Black People…Meet Your True Black Leaders of America!!!!!

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Posted on YouTube January 17, 2011 by TexasViper: 

Finally…America has produced and is produciing freedom loving Black Conservative Leaders that expouse the beliefs of Martin Luther King. These Patriots do not play THE CLASS WARFARE GAME or PLANTATION POLITICS!
Please visit their websites and learn more about your future Black leaders..that would like to see all Americans prosper and succeed!


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0 responses to “Black People…Meet Your True Black Leaders of America!!!!!

  1. Love these guys! MLK would indeed be proud of them…

  2. They are shining examples of the I HAVE A DREAM speech, men” judged not by their color; but, by the content of their character.” I’d be proud to go out and ring door bells for any of them!

  3. I’m going with the Hermanator for POTUS.


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