Boehner may be caving. Call his office, write an email. The nation is at stake.

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My writer friend Robert Wilcox sent me this e-mail.
You are welcome to copy and paste the following message to send to House Speaker John Boehner as your message:

I am a long-time Republican. Rumors today are that you are going to compromise with Obama on debt. Don’t do it. You are on the winning side. Don’t be afraid of reaction that you will be blamed. The American people see through this. The nation is at stake. You must hold the line. No compromise on debt in any way. We’ve compromised for decades and look where it’s led. This is the time for courage. Don’t cave. If you do, you will just be another in a long line of Washington sellouts who hurt this nation. Take up the challenge. Be strong. Have fortitude. Walk steadfast at the press’s disregard for the truth. The truth will win out. No compromise. Your enemies are faltering. Don’t give up this historic chance.

To send your e-mail to Mr. Boehner, click here.

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0 responses to “Boehner may be caving. Call his office, write an email. The nation is at stake.

  1. I’ve tried but it is saying due to overwhelming volume it is temporarily down. But I will still keep trying!

  2. Why are the stars on the elephant upside down? They look like pentagrams. You know whose sign that is! God bless all and a very good nite.

  3. I sent my own letter, via the site. Thanks for the heads up:
    Dear Speaker of the House Boehner,
    Just for the record, I’m a Democrat, born and raised. I’ve been following this “Gang of 6.” How does anything with Gang in it sound good to anyone? And how do 6 hold more power than the 234 who passed Cut, Cap and Balance? I’m sick and tired of seeing my country fundamentally transformed. The Senate is supposed to represent the States, not kowtow to the Executive Branch. God help us. You are in my prayers, every day.
    God bless,
    P.S. I’ve already sent this to my own Senators. Will you listen?

  4. Sent it.

  5. If he caves, when he head home he needs to keep on walking.

  6. I wrote and told him that he has no reason to compromise. His representatives passed Cut, Cap and Balance. The Senate needs to compromise. I also reminded him that mr. soetero is a compulsive liar.

  7. Steve Wynn on things… damn, GOP, get in there!

  8. If you are on Facebook, give him a piece of your mind there as well. Tons of comments…
    Email sent!

  9. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    –Edmund Burke

  10. i watched the link above but the one with OB quoting from the Bible was better. Shakespeare sprang to mind: “The devil can quote scripture according to his own liking”. Merchant of Venice, sounds appropriate! God bless all.

  11. Typical kool-aid drinkers. So far only the house has failed to compromise, abandoning democracy in favor of an attempt to force totalitarian one-sided rule on the side of the right and using the well-being of the entire nation as a bargaining chip. You guys may prefer not to educate yourself and just buy in to the propaganda you’re fed, but some of us truly understand what’s at stake and recognize how all sides in this game have failed.
    But go on, continue to be closed-minded and suck on the misinformation and rhetoric you’re fed. Be my guest, but the sad thing is that North Koreans have no choice but to swallow their leaders’ rhetoric as it’s all they’re given, what’s your excuse?

    • I hope they do abandon ‘democracy,’ as that is nothing less than mob rule.
      And I can arrange for you to be snatched out of bed in the middle of the night, even in the midst of you giving your partner the high hard one, only to be parachuted rather rudely into commie country, hoping the WW II surpluss chute opens in time to prevent your ass from being splaterd all over.
      Care to try me, ashole?
      Only losers compromise.

  12. Hey ash: “Typical kool-aid drinkers”? You must be referring to the Obamabots…COMPROMISE is NOT a solution.You obviously fail to understand that our nation is BROKE beyond belief. And don’t lecture us on “how all sides in this game have failed”. We fully understand the fault of the RINOs in this mess.
    We don’t provide excuses – that’s the way demorats and RINOs roll….better look to our “CIC” for those “excuses”…

    • Complete and utter rubbish. Two of the three bodies involved in resolving this situation have expressed willingness to compromise to seek a mutually agreeable decision. How asinine to expect democrats to budge on a central issue (key government programs) without making concessions on a republican central issue (keeping taxes low). When our nation defaults on it’s loans, I know the blame will fall where it plainly belongs: on the House.

