Black pastor Bishop Jackson’s call to all Christians

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On October 23, 2012, author Jonathan Wakefield*, whose essays FOTM has published (see here and here) attended an event at Trinity Lutheran Church in Henrico, VA, where Bishop E.W. Jackson spoke to a packed house on the Christian duty to be engaged in the political process.

Bishop Jackson is a pastor who runs the organization STAND (Staying True to America’s Destiny) and has recently made national news with his “Exodus Now!” campaign, calling on Christians to leave the Democrat Party. Watch him make a compelling case on video here. (Bishop Jackson has been sounding his message for the past two years. See my post on him of April 22, 2010, “Let’s get conservative Blacks elected!“)

Bishop Jackson is a powerful and inspiring speaker. On October 23rd, he repeated his call for all Christians to heed our conscience and stand up for freedom in America. Happily, Mr. Wakefield captured the entire speech on video, presented in 3 parts below. Every Christian should hear and heed this critical message!

*Jonathan Wakefield is a political independent who serves on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Tea Party. He is the author of Saving America: A Christian Perspective of the Tea Party Movement (Crossover, 2012) and the novel Fatal Reality (an inspirational thriller). Jonathan is also a computer programmer and the owner of a copywriting and editing business. Visit his other website at

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0 responses to “Black pastor Bishop Jackson’s call to all Christians

  1. All voters in America need to send this message to Obama: Stand Down! (permanently)!

  2. This speach should be heard from sea to shining sea. How greatful I am to hear from a man, a descendant of slave heritage–how can actually see and perceive the “greatness of America.” How often I think of my personal “luck” or “fortune” that my ancestry came–some from Sweden in the 1850’s, my grandfather left Norway in 1901, other’s came from Germany, England, France, Scotland, and other nations unnamed–all heard the whisperings of the Lord–“Go to America, Go to the Land of Freedom, Go to the Land of Opportunity.” I know that the Lord does indeed have his great hand over this land, and he watches over us; but he will not force us to maintain our freedom–we have the free agency to act for ourselves–to maintain freedom, or to slip into slavery. I choose freedom, and I am greatful to know that I do not stand alone!

  3. It’s wonderful to hear someone applying scripture to questions that have political and societal implications.
    The only problem with telling these people to change “sides” is that the same monetary system is still in place, the banksters are still in their offices dreaming of more bailouts and gambling with other people’s life savings and the oligarchs are looking down at the little people and wishing that their genocidal plotting would work quicker. Only if we can stop putting new wine into old bottles can we expect a successful outcome. Putting bandaids on this cancerous monstrosity of a corrupted Congress, Presidency and DOJ won’t make that much difference. As we all have noticed, there are different factors at play, and they have their own particular agendas and the seeds of violence that is erupting globally has deep roots. The only way to go is with Jesus and that’s the best thing Bishop Jackson has to say. The choice he offers is between Jesus and Obama. Unbelievable but that’s what he says.
    Who does that make Obama out to be? The mind boggles.


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