien at the top. Throw Them All Out!!!!!!

  4. I look at it this way. When it comes voting time, they can tell people this: The Dems got their way, they took your money, this is what THEY wanted – look what will happen if you give the O 4 more? It’s pretty backhandedly clever actually. They could have fought ’til the cows come home, and the Dems would’ve just kept verbally beating them up in the press – they were already trying to make it like the Reps were holding out on the people getting a “break” (which the rest of us who are smarter than that know better). Instead, they gave up, but now they can point the finger back at the Dems and tell everyone who thought the Dems were so great, “Look, they’re taking your money, THEY are the ones that wanted to, so do you really want this kind of thinking any more?”

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