  13. Deb,
    LOL – I’m just rocking the cage for now.

  14. Boehner is a Republican first, his loyalty is only to his party. He does not represent the country. What would Jesus do, will He represent the poor of this country or give tax cuts to the rich? Will He punish the unemployed?
    You have St. Michael as a banner, do the Republicans represent the poor, there is no kindness in the hearts of the Republicans. The Republicans are mean spirited, selfish and do not care about other people. Christ will never be a Republican. Christ will never support the rich.

    • You Jane assume we are Republicans and obviously haven’t explored this site. Hello? “Conservatives Who Love America”? We are conservatives first. Check us out before posting what you do not know….
      And do your homework as to what people of political affiliations donate most to charity. You’ll be surprised – it’s Republicans! Us conservatives tend to take care of our family and friends. We believe in taking care of one another without any government support. And we also save more money in order to do so. As many of us are “clinging to our Bibles”, we also regularly tithe. Better look up that word in a dictionary.
      I give plenty to charities….don’t lecture me on being mean-spritied TYVM.

    • Hey, Jane Smith, don’t you lefties ever get tired of your lies? You’re also displaying your ignorance, or haven’t you read about Professor Arthur Brooks’ landmark study and book, Who Really Cares? Brooks found that:
      1. 75% of American families donate to charity, giving $1,800 each, on average.
      2. A registered Democrat who was raised in a “progressive” academic family, Brooks had expected liberals would give the most.
      3. Instead, to his surprise, he found that conservatives were far more compassionate than liberals, giving about 30% more despite making slightly less money.
      4. Conservatives also give more to charity in service and time than liberals.
      I’d be most happy to compare my charity-giving (in $ and labor) with yours!

  15. I am ashamed of all of you so called” FOR THE PEOPLE ” yeah right YOU’R PEOPLE ! Before you take food out of the poor mans mouth how about YOU first. You want YOU’R rich friends to have a tax break how about it come out of YOU’R pockets, mine are empty! I know how to cut the defict lets first cut all your pay you don’t work that hard anyway! Then how about “WE THE PEOPLE” stop paying for you’r insurence that “WE THE PEOPLE” can’t afford. And by the way drive you’r damn self to work”WE PEOPLE”do next “WE THE PEOPLE” no longer want you to write off you’r “LUNCHES OR DINNER MEETINGS” with your “GIRLFRIENDS”. Hell that should save enough for a few little wars you get us into as a scare tactic to vote for you in the first place. Here’s an idea how about “WE THE PEOPLE” FIRE ALL OF YOU and start over. How about you get three month reveues like the real working man oh yeah you’ll be on vaction one more thing “WE THE PEOPLE” pay for so since I’m buying when do I get to go!

    • And you Diana, did Jane lead you here? I don’t care what you think of us.
      How many tax breaks to you think Bambi and your fantasy Soros takes? Think (if you can) about it – tax breaks are taken by both D’s and R’s. Remember Kerry trying to stash his yacht in a different state to avoid taxes?
      Suggest you get a spell check application…

    • Hey, Diana, judging by your broken sentences and spelling mistakes, I’m 100% confident that you are among the 47% of Americans who do NOT pay any income tax (whereas I am among the 53% who DO pay) that I’ll wager $5 toward a bet. You know where to contact me:
      But then I took a look at your IP address: Once again, it’s somewhere in Kansas — the same Kansas that all of Legion‘s IP addresses are in. So now, you’re “Diana.” A little demon by any name is still Legion. Y-A-W-N.

  16. Cut the President’s pay, the House and Senate’s pay, and they will get this settled quickly. Joe Palmer.


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