"Bless you" banned!

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Teacher Bans “Bless You” Phrase

From Fox 7:  A California teacher has banned students from saying “bless you” when someone sneezes in his class. Health teacher Steve Cuckovick says it has nothing to do with religious beliefs, he claims it becomes a disruption in class and is serious about enforcing it. Actually, he said “it’s got to do with an interruption of class time”.  See Fox interview video here.
He deducts 25 points from student’s grades every time someone breaks the “bless you” ban.  “The blessing doesn’t make any sense anymore. When you sneeze, in the old days, they thought you were dispelling evil spirits out of your body. So, they are saying God bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits. But today, what I said is what you’re doing doesn’t make any sense anymore,” said Cuckovick.

Parents and teachers are furious at the teacher’s actions. The principal of the California High School is not supporting the teacher in this ban.
So which is it Mr. Cuckovick?  It doesn’t make sense anymore today or is it an interruption?  If it was merely an “interruption”, then why bring up the “old” meaning of Bless you?
For him to say it doesn’t make sense anymore is purely HIS personal belief.   And for those of us who still wish to say it to others, that is OUR personal belief.
Teacher backs down. Click here for update!  🙂

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0 responses to “"Bless you" banned!

  1. Aaa–choo

  2. Instructor [he’s NOT a teacher!] Cuckovick is an ass who is very pleased w/himself. I doubt he has a life outside of his authoritarian excesses, as only his smug beliefs matter. I’d remove my children from his classes, as he is a piss-poor role model or mentor. Of course, that’s only my opinion….

  3. Silly idget. Personally, I need all the blessings I can get.

  4. I wonder what would happen if a kid sneezed and another said Gesundheit, like we, German speaking descendents usually say. I bet that, in that case it would be ok and the kid would not loose the 25 points. It would be nice for someone to try just to show how hypocrite is this teacher.

  5. Obviously it’s much more than an “interruption” for Mr. Cuckoovick. The principal should immediately intervene and stop him from indulging himself at the students’ expense.

  6. Interruption of classtime to say “Bless you” after someone sneezes ??? OMG ! Sounds like Mr Cukoo is a major control freak ! Afterall, how long does it take to say “Bless you. ” to someone and move on. Only a second ! Hopefully someone will give him that book for Christmas called , “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. “, along with a card which reads, “Bless You. “

    • And then he goes on to correct the student and explain why they shouldn’t say ‘Bless You’. I have this sneaking suspicion that that takes longer than any ‘God Bless You!’

  7. Bless you is not a disruption, it’s a courtesy extended to someone so they know they are forgiven a bodily disruption that can’t be helped. Yes, for many, it may still be a religious wish for blessings, but when it’s not, it’s still a courtesy! This man obviously is a control freak.

    • But courtesy, manners, being considerate of others and other manifestations of personal responsibility for one’s actions are impediments to “social justice” dependence and joy!

  8. Huh? Oh and text spam is very annoying and costs the recipient about 25 cents apiece, too. Thanks.

  9. If I were in this moron’s class, I would say it as often as I could.

  10. Dennis H. Bennett

    However, in line with the Left Coast’s morality, “Screw You” is still allowed!

  11. As we say in Dixie, “Bless her heart, the BITCH”!!

  12. “class interruption?”…my arse! It’s clearly another way to muzzle a “word” that ‘does’ have a ring of christianity to it, and he’s full of it. There are even those who aren’t ‘those pesky christian types’ who say it! Lol… It was actually began as a pagan saying to begin with! Pffft…Ridiculous. I like the “Don’t sweat the small stuff” book idea 😉

  13. I guess if all students started to say “bless you” non stop, until they ran out of points, he would have to give up!!!

  14. What happens when they fart? That must be covered by the 12th “Commandment”, right after the 11th!(“Thou Shalt not say Bless You”) .And so on…and so on…and so on…..!

  15. Hmmmmm, I was always told we say bless you when a person sneezed is because your heart stops for split second

  16. I agree with the teacher. I think the whole thing is GD annoying, especially when you have some AH that sneezes five times in a row. God bless you and go away you germ spreading asshole

    • Um, some people sneeze due to allergies & other reasons, not because they are sick.
      You have such pleasant words to say this am…Be sure and have a lovely day!

    • Hey, George,
      Are you always this rude and arrogant? Did you even bother to check whether your use of crude language (a**hole) violates this blog’s policy? Whatever, you’re an even bigger, more germ-laden, posterior orifice.

  17. Yes I am. I take a lot of pride in forming an opinion that opposes the majority. I’m not just some mindless idiot that does things because everybody else does them or for the sake of being polite. Nobody has any idea what they’re saying when they say bless you and everytime someone does, I wanna flip em’ off.

    • Silly George,
      So you think that being polite is what “mindless idiots” do? In that case, I will happily not be a “mindless idiot” by being impolite to you. Be gone, you prideful narcissistic posterior orifice.

    • “for the sake of being polite”? Wow, your mom must be soooooooooo proud…

      • Debbie,
        Silly George just hurled an insult at us, calling us “feel good women.” Since I’m not a “mindless idiot,” I’ve banned him permanently from FOTM.
        You see, George, I’m really not a “feel good” kind of woman. I don’t have any hesitation in telling off Orcs such as you. How does that feel, um? Not so good? LOL

    • Well golly gee, Mr George, I am SO glad you brought up your idea, that you “…take a lot of pride in forming an opinion that opposes the majority.” It’s good to know that the majority are not like you, a self-declared Special Case. And by the bye, are you aware that opinions are just like assholes: everyone has one. So you are a self-declared opinionated asshole. I’m taking time to be as wretchedly uncivil to you as you choose to be to the people of good will here who come to discuss amicably as possible our ideas and concerns. Good to know you’re not one of us.

      • God bless you, dear Joseph! 😀

        • S/he committed suicide on line, a mortal sin, thank God, which sends the critter to whatever circle of Hell s/he best deserves. Granted, mine is not a Friendly sentiment, but one’s patience first wears thinly, then no more, for cases of Terminal Stupidity. Chalk up one more candidate for the Darwin Awards! You, Eowyn deserve far better; this critter none at all.

  18. hahahaha…I may not have the honor of being of the female persuasion but I am a feelgood type of guy….. may God Bless us all 🙂

  19. I remember an old joke from the ’60s where a teacher came into a classroom and saw a few students on their knees in the back of the room and said “Hey, what are you guys doing”. They said “shooten crap”, to which the teacher answered “oh, that’s ok, I thought you were praying.”


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