Black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC

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On February 7, 2013, at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., the keynote speaker delivered a stunning critique of Obama’s America — as the POS was seated close by.
That speaker is Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., 61, who’s the real deal — a neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also just happens to be black — who is a Christian, a cultural and economic conservative, and a true patriot who loves the American Revolution, the flag, and America.
Dr. Carson spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) yesterday. He asks if somebody wants to destroy America, they would:

  1. Create division among the people, have everybody pitted against each other because a wise man by the name of Jesus once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
  2. Encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and principles that made and sustain the country.
  3. Undermine the financial stability of the country and drive us so far into debt that there’s absolutely no chance it could recover.
  4. Weaken the military and destroy the morale of the military.

“That’s what I would do [if I wanted to destroy America] and I guarantee you it would work. Now it appears ‘coincidentally’ that those are the very things that are happening right now! And the question is ‘How do we stop it.'”

Patriot Action Network says during his appearance at CPAC, Dr. Carson announced he would be retiring from medicine. 2016?

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0 responses to “Black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC

  1. I like a lot of what Dr. Carson says, however on pages 221-222 of his book Take The Risk, he outlines his plan for a cashless society which he says he talked to the president about.
    Dr. Carson’s plan eliminates all cash and credit, and identifies people by a scan of their retina and handprint. As a Christian he has to know that is the ultimate goal of the satanist globalists.

  2. They never come giving their real agenda, look at Barry!

    • Wasn’t he the guy who said Gitmo would be closed? or was I dreaming again!!!

    • With all do respect please practice reading comprehension. Dr. Ben Carson was mentioned as an inspiration in the Freemason letter, not as a freemason. Most Freemasons of any celebratory or accomplished status are easy to research as such. A little homework goes a long way. As God fearing people our fears should not be of men, but of The Word of The Most High God. Fear mongering is a terroristic act of Satan, use your faith to combat that; as you would use a weapon to combat a home intruder. Do not allow the enemy to take refuge in your mind. God Bless.

      • Yes I read the letter and it never spoke of him being a Freemason. He would make a fine one. But I am not sure what you were talking about when you spoke of Fear Mongering.

  3. I like him too but am Leary of his stance on hand guns. I believe he said you don’t need one in populated areas.

    • The SDA is nothing but Freemasonry in disguise. It was created was Freemasons and a false prophetess. Most Christians are blind to the fact that Satanism has taken over every denomination.

  4. Mike’s comment proves we have to vet our candidates carefully. Everyone was so excited about Carson’s speech at the prayer breakfast, and I loved his speech today. But that doesn’t mean he’s a good presidential candidate like many have said.

    • Talk is cheap, that’s why politicians get verbal diarrhoea. Like you and Mike I would proceed cautiously and get to know more of what Carson stands for before being carried away on an emotional tide. Politicians tell you what you want to hear not what they really mean from the bottom of their hearts.

  5. We divide ourselves when we refer to us by race, religion, or sex.
    We will be a “whole” and “healed” America when we can refer to a speaker as Dr. Ben Carson or John Doe as an American vs. Black, Hispanic, etc.

    • While I’m in agreement with you, upaces, until more blacks become conservative, Dr. Carson being black is noteworthy. Even you would agree that he would never have generated such excitement if he were a “white” neurosurgeon.

  6. I know you are right…I DO know.
    Some of our Military who were black fell on the battlefield, they discovered something very important.
    Their blood was the same color as ours.
    There is a black poet in NY. His name is Gerren Lyles (Liles?sp). I shouldn’t be so lazy, I have his book on my shefl. He wrote a small poetry book, “On the Road to Damascus.” He states in his book that Blacks actually hate themselves for being Black. Then they project the self anger out at whites because “they ARE black.”

  7. What a refreshing man to step onto the stage at this hour.

    • Trail Dust – I would be wary of those who seem too good to be true. Call me paranoid, I probably am, but not without painful experience!! People who speak the absolute truth and act upon their truth don’t usually survive very long – history bears that out. Those who do survive do so by compromising their beliefs. Politicians are adept at compromise. I don’t think Jesus compromised one iota and look what happened. JC was against the bankers and the hypocrites.
      It’s sad but true, truthful people are usually vilified and/or ignored, but in this topsy turvy world that’s always a good sign LOL!!

      • Good point, and fair warning. I remember all the excitement over Chris Christy, until we all found out what a disappointment he was.

