Black man tells blacks to stop the race card

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“Get a job! Get off your butts! Go to work for a living! And stop looking for handouts, dammit!”

God bless this dude!
He’s saying everything we conservatives have been saying and we’re called “racist” for saying it.

His name is Elmer Thomas Williams Jr., and his book is Whatever Happen to Common Sense: Just Tell It Like It Is.
H/t my friend Robert K. Wilcox

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0 responses to “Black man tells blacks to stop the race card

  1. I would add two things to his comments. 1) I believe guilt-ridden whites voted for BO simply because he is black, too. It was some sort of therapy for them. 2) Although BO is a problem, it’s ideology more than the person and that ideology dominates, universities, Hollywood (sitcoms, drama, and docs), 90% of the media, basically all major media outlets have a leftist bias on history, philosophy and our nation. You live in a bubble if you never get off these beaten paths. “Conservatives”, like this black dude, are true trail blazers and the tag “conservative” is a misnomer if there every was one and I wish to GOD we could stop calling ourselves “conservatives”. …of course, you guys know that.

    • Why is “conservative” a misnomer? The word “conserve” means to preserve. And a “political conservative” means one who respects and preserves the best of America’s classical political thought and tradition, which is that of the Founding Fathers.
      So what do you call yourself?

      • Of course I know what it means. And, I know all of what you typed up there and I agree 100%. I don’t want to get caught up here in the symantics. Perhaps, I should have left off the tail of my comment. I agree with the video and I am 100% conservative in the way you define it.I call myself conservative but with some concern because, though you and I give it the proper definition, so many simply don’t and can’t comprehend what you and I know, and that is, that the Founding Father’s were (and still are) on the cutting edge. Those ideas don’t grow old anymore than ageless wisdom. They only seem old. I think ‘liberals’ are backward, regressive, not forward thinking or progressive in the truest sense of the words. I think WE are truly progressive in the way our nation took the world into a 5000 Year Leap (you may have heard of the book). That’s all I’m saying. No offense was intended and I did not mean to stir up debate over the tail end of my comment.
        Thanks for your response. Have a great day!

  2. I like Elmer

  3. I also like Mr. Williams very much, for his honesty, his intelligence, his courage to tell it like it is and being so forthright! Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this encouraging post!

  4. Now if we can just find a white guy to say the same thing to whites.

  5. I like what this guy has to say, it cuts both ways and every way. I wish every color would get off their lazy butts and go to work. I have friends that think they deserve to be taken care of by the government. It was created for a reason, welfare, or any kind of help, we have people that are sick and old that need our help, it is not a career choice. America, we need to work and take care of ourselves, and help the ones not able to work, not the ones that are just to lazy to work! We all may hit hard times and need a brief helping hand, but take only what you need, and get your butts back up and leave something for the truly needy people!!


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