Black pastor Jesse Lee Peterson: Trayvon was a thug

Rev. Jesse Lee PetersonRev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Add Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson to the very short list of right-thinking and righteous black Americans — Rev. James Manning, neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Congressman Allen West, sports analyst & retired basketball player Charles Barkley — who refuse to partake in the public lynching of George Zimmerman.


In this CNN video, Rev. Peterson expressed his extreme displeasure over “race hustlers” like Al Sharpton, and how the media irresponsibly made Martin out to be some kind of “innocent little kid” instead of the truth that Martin was a young thug. Peterson asked why if Martin was “such a good little kid… did they work so hard to keep his history out of the courtroom.” He cited pictures of Martin’s Facebook page featuring him with a gun or marijuana.

Peterson said that people like Sharpton and Obama have injected themselves into this case to “incite the anger of black Americans and others,” adding that they’ve been “using black Americans by dividing the races” and “intimidating white people to get more power.”

Interviewer Piers “I’m-moving-back-to-England” Morgan called Peterson’s comments “quite offensive.”

Yes, Piers. The truth is offensive to those who lie and deceive!

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Yes! I watched this interview with him and Piers Morgan and savored it multiple times! I loved, “…innocent little kid tiptoeing through the tulips”, LOL!!!!


I’ve noticed the president’s pattern. It’s internally consistent. He’s done the same thing in the USA and Ireland, so I assume it’s the same across North Africa and the Middle East. He announces his intention of promoting peace, while injecting reminders of old issues that have caused strife in the past. He re-starts subjects that have been settled for years thru great pain. The Irish did NOT find it easy to put aside the heartache and injuries of the past, but they did it for the sake of the future. So, here comes Barry, suggesting that those Catholic rascals are… Read more »


Mr. Petersen only said what the rest of us in Black America already knew. Funny how I have said the same thing to everyone kvetching about Zimmerman’s acquittal, family, friends, neighbors, you name it. Even funnier is how none of them denied it.


The only offensive thing about that interview was Piers Morgan.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

Oh! How Right You Are!


Did anybody else notice the picture of Li’l ” tip-toeing through the tulips ” Trayvon behind Piers’ left shoulder . ?