Black minister Rev. Manning defends Zimmerman

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I love the good Reverend and Dr. James David Manning.

If you feel as I do about this wonderful man, please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to his ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, NY. Click here.

I wouldn’t ask you if I hadn’t made a donation myself — and got a very gracious “thank you” from the pastor. 🙂

H/t my friend Robert K. Wilcox & FOTM’s joworth.

Check out FOTM’s new page, “Black Racism & Race Riots” – here!


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0 responses to “Black minister Rev. Manning defends Zimmerman

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  2. INFORMATION @Trayvon Martin’s Purchase!

    Martin purchased; Arizona Watermelon Juice, Skittles and when they’re mixed with; Promethazine, Codeine or Codeine cough syrup (such as Robitussin), it makes a powerful intoxicating beverage, that’s commonly abused by southern rappers and wannabe suburban teenagers.
    Known by the street names; Purple Lean, Lean, Sizzurp and Liquid codeine.

    Information website:

    • cheryl, thanks for the info. We posted that at beginning of whole fiasco. We’d never heard of it. It never made it into trial so I’m assuming either Trayvon did not have any of the third ingredient. Or to give him the benefit of the doubt it was not his intention.
      I found the post below.

      • Steve,
        I missed it before! I too had never heard of it. Thanks for the link.
        Trayvon’s phone text + buying two ingredients to concoct lean = “High Probability.” With the evidence he’s been giving too much “benefit of the doubt.” Judge Debra Nelson ruled “lawyers could not mention Trayvon’s school records, past fights, marijuana use, ownership of gold teeth, photos or text messages on his phone and his toxicology report that showed he smoked dope that night. Zimmerman has been and continues to be treated unfair!

  3. The liberals must hate this guy…

  4. Thanks for the new addition of Black Racism and Race Riots. I have a sad feeling you’ll be making many additions, now that Sharpie and his gang have declared war on us!!

  5. He tells it like it is and he’s funny as hell. 😆

  6. Rev Manning see’s that they make their cup look wonderful and clean on the outside, but the inside is filthy, full of deceit, hatred, prejudice and non forgiving judgment. They are hypocrites, scorpions…..they are the locus stripping the vines bare, as their President He goat fans the flames of division and deflection to further his undermining of God’s righteousness and our country.
    Trial by jury is one of the best things we have going for us in this country…just ask OJ.

  7. David Hamilton

    The truth shall set you free!!!


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