Black Pastor Says Michael Steele Wrong

I think Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is a RINO. At a minimum, Steele has a major problem with listening to and accepting criticism. Instead, he scapegoats — blaming the critics by accusing them of racism. Steele also said both he and Obama, being black, have a slimmer margin for failure when the truth is that they have a wider margin due to our fears of being called racist for criticizing a black man. 
Steele also blames the Republican Party for not being appealing to black Americans. In this interview at the May 1 “Winning America Back” Conference in Independence, Missouri, black pastor and political candidate Stephen Broden speaks out, articulately and forcefully, in disagreement against Steele. 
Pastor Broden is running against a radical socialist for the House of Rep. from the 30th District in Texas. If you are as impressed as I am with this man, please support Pastor Stephen Broden by donating to his campaign here.
H/t Jim Hoft of First Things’ Gateway Pundit!

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10 years ago

I wish I was in a position to donate to Pastor Broden’s campaign, but I am unable to at the moment.
I will pray for the man, and hope he prevails.