  8. Let’s keep in mind that each of us is part of the Body of Jesus Christ when we openly choose him as our Savior. God’s word clearly tells us to be leery of false prophets and he gave each of us a mind to do just that and not make quick judgments on first impressions. I have watched Dr. Carson on CPAC and the prayer breakfast and on several TV interviews. I have not yet read the book mentioned, but may. The race of Dr. Carson’s probably did make a difference to the media and those whose ideological beliefs come before their religious beliefs. But politics change religion does not and is not supposed to as some on the left desire it to. They want, for example, the new Pope Francis too ease up on homosexuality and contraception to mention two, but he won’t and he should not. He is guided by God’s word, the Bible, and not political or societal preferences. Sorry i diverged a bit there. Dr. Carson’s race does not matter to me only his spiritual principals, morals and values. That is his character and if he has integrity. No one will ever agree 100% with someone else on all possible matters. God made each of us unique. What we need in politics and society are biblically principled individuals, as our Founding Fathers were. [not perfect by any means, but principled to be the best they could be. They were all studious in math, english, science, economics, by thier mid to late teens, and read the Bible annually and urged others to do the same and promoted such studies in all schools along with studies of different forms of governance and civilizations by such philosophers and Charles Montesque(sp?) and John Locke which helped guide them on our form of government and our inalienable rights] Sadly the the Progressive movement has long ago banished such knowledge from our schools and our society through their attacks on the Founding Fathers and the Christian religion.
    I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, that I will vote for and support the best individuals with these things in mind. I never do not vote because God’s word clearly told us to be involved in our governance and to not vote would be wrong. I do not like the idea of retina and fingerprint scans that Mike mentioned at the top, but I do not know when that book was written or the full context and as it was not provided. He does have a new book out “America the beautiful”. I should find out more before commenting on the books though. Maybe his mind has been enlightened since that time. As stated it is concerning as is “DCG comment or belief on handguns in populated areas. It would help if he could reference the source as I have not seen Dr. Carson state anything on the 2nd Amendment. , but Dr Carson has also stated this year at CPAC that we should “live by God’s given Values and Principals” This does not sound Satanic to me. He also stated today that we should stop the (public and governmental) attacks on God and Jesus Christ, again this sounds correct to me. As nova1984 said we need to vet our candidates but I am not going to write Dr. Carson off as my mind tells me more factual evidence is necessary at this point. We need principled individuals who cannot be bought off by the evil corruption of politics and greed. It appears from CPAC that we have more principled candidates this time and that is a good thing to me!

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post! Dr. Carson is truly a great man!

  10. I like him as well, loved his books: America the beautiful” and “Gifted hands”. It disturbs me a bit the fact that he is saying that he does not wish to be president, but will accept it if it’s God’s wish. To me it looks more like he is doing a pre-campaign, so either he wishes the presidency, now that he is retiring (and there is nothing wrong in wishing it, but I’d like better if he just said so), or he has heard something from God. My personal impression is that he decided to try and see if there was a chance, when he gave that fabulous speech in the beginning of Feb.. He is a smart man, and an ambitious man, and those are good qualities. Still, i’d rather have him being less humble and more honest about his political intentions.
    And about his views on guns, I’ve heard him talking about that at the Glenn Beck show. You can check it here:

  11. Hello, I´m a former Seventh-Day Adventist from Switzerland. I just want to say, that the true Core of Adventsm is Freemasonry. I also found this Newsletter, where Benjamin Carson is mentioned. The most important thing is to know, that the God of Freemasonry is Lucifer. In fact, Yahweh ist Lucifer.
    “The hidden Tyranny” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976
    “Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer — so I wasn’t lying — and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”
    “Christ was NOT a Jew”
    There are a lot of People, per example this women who made this video with the title:”Does Jesus Oppose the God of the Old Testament?” –, who realize this unbelievable deception.
    In Love, Regards from Switzerland

    • phhoehener, that is false teaching, and heresy.
      Without the writings of Jewish prophets and historians, we have absolutely no basis to recognize the Christ when He appears. To assert that the Christ, who’s meaning can only be understood in a Jewish context, is not a Jew, is absurd. To contradict all historic records about the identity of Jesus Christ is simply ignorant.

      “I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites, and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him.” – Deuteronomy 18:18

      “For Moses said, ‘The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people; you must listen to everything he tells you…’” – Acts 3:22

  12. Huge RED FLAG! You have the ” Bad” guy abomination, uhhhhmmm, so then you have the false “saviour” come in who eveyone Loves, and positions himself like the most high. He uses masonic phrases, doctrines. IM sure he is a high level Freemason, and their god is lucifer. Wonder if this is the one to take the throne? Not many like Obummer, or the Pope. But boy did the audience just swallow in this guys speech.

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  14. Try this link, and it will work: 03-07.pdf
    I checked the details: This is the very same Dr. Ben Carson, born 1951 in Detroit, mother named Sonya.
    He is a Freemason. Just one more lie, one more traitor to America, serving the Satanic agenda- the creation of the New World Order, as is commanded them in the Satanic bible.
    Don’t say “globalists” or “Bilderbergs” or “NWO.” Use this more descriptive term: SSS, Secret Society Satanists. That is who they are.

  15. Ah! I moved too fast. I reviewed the bulletin… It does NOT say Carson is a Mason. In fact, it says he isn’t. The author of the short column on page 7 refers to Carson as a friend, that is all. In several other places, when Masons are mentioned, their ranks are included. This is not the case with Carson; it implies he is not a Freemason. However, it could just be a different writing style. Most likely: Carson is not a Freemason.


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