Blackhawks over LA – Urban Warfare Drills

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LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA

Remember our recent post of the video of the train loaded with Bradley tanks?  There was a lot of speculation on that.  Here’s a CBS news story with video of some kind of military exercise over Los Angeles involving a number of blackhawk helicopters.  Check it out before it disappears! ~LTG

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0 responses to “Blackhawks over LA – Urban Warfare Drills

  1. The big “SNUFF” solution via “Green Government”. Agenda 21.

  2. Sure looks like Big Brother Govt knows something nasty is coming our way….

  3. just my two cents worth but i don’t think obama is turning this country into a large version of africa just so he can turn it over to another president, i do not think all this will turn out well

    • Free (emergency room) healthcare and (eighth grade) education, then we can have “social justice” like the rest of the world! (Of course, the rest of the world is a corrupt tribalistic hellhole or where they treat women and children like property or possibly both, but who’s counting?)

      • Ugh… Anon- I wish that weren’t a potential reality, but unfortunately, it’s a very ‘real’ possibility… All I have to say is it ain’t gonna be pretty though 🙁

    • In The Art of War, Sun Tzu says that a loud belligerent enemy won’t attack. But the one who will is an enemy who promises peace while quietly moving his armies into position.

  4. So long as it’s not the drone helicopters I guess it’s okay for the moment. Or is it another re election ploy, vote Obama OR ELSE………………………..

  5. I heard them first then saw them – they were LOUD – freaked my dog out!! Days later found out they were military – freaked me out!! WTF… I think the kool-aid drinkers are “promoting” the idea of riots when nobama lose in November – it’s their way of trying to scare people into voting for this a#*hole – 99% of people are suffering because of him. IF there are some riots – shut them down & move on. HE NEEDS TO GO!

  6. In the end the DNC and the Electoral College did the choosing under pressure and some kind of arm twisting etc. So even though a lot of people were hoodwinked into the Hope and Change thing, the DNC and the Electoral College most likely knew what they were getting into. Nancy Pelosi conveniently mislaid the Obama File she said.

  7. First steip, Congress shouls reinstate Glass Steagall. HR 1489 The Return to Prudent Banking Act Second step, a member of the cabinet should invoike the 25th Amendment Section 4 to constitutionally remove Barack Obama from the presidency on grounds of mental inability to function in that position correctly and have
    Congress to start impeachment proceeding for violating the Constitution. Step 3 Once Glass Steagall has gotten the too large to fail banks into bankruptcy protection then the government opens a new Federal National Bank, and Congress starts uttering credti as prescribed by Alexander Hamilton in the Constitution under Article 1 Section 8. Then utter credit for projects that will stretch out for two generations time, and put millions back to work. Denis Kucinich and Webster Tarpley and Lynden laRouche have proposals for projects that will do the do.


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