Black mob viciously attack white man in Baltimore

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Since the weekend, we’ve all seen the news about the revenge killings of 3 blacks by 2 white men in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
And, of course, the media’s coverage of black Trayvon Martin and his Hispanic-white shooter George Zimmerman continues ad nauseum.
But did you know about the St. Patrick’s Day incident in Baltimore, Maryland — of a feral black mob attacking a white tourist?
To top it off, the local TV news station’s coverage of this incident studiously avoided identifying the racial identities of victim and perpetrators. But since we have eyes, we can clearly see that for ourselves in the video.
First, CBS affiliate WJZ 13’s report. I’ve colored certain words in bold red to draw your attention to reporter Mike Hellgren’s studious avoidance of any racial adjective:

Crowd Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist On St. Patrick’s Day; Incident Caught On Camera

April 6, 2012

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Caught on camera– a tourist being beaten in downtown Baltimore, and instead of helping him, a crowd laughs and steals his belongings.

Mike Hellgren has the video and the investigation. Police hope this video will get the attackers off the streets.

The video shows a man being punched in the face in downtown Baltimore. You can hear his head hit the pavement near the entrance to Courthouse East.

Instead of helping, people laugh. Then, the crowd strips him naked and takes his car keys, watch, money and iPhone.

It happened St. Patrick’s Day. Police say the victim was out partying and woke up the next day at his hotel, cut and bruised with no idea why.

“He had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to where he needed to be safely. Their behavior was just criminal,” Det. Nicole Monroe of the Baltimore City Police Department said. “Not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things done to him that are disturbing to look at, and we want to bring these people to justice,” Monroe said.

Those who’ve seen the video are outraged.

“Oh, my God! Where’s the police?” Antonio Richardson of Baltimore said after seeing the video. “It gives us a bad name, Baltimore. And people don’t want to, you know, trust us to come down here.”

“It’s surprising, but it’s dangerous,” another person said. “It’s awful, obviously. You just have to be really careful on those days. You can’t just be wandering around the streets,” Diego Tapia said.

Police say they’ve gotten leads but made no arrests. “The public is going to be helpful in this case, and they have been helpful thus far,” Monroe said.

Those who filmed it for fun and posted it for the world to see unwittingly provided cops and prosecutors with the key evidence in this vicious attack.

The victim didn’t even know that such a video existed until a relative watched it online and told him.

After the attack, people bragged about it on camera. Tens of thousands of people have seen the video online.

Now watch the video:

The eunuchs in the news media will NEVER EVER call this vicious attack by a gang of blacks on a white man what it is — a racial hate crime.
Because of the Obama administration’s unofficial but spoken policy:

  • In March 2011, when news came that the Dept of Injustice refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for their voter intimidation in a Philadelphia voting place in 2008, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said it’s because they’re “my people.”
  • In August 2011, an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, “Concealing Black Hate Crimes,” stated it plainly: “Across the U.S., mobs of black youths are organizing on Facebook to loot stores and beat whites. Yet none dare call the “flash mob” attacks hate crime, least of all the attorney general.”
  • That’s because the same AG Eric Holder had already declared (on March 2, 2011) that whites can’t be victims of racial injustice because they haven’t suffered enough.

In other words, in Obama’s Amerika, there is no such thing as racism or hate crimes against whites. Racism, by definition, is only committed by whites (or not so white) against blacks.

Update (April 11):

A second, more graphic video has emerged of the attack. Unsurprisingly, Baltimore’s police commissioner declared this is not a hate crime. Go here.

UPDATE (April 14):

Police have arrested one man, Aaron Parsons, but only because he turned himself in.

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0 responses to “Black mob viciously attack white man in Baltimore

  1. MLK would be so proud. Welcome to the new racial era in America. Protect your families because this will likely get much, much worse.

