Black Citizens Fight Illegal Immigration in SoCal

A new group, Blacks for Equal Rights Coalition had a community meeting last Saturday to discuss the impact of illegal immigration on the employment opportunities in the Black Community.  They invited 12 of their elected officials.  Not one showed up or sent a representative!  Here’s the story.  ~LTG
On August 6, 2011 the first Community Outreach Summit on Immigration was held for the Black Community in Southern California. The main topic was “The Impact of Immigration on the Black Community.” Invitations were sent out to all 12 Black Politicians who name appears in the chairs in the picture above. Not one Black Politicians showed up, not one Black Politician sent a representative from their office. The invitations distinctly ask if they could not attend, could they send a representative. Not one Black Politician had the decently to represent.
It is strange how they could show up at events hosted by Latinos and the Asians but they refuse to acknowledge or represent the Black Community events pertaining to questions about jobs and immigration. They refuse to answer questions being asked from their constituents about the decreasing volume of jobs for Blacks in their districts. There is at least 60% unemployment for Blacks in their districts, while Dream Act Recipients are 90% employed.
Taxpayer’s money has been used to fund human trafficking in order to replace Black Citizens with undocumented workers. Laws have been written to create Apartheid in order to give undocumented people a greater advantage over Black Taxpaying Citizens who are out there looking for a job. There is now  two different sets of  laws, one set of  laws for undocumented workers (giving them special privileges) and one set of laws for American Citizens.     full article

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Jim Satnan

If that’s not an eye-opener for the Black community in California and elsewhere, what is? I think the elected officials gave their answer through a no-show and lack of representation. Is this what they want for their community? It is what Obama wants — more voters for Democrats. Wake up my black friends and see things for what they are.

Jim Satnan

It is time to do some serious house cleaning for those no-shows do not represent the people but own political self-interests. They are as corrupt as the Obama administration.

Dave Francis (@lostintaxes)

Let all Americans vote to stop these travesties of our laws, by joining the TEA PARTY and giving your support at the Straw Poll in Ames, Iowa to Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. She will take jobs away from illegal aliens and replace them with the legal workers. Under this present administration they will intentionally find ways, to annually slip over a millions of legal immigrants for corporate welfare in this country, which has already been accomplished. As a Tea Party President there will never be another amnesty, like the fraudulent 1986 bill. However you vote for, be warned to find… Read more »


Politicans Black and White, The Demonicrats & Republicrats represent first and foermost the following: The very wealthy, the very powerful, & certain special interest groups that represent a particular voting block.
Si Vis Pacem Parabellum !
Semper Peratus .
Acta Non Verba !

Dr. Eowyn

Grannie, 10-12 years ago, I was part of a group that went to D.C. to speak to members of Congress about immigration. In my group were 2 African-Americans who said exactly what this group is saying — that illegal aliens were taking the low-skilled jobs that blacks used to perform, e.g., baggage handlers, janitors, hotel maids. But the members of my lobbying group were a decided minority even among blacks. The truth is many blacks would rather get welfare instead of work. That’s the Demonrats’ plan: 1. Keep blacks as their constituency with welfare, food stamps, Aid to Families with… Read more »


This group is only fighting crimmigrants for a larger piece of welfare pie.
BTW, where’s that empty wig, Maxine Waters?
She’s a sistah of the hood who’s done good!