Bobo the cat loves to be vacuumed

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Most cats hate even the sound of the vacuum cleaner, but not Bobo.
Bobo even loves having his head-fur suctioned and his paws swooshed!

Just goes to show cats are idiosyncratic and generalizations are to be broken. LOL
H/t Care2 and FOTM’s josephbc69.

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0 responses to “Bobo the cat loves to be vacuumed

  1. This is so rare I thought it was worth sharing. Even large dogs are likely to be disturbed by the sound, never mind the approach of the dreaded monster Hoovervac!

  2. So cute!! I have a dog that loves that too.

  3. Judging from the amount of black hair my cat leaves around–I sure wish she loved to be vacuumed. She runs and hides under the bed when any loud noise scares her.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh – now that’s living!

  5. My aunt’s cat, Sam, LOVED a daily vacuuming. He lived to be about age 20 or more….fat, well-rested, and clean.

  6. I loved this thanks, reminds me of my large yellow cat I had. He would come running when he heard the vacuum. He would take turns putting each leg into the hose. He also loved lasagne and would sit up and beg when he saw me fixing the noodles.
    He didn’t want a litter box, so he would sit quietly by the bed and stare at you. If you ignored him, he would move closer and stand on his hind legs and stare closer, if they still didn’t work, he would jump on your chest and stare. Never meowing. He would lay on our heads or get between us and stretch. When we went on walks he would follow us behind the dog. We were quite a sight.

    • Your large yellow cat sounds like quite a character! I continue to be amazed at how our companion animals — every of God’s creature, really — are each distinct INDIVIDUALS with a distinct personality.


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