Democrat assemblyman expelled, arrested after hi-speed police chase

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Sometimes it seems everything — politics, the economy, our corrupt culture — just keeps getting worse.
But we can take some small satisfaction from three bad people — a state legislator, a school superintendent, and a college instructor — getting their just desserts.
Here is the first miscreant, former Nevada State Assemblyman Steven Brooks.

Jailed: Brooks, 41, was arrested at about 7 pm Thursday on Interstate 15 outside the city of Victorville after a 15-mile chase that exceeded speeds of 80 mph
Brooks, 41 (mug shot above), was the Nevada state legislator who was arrested last January for threatening to do bodily harm to a fellow legislator, State Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, because she did not appoint him chair of a committee. (See my post of Jan. 21, 2013, “Gun-toting black Democrat threatens to harm Assembly Speaker.”)
The AP reports that on Thursday, March 28, 2013, Brooks became the first lawmaker in Nevada history to be expelled from the Legislature, following the recommendation of a bipartisan panel. Lawmakers cited concerns about their own safety around him.
The disgraced former legislator then led authorities in California on a 15-mile high-speed (more than 80 mph)  freeway chase before he was shocked with a stun gun and arrested on charges including resisting arrest.
It’s one thing for Brooks to threaten harm on his colleagues. But this despicable man hurt a police dog!
Barstow Police Chief Albert Ramirez said in a statement that when the police dog was sent into Brooks’ SUV, Brooks choked and hit the dog with a socket wrench. The dog, named Buck, was treated by a veterinarian for cuts on the head and leg.
My posts on the other two miscreants will follow … soon! 😀


Here’s my posts on the other two miscreants:


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0 responses to “Democrat assemblyman expelled, arrested after hi-speed police chase

  1. Coward and jerk. Hope he’s sent away for some time.

  2. I am guessing he is from Vegas whose votes now count for more than the rest of the state combined. Add in the Californicated transplants and … well you can see the results with Modern-Day Harry Reid and Obama.

  3. There was a canine killed here in Warner Springs CA just a few days ago, in a crash? when the correctional officers’ car rolled over? as he was leading a police convoy to a rehabilitation camp? These dogs are so wonderful and they can follow scent and are so brave and they are so loyl to their handlers, it makes my heart break when I hear that they are not being taken good care of or that someone would dare to hurt one of them.
    The anoimal kingdom is a creation of God and this life form is so close to ours. How can we not love all creatures great and small.

  4. I’d love to use a socket wrench on Brooks…..He’d never hurt another animal again.

  5. Another fine example of a democrap politician . Are you sure that this clown isn’t originally from Chicago ? That would explain a lot . He may be a brother of Barry .

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post. I am pleased that justice was done and that the Nevada Legislature took care of him appropriately.
    He sickens me; especially for what he did to the dear little police dog. God help us!


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