Blatant Racism, Sexism, Fascism and Marxism on Display all in One Video

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There is a part one to this video but it just contains more of the same, he would ask her a question and then not let her answer. Just like Obama, this SOB loves to hear the sound of his own voice, especially when bashing Republicans.
Not much more I can say about this dispicable POS. I’ll just let the video say it all. 
Caution for language
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Blatant Racism, Sexism, Fascism and Marxism on Display all in One Video

  1. Agree with him or else he’ll get racial (“throwing money at” crime with police is bad but a social program doing that is okay, too)… can’t even say “ask” properly on his job as a radio broadcaster, too.

  2. Once an overseer on the lily-white liberal plantation, always on overseer on the lily-white liberal plantation.
    Like I have been saying for years, the Civil War didn’t actually end slavery – it only shifted it to different owners.
    How sad.

  3. Oh, but Attorney General Eric Holder had already decreed that blacks can’t be racists! Only whites can be racist. [sarcasm alert]

    • So this mess (below) isn’t icredibly bigoted, ignorant and selfish (according to fiat) either… can’t make this stuff up.

      • I’ve seen this vid…warning, will make your BP SOAR!

        • I’ve been wondering about this vid guys (and gals respectfully) some are wondering if she is not mocking the system. When I first saw this video last year I flipped but then another youtuber told me she was actually making fun of the ignorance of Obama and his wacky supporters.

          • I saw comments that it’s to be a joke, but still, it’s kinda scary!

          • Perhaps, but the radio commentator was so much like that, she should sue or at least complain about him cutting into her act. (Also, her parody isn’t obvious– like, for example, Achmed the Dead Terrorist– so it might be done straight… and she’s been doing videos like this since ’09.) Hope it’s a joke.

  4. Couldn’t get past two minutes of this baloney….
    I would have got up and left the room. Disrepectful arse. His mom must be sooooo proud.

  5. Like I said over at NewsBusters
    “I would beat his @$$ for what he was worth and make him give me change back!”
    Fat pig…

  6. This guy can take a flying leap…what a racist creep (among other things).

  7. I would pay good money to watch him try the same thing with Congressman Allen West, I suspect he would be trying to pull that microphone out his ass while trying to pick his teeth up off of the floor.

  8. Makes my blood boil watching this clueless, ignorant, racist loser ! And I agree that I would also pay good money for a ring side seat to watch Allen West have a few words with this ignoramous ; as well as watch Pastor Manning set him straight about the fraud that he worships !!


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