Bloomberg foundation gives $5M to Baltimore to "fight crime"

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jack young baltimore

Baltimore council president Jack Young

As of December 3, Baltimore had 322 homicides, with 280 of those caused by a shooting. This occurs despite having very strict gun laws.
And the shootings occur despite having over 600 cameras to “make a person think twice before they do something.” Apparently installing 60 more cameras throughout the city will somehow “bring out a lot of crime.”
I wonder why Bloomberg is throwing so much money at a cause that will have minimal results.
From MyFoxBaltimore: Mayor Catherine Pugh announced Sunday $5 million in funds to help fight crime. “I’m very grateful for Bloomberg Philanthropies for reading the Violence Reduction Plan, for understanding what we need in order to make this city safe,” Mayor Pugh said.
Bloomberg Philanthropies, a charity of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, awarded Baltimore the grant, which will fund 60 new CCTV “Citiwatch” cameras, 25 mobile licence plate readers and expand gunshot detection coverage by 10 square miles.
“It will make a person think twice before they do something. You see, people don’t think twice because there aren’t any cameras around,” William Goode of West Baltimore said. “It will help it a lot. It will bring out a lot of crime.
The city already has more than 600 Citiwatch cameras, according to Open Baltimore. BPD and the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice will decide where those cameras will go.
“Five million dollars on cameras?” a man named “Tony” asked Fox45 Sunday. “You can put $5 million on so many things in this city that would help this city for real, and you’re gonna use cameras?”
In a press release, the grant was met with optimism from City Council President Jack Young.
“One of the most common requests I receive from my constituents is for more vigilance and more cameras in our neighborhoods,” said Council President Jack Young (a 21-year veteran of the council). “I’m extremely pleased to see the City directing resources to tools that have demonstrated success in keeping communities safe.”

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0 responses to “Bloomberg foundation gives $5M to Baltimore to "fight crime"

  1. Here’s a novel idea: Allow your citizens their “shall not be infringed”, constitutionally guaranteed right to own guns to protect themselves!

  2. Ha, ha, ha, coming from the foundation the cameras are not used to deter crime instead they are to “I’M WATCHING YOU, so I can control you”. they don’t give a dam about people and less crime but, I sure would like to know when it comes to partaking the dough how many bottomless pockets are going to be full while the streets continue to collect bodies.

  3. 600 cameras and only 322 homicides. Doesn’t seem to me that cameras are very effective. I would think that hiring more police officers to put undercover or to put on patrol would be a much more effective use of the funds. Or, considering the recent news of teachers in Baltimore quiting their jobs because of violence in the schools, stationing police officers in schools would probably be a big help in reducing crime.

    • Careful there,Dan-you’re about to step on those liberal useless idiots’ rights. You know how scared they are of the possibility of a LAWFUL gun owner having a GUN at SCHOOL….

  4. Lol, after the city officials get their hands on that money, consider it gone. Any bets?

  5. “over 600 cameras to “make a person think twice before they do something.”
    Apparently they don’t even think ONCE before doing something as serious as SHOOTING someone./

  6. Governor Hogan announces plan to fight violent crime in Baltimore

  7. Unfortunately, it would appear that William Goode, of West Baltimore must be smokin’ something, if he really thinks adding more cameras will somehow bring down the incidence of shootings. It amazes me just how gullible these liberal city leaders, and citizenry actually are!

  8. Thank you for sharing! $5 million is a large sum to donate. We should hope that the cameras do what they are intended to do. There have been so many reports and stories of corruption within Baltimore, and I hope that these cameras are also meant to deter law enforcement and other officials from committing crimes as well.
    If the cameras are intended to reduce all crimes, it would make sense that the people overseeing the footage be an outside source. Time will tell.


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