  2. Harald Sigurdson

    Obviously, when someone has sucker punched you and is on top of you smashing your head into the pavement and sees your gun protruding from your waistband and says: “You are going to die tonight!” You had better shoot him as quickly as possible. Before this law ever came into effect you already had the right to defend yourself. We are in a dire situation in which survival is in jeopardy with the racial violence that has been skyrocketing from an already high level.
    If we were in the Near East, many would say that we need a two state solution, but I think that the situation is far worse than that.
    Of course it is the media in their anti-white and self-hating white hysteria, and frequently anti-goyist racist hatred and bigotry, who usually attack whites but in this case have made someone from two groups that they usually consider victim groups, American Indian (or possibly mestizo) and Jewish, into a racist murderer . I guess black trumps Jewish and American Indian when one wishes to attack the white ethnicity and further disempower it. Then the Mestizo/Jewish guy suddenly becomes a Norwegian!
    In earlier times these media whores would have been tarred, feathered, and run out of town. Not so with the new neutered white man. Now with white peoples’ survival and well being in jeopardy, the white man cringes in the corner praying that nobody will accuse him of racism! Of course he will be denied the ability to even earn a living if there is even a whisper of racism. The socialists, communists, and communist sympathizers constantly rail against whisper campaigns but they practice it themselves on this issue. They also practice yelling and screaming campaigns. No court of law, no chance to defend himself, the accused will just be denied the right to earn a living. For the rest of his life! It is wonderful to live under the regime of the omniscient enlightened ones! They will set us straight on the issue of race! They will end tyranny! Yeah, right! I believe it, don’t you? Ha!
    On the issue of these enlightened leaders setting everyone else who is white straight on the race issue: They are pampered idiots who have been sheltered from race reality! Pure and simple ignorance of the reality of life as a less than privileged ivory tower luminary or agenda 21 nobleman has led these folks to assume that they have the real insight on race.When you are not insulated by layers of rank, privilege, and wealth, you cannot possibly understand the real race situation, on the ground! To put it simply, when you do not have this insulation, you are subject to real attack, including violent and deadly physical attack. Not to mention whisper campaigns.
    They remind me of a Finn that I used to know. She informed me that the Finns in Finland loved blacks! Of course, at that time, there was scarcely a black man in the entire country! They had no experience with blacks. When later on they had a huge influx of blacks and Arabs, there was a huge backlash! They lost their insulation and learned the reality. At least the common people did. The luminary demi-gods and immigration Quislings are still insulated and they call the common ethnic Finns racists.
    The same thing has happened in Denmark and the Netherlands. England, Scotland, Germany, Canada, Australia…
    There are a lot of so-called “patriots” who constantly harp that we must not defend ourselves because the elitists, the illuminati, or whatever that enlightened sage decides to call them, is practicing divide and conquer real politic. Well, that is true. But, in addition, the minority and aggrievement industry whiners are absolutely 100% aligned with the communist/socialist/ fascist politicians and with statism, nanny-state, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, big-state, high taxation, the police-state power grab. The power-hungry prostitutes seizing power know this. The leaders of the aggrievement industry know this. They do not care if it is a divide and conquer strategy, they correctly see that they are getting moved to the top tier, so they are in favor of the divide and conquer policy! They will never give up their position because of suddenly realizing that there is a divide and conquer policy. The real losers are white people! Whites will not be rewarded for realizing that it is a divide and conquer strategy and standing down, giving up their rights to self-defense and asserting themselves in favor of their interests! Whites need to stand up for their interests and defend themselves, divide and conquer or no divide and conquer!
    They have made us into not second, but third or fourth class citizens with no rights and who can be attacked with impunity and put into the hospital with impunity. And white man, you had better not defend yourself! And if you are not a white man but the media can misconstrue the situation and make you into a white man, you are not allowed to defend your life against the black man, the man with the proven (statistically) highest violent crime rate and who’s violent crime rate against whites is 10 times what the white man’s violent crime attacks are on him.
    Hispanic man, if a black man attacks you, you are supposed to whine, cry, beg, and pray that the police arrive in time to save your life. Jewish man, you might get the protection of your community if you are 100% Jewish but not if you are 50% Jewish. But you might not.
    You probably won’t escape without disfigurement, however. You have a good chance of being disabled, too. For the rest of your life. If he gets your keys and your wallet he might go to your house and commit horrific atrocities on your family but don’t defend yourself. If he gets your gun, too, forget it! Pray for divine intervention!

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for once again disclosing the dishonesty of the king and his administration when it comes to racism, since it is all right to assault and kill white people “because they haven’t suffered enough!” It is clear to me that the king is building upon the race issue, every chance he gets, to create another crisis, upon which he will use material fallacies to reflect lies and misrepresentations. What happened to this gentleman in Baltimore is horribly evil and make me ill.

  4. Harald Sigurdson

    And how about this! Police in Alabama let black motorcycle gang do whatever it wants!

  5. Harald Sigurdson

    One of the accused shooters in Oklahoma is an American Indian, not white! Oklahoma has the second biggest American Indian populations in the U.S.A., after Arizona. The media are still trying to blame whites when American Indians are involved in shootings!

  6. lowtechgrannie

    I watched the recent PBS program Finding Your Roots where Obama’s friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, reveals his genealogical research to famous people. His most recent “guests” were Kevin Bacon and and Kyra Sedgewick. After extolling on their heritage closely connected to the founding of our nation, he revealed to each that each had an illustrious ancestor who was a slave owner and asked what they thought about that. I thought it was totally distasteful, to ambush them on national television, holding them responsible for something in their family tree that happened in the 18th Century!
    The next segment had him at a local school in a classroom of mostly black adolescents explaining the founding fathers were slaveowners and not worthy of respect. At that point, I switched the channel. That man is every bit as toxic as Jeremiah Wright or Al Sharpton!.
    Full Episode

    • Slavery is their trump card, and they’ll never get tired of using it to hit America over the head.
      But then that guilt trip doesn’t work on me as I’m an immigrant (legal). I cannot and will never watch or read anything that Henry Louis Gates does. If I had the time, energy, and inclination, I’d research his scholarly “credentials” that “earned” him his Harvard professorship. His permanent expression of self-satisfied smugness is utterly repellent.

      • lowtechgrannie

        Ordinarily I wouldn’t have watched; but, I get a real kick out of Kyra in “The Closer” and wanted to see her for-real , not in character.

  7. I was attacked on July 3rd in Baltimore. 3 black males. My head hit the concrete so hard I spent almost 2 weeks in the Trauma unit with swelling and bleeding on my brain. I’m lucky to be here. No one would have cared. I wish there was a video.

  8. Many black Americans as well as whites do not truly know their history. Only rich white and rich black and rich native Americans had slaves. Also black people priorto1492 enslaved other races as well as other blackpeople As did all races. But white Americans do not point this out. also white Americans do not point out racist black Americans. who harassed a white man dating a hot black girl? black men. no white man has ever bothered me when I walked with a black girl. but black racists get away with it becAuse most white people willignore it. I have yet to meet a black man who actually suffers from white racism. They never have an example other then what they saw on the news. While I on the other had a ton of examples of black American men doing hateful racist things such as following me for many blocks because I was with a black girl and threatening us. why is that allowed? why doesn’t anyone ask Jessie Jackson or al sharpton those questions? What about the white boy burned alive by 2 black racists a year ago and at least another one 2 months back?


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