Blacks' Jobless Rate is Highest in 27 Yrs

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In the 2008 presidential elections, 96% of African-Americans voted for Obama.

Obama in Las Vegas, Oct. 22, 2010 (AP photo/Susan Walsh)

Obama leaves restaurant in Chicago, Oct. 31, 2010.


Annalynn Censky reports for, September 2, 2011, that yesterday’s Labor Department August jobs report was dismal, showing that the U.S. did not have even one net job gain last month, and the nation’s unemployment rate remains stuck at 9.1%.

Even more dismal is the jobless picture of blacks, surging to 16.7% in August, the highest level since 1984. In contrast, the unemployment rate for whites fell slightly to 8%.
Black men have it the worst, with joblessness at a staggeringly high 19.1%, compared to 14.5% for black women.
Black unemployment has now remained above 10% for four straight years, and given the economic sluggishness, some experts say it’s safe to predict the rate will remain above 10% for four more years.

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0 responses to “Blacks' Jobless Rate is Highest in 27 Yrs

  1. Fortunately for the rest of us, this has nothing to do with the color of a person’s skin, but his or her drive, education, willingness to work with others, ability to take directions without a chip on one’s shoulder and stop treating others as the enemy. If they truly want to arrest the problem, go to the Black Caucus, go to Al Sharpton, go to Jesse Jackson and to the rest of the rabble rousers and tell them to knock it off. Who in his or her right mind would hire trouble? Running a business is difficult enough without the internal turmoil created by racial differences and priorities. I have worked for wages since I was nine years of age and am still working at the age of seventy-seven because I gave 110% to every employer. I have never been without work because I was willing to work for less than most would demand. My theory has always been, I would rather work for $5.00 an hour and work all the time than $50.00 an hour and work two or three days a year. It has worked for me.

  2. Thank you, Eowyn, for these pathetic statistics. And Clifton, I laud you for your work ethic and your wonderful morality! God bless you and those like you in our country! I have always worked 100% and gave my all, and I have never, ever been a sieve on the American taxpayer.

  3. Same here, Steve. I worked my way through college, beginning with waitressing at a tenderloin restaurant during the graveyard shift. If I were to lose everything (God forbid), I’d work manual jobs. No work is beneath any one. All work is noble. Just look at nature: ants, butterflies, birds, deer all work at finding food to survive. Only human beings, corrupted by the welfare state, don’t work but live off the labor of others.

  4. It’s scary too think how many will vote for him again, just cuz his color…

  5. I can only hope and pray,Black Americans can see the big picture here. You are nothing to him. The middle class are nothing to them. He could care less and so could his party,oh yes-they preach it,thats alinsky tactics. His goal is to destroy America,he is almost there. He and his cronie communists have hurt Black and White Americans together. Remember-“United We Stand” or Divided we Fall.

  6. one reason the unemployment rate for whites is lower than it is for blacks is many young white males join and are accepted into the military the last few years the entrance qualifications to join the military have gotten a bit higher and as a result obese and not very bright individuals are no longer accepted. and many blacks fit the profile of obese and not very bright. (american legion magazine)


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