Black racist Colin Powell endorses Obama’s reelection

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A racist is one who favors a member of his own racial or ethnic group, even though they are members of opposing political parties and, therefore, presumably do not share the same political worldview, values, beliefs, and policy prescriptions.

And that is exactly what former Secretary of State Colin Powell is.

Colin Powell claims to be a Republican, but he voted for Obama, a Democrat, in 2008 and will vote again for Obama, a Democrat, in 2012. This morning on “CBS This Morning,” Powell joined Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s daughter, and Russian president Vladimir Putin in endorsing Obama.

I will not insult FOTM’s readers by posting Powell’s blabber about his reasons for voting to reelect Obama (you can read them here), because you and I know as certain as we know the sun will rise tomorrow that those are just Powell’s cosmetic rationalizations (or what the Soviet Union called “disinformation”, Muslims call “taqiyya“, and us common people call just plain LIES). You and I both know that the reason Colin Powell voted for Obama in 2008 and will vote again for Obama next month is because Obama is (half) black.

For that matter, I believe that Colin Powell is a Republican because being one is (has been) good for his career’s upward mobility. Black Democrats are a dime a dozen, but a black Republican is a rare creature indeed, and the Republican Party will bend over backwards to advance the career of a black Republican.

Colin Powell has no loyalty toward the Republican Party. By supporting the (half) black Barack Obama, who has done more to destroy this country than any American president, Colin Powell demonstrates he does not love America.

To borrow an expression from FOTM’s Hardnox: “If Colin Powell were on fire I would not stop to pee on him.”


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0 responses to “Black racist Colin Powell endorses Obama’s reelection

  1. I can only say ONE word: TRAITOR!

  2. I at one time in this man’s career,really admired him. In the last 4yrs during extensive research, I have found terribly troubling information on Colin Powell. This latest move by him does not surprise me. The words ~ Democrat and Republican no longer have a true definition.

  3. Trust ?????????????????

  4. “If Colin Powell were on fire I would not stop to pee on him.”

    But I would if he wasn’t on fire. 😀


    • Well I would stop to pee in him, not to put it out but if he survives can you only imagine the infection…

  5. Colin Powell is not an ignorant man who is unaware of putative President Obama’s Marxist agenda. Of course he does; however, that does not weigh in as heavy as his allegiance to Obama. Colin Powell either condones Obama’s communist/Muslim Brotherhood agenda or is a Black Racist Rino. I think both apply. Having been a 4 Star General in the U.S. Army and U.S. Secretary of State under former President George W. Bush, shame on him for ignoring Obama’s attempts at destroying our nations economy and all the lies related to it. Shame on Powell for ignoring and writing off “Fast and Furious” debacle, not to exclude Obama’s web of deception and lies associated with Benghazi, Libya. The evidence of an Obama coverup is overwhelming and should lead to Obama’s and other’s impeachment, that is, when the Senate and House Republicans get off their butts and do what they are paid to do by “we the people and taxpayers who pay their salary.” U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was among four Americans killed in an attack by Islamic extremists, not some protesters allegedly protesting a stupid YouTube film that no one saw, except maybe putative President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Press Secretary Jay Carney and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. It is also noted that Colin Powell associates with Islamic extremist Louis Farrakhan who is one of the most controversial “religious” figures in all of America. He is openly anti-Semitic and anti-American and harbors extremist views. Iranian president “shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party Tuesday at the Warwick Hotel on West 54th Street,” according to the New York Post. I have for sometime felt what we see regarding Colin Powell is but tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are a number of anti-Americans endorsing Obama, so where does that leave Colin Powell?

  6. Funny how this story is one sided. Not to get into civil disputes however, Colin Powell’s life story isn’t displayed about the recism he had to go through. It doesn’t mention the racist white folks giving him a hard time. Understand the environment.

    • Funny how you would know about the alleged “racism he [Powell] had to go through” and “racist white folks giving him [Powell] a hard time.”

      Even if I were to grant your totally unsourced and unproven premise, that still does not justify Powell going against his supposed political party and his supposed country to endorse the POS.

    • Funny you seem to know all about the racism he faced. You apparently don’t know much about how the military treat their staff either.

    • Colin Powell took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.”

      His support of a communist that is doing all he can to destroy said document (not to mention the very nation it founded) is beyond unforgivable.

      And just exactly what “racism” did Gen. Powell experience, as it appears he had a stellar military career that most ‘racist white folks’ could have never attained?

      Cuing up Church Lady voice:

      Could it be Affirmative Action?


      • I’m beginning to wonder myself, Dave.

        This is from Wikipedia: “He received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology from the City College of New York in 1958 and was a self-admitted C average student.”

        From both my own years as a professor and also other professors I know, I can attest that profs rarely give black students failing grades even when they warrant it. A “C” grade for a black student is the equivalent of a “D” or an “F.”

  7. That says alot about Powell’s lack of “military integrity.” Any military general still willing to step up and endorse Obama after his Lybia debacle … and the secretive cesspool that’s whirling over the White House, truly needs an enema!

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for reminding us of the stuff that Colin Powell is made of. He makes me sick. Ditto MsLuna!

  9. What happened to that General who said, “We’re gonna cut them off, and then we’re going to kill them” about the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard? I used to so admire that man!

  10. Old Hannity clip… still Very True Today!

  11. I once had a great deal of respect for this man, and considered him to be among my personal heroes.



  12. Sadly, some people of anglo persuation only see things through their color blind life. General Powell went against his own instincts underscoring the “WMD Lie” the Bush administration advanced to the world.
    Unfortunately, the general has been reminded, what black folks already know…when you no longer tote the company line and decide to think independently….you’re just another N*****.
    The truth is dawning….America is finally living up to the tenets of the constitution. In her ensuing years….anglos reluctant to accept the browning of America, will continue to have a hard time;
    In closing, message to the “Tea Party”; in the words of Dr. King….”no lie can live forever”.
    God bless America.

    • Sadly, some “black folks” like you see things only through the skin color lens, having forgotten Dr. Martin Luther King’s wise and true words that we should judge another “by the content of his character” instead of “the color of his skin.” The latter, sadly, is what both you and Colin Powell are doing.

      And for you to invoke God is repugnant beyond words. You are asking God to bless Barack Obama — a man who is not just pro-abortion, but supports infanticide. As an Illinois state senator, he thrice voted to kill newborn babies who survive a late-term (or partial birth) abortion. Both he and Michelle still favor the horrible partial-birth abortion, which is illegal. SHAME ON YOU.

      Thank God, not all blacks are as benighted as you and Powell. See black pastor Bishop E. W. Jackson’s call to all Christians, esp. black Christians, to heed their conscience:

      Oh, by the way, I am NOT “white” or as you put it, “of the anglo persuasion.”

    • “…what black folks already know…when you no longer tote the company line and decide to think independently….you’re just another N*****.”

      You are exactly right, and we see it every time a black American escapes the lily-white liberal plantation.

      BTW, and just for the record, you uninformed ignoramus, WMDs were found all over Iraq, as they were unable to move all of them to Syria.


  13. From a North Carolina Spelling Bee:

  14. Does Collin Powell get a “Thrill” up his “leggs”, just like Chrissi Matthews? Oh, and it’s RINO hunting season starting November 6th.


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