Black Sheriff David Clarke: Second Amendment is about freedom

I regret having to preface “Sheriff David Clarke” with the word “black.”
But until blacks in the United States stop voting en masse for Democrats and the Democratic Party (blacks voted 96% for Obama in 2008, and 90% for Democrats in last November’s mid-term elections), I will have to continue pointing out the race of those few blacks like Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Rev. James David Manning, and Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory who actually think for themselves.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
In an interview with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, this is what Sheriff Clarke said:

On the Second Amendment

Beg. at the 2:33 mark: “The Second Amendment is about freedom. It isn’t about hunting. It isn’t really about personal defense…. It’s about freedom. It’s about law-abiding people being free to make decisions in their lives. That’s what the Founding Fathers wanted; that’s why they created the Bill of Rights. Freedom from government intrusion.”

On Sandy Hook and gun control

Beg. at the 1:44 mark: “That’s what I find unconscionable . . . that the anti-gun movement in this country, and they lay dormant for a long time because there is no public support for the kind of nonsense they’re suggesting, and they know it. So they lay dormant, and when a situation arises, they exploit that. They exploit the misery and the tragedy of the people of Newtown, Connecticut, the Sandy Hook school. They exploited their tragedy for political gain. They have no soul to do something like that . . . This movement right now is about trying to squeeze that Second Amendment. They are exploiting Sandy Hook and the Newtown tragedy for political gain, and they see an opportunity and they’re trying to squeeze something out of it. This universal background check — it sounds good, right? Who wouldn’t be for that? It had nothing to do with Aurora, Colorado. It had nothing to do with the suspect in Sandy Hook. It had nothing to do with background check. As a matter of fact, the guy in Aurora, Colorado, he passed the background check! The guy . . . who did the Sikh Temple shooting here in Milwaukee . . . he passed a background check. This doesn’t have anything to do with background check. What this is, they’re trying to find some nugget that they can take of this and claim victory . . . If [people like Milwaukee Police] Chief [Edward] Flint here, mayors against guns, spend as much energy and as much time attacking criminals — career criminals who perpetrate violence by using a handgun — we’d have a lot safer country than we would going after law-abiding citizens.”

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn (l); Mayor Tom Barrett (r)

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn (l); Mayor Tom Barrett (r)

Citizens must defend themselves & not depend on 911

Beg. at the 5:18 mark: “But the City of Milwaukee Police Department — through no fault of the officers [as] they’re deluged with calls for service they don’t have the resources — it takes on average 52 minutes to respond to a burglary. It takes nearly 20 minutes to respond to an armed robbery . . . 59 minutes on average to respond to a sexual assault . . . . No fault of the street cop. But this is what [Milwaukee Mayor] Tom Barrett had done to citizens and law-abiding residents of the city of Milwaukee — you’re on your own here. On average it takes an hour and two minutes to respond to a call like the sound of shots. So when you hear those response times . . . what are people to do, I heard them ask. What are we to do? Hide in the closet. Run for your life. Scream. All that bull whistle. I’m not gonna tell people not to do that [hide in the closet, etc.], but that’s their choice. But here’s another choice they have — and it’s to fight back . . . . But if you’re going to fight back, you have to be mentally prepared for that . . . It is very difficult for a human being to point a gun at another human being . . . and pull the trigger. It’s a very hard thing to do, and a lot of people can’t bring themselves to do that . . . . Start preparing yourself mentally for this . . . [to] do what you need to do to defend yourself and your family.”
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