BLM achieves justice in Seattle: First black police chief resigns

This is liberal logic for ‘ya.

Soon to be former Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

Carmen Best has been the Chief of Seattle Police since 2018.

She’s been through the trenches lately with the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco in Seattle (where two people were shot and killed and BLM/Antifa thugs took over public city streets). Agitators also showed up in her neighborhood to harass her.

Yesterday the Seattle City Council approved historic cuts to the Seattle Police Department. This included a $100,000 paycut for Chief Best.

Carmen Best is considered one of the more reasonable folk left in Seattle. And now she’s out. Read her resignation statement here.

Seattle citizens DESERVE what they vote for. Chief Best, not so much.

BLM/Antifa must be SO PROUD for driving out a women of color. Social justice achieved, indeed!


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3 months ago

Seattle messed up. Best was a solid Chief and the Seattle council will regret this day.

Joseph Magil
Joseph Magil
3 months ago

They’ll probably hire someone from Antifa to replace her.

3 months ago

don’t worry. a super-woke white dude will get the job next. Progress!

Dr. Eowyn
3 months ago

Carmen Best is being punished for telling the truth to Seattle residents and business owners: You’re on your own against violent protesters