Black Pastor Calls Obama Voters Racist

Rev. James David Manning is the black pastor of Atlan World Missionary Church in Harlem. Like FellowshipOfMinds member Will, Manning is that rare, free-thinking, and very courageous black conservative who belongs to an extremely small minority — the 3% black Americans who did NOT vote for Obama.
He is intelligent and articulate. I never knew of him until I discovered him just today on the website of Russia Today, of all places.
Here’s a more recent video of Pastor Manning saying he’s been blacklisted (no pun intended). At the 2:30 mark, he speaks of being visited and harassed by the Secret Service.

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I love this guy, I saw him online about a year ago!


LOL! I’m going to spread the word about this guy. We have too many people in the Republican party who put stupid people like Micheal Steele in powerful positions because they’re trying to be politically correct like Dumbocrats. They think, they have their magic negro so we need one too. He’s done nothing but bring the party down. What we really need are more like this one.