Black and Young Voters Lose Enthusiasm for Obama

What matters in elections is not just numbers. Enthusiasm counts. The political party with the most energized and determined voters likely will win. That phenomenon is called the enthusiasm index. Each year since 2006, including the mid-term elections last November, the enthusiasm index has pointed to the eventual electoral outcomes.
Why does enthusiasm matter? because enthusiastic people are motivated to actually go to the voting booth on election day.
By that indicator, there’s a ray of hope for our side.
Kevin “Coach” Collins writes for Floyd Reports, Dec. 23, 2011, that a USAToday/Gallup survey of thousands of registered voters in Obama’s 12 must-have states has bad news for The Fraud and the Dems. Two key Democratic groups — younger voters and blacks — who were wild about Obama in 2008 are now decidedly lukewarm and apathetic.
In 2008, 50% of 18-to-34 year-olds voted, with two-thirds of them for Obama. But the survey found that now, just 32% are enthused about voting in 2012.
It’s the same story in the case of “non-whites” (read: blacks) voters. Only 31% of blacks are enthusiastic about the 2012 elections, which is 34 points under its 2008 level and less than half of the 65% enthusiasm level black voters showed in 2008 when 97% voted for Obama.
In contrast, the survey found that Republicans are more engaged in following the issues of next year’s election than Democrats by a stunning 20 points (68% to 48%). Republican seniors, who are the most conservative voting bloc, (and double the size of the liberal voting bloc) are the most enthusiastic voting group.
In addition to the enthusiasm index, there is another reason for hope.
Voter registration in the 12 swing states is favoring the GOP. Since 2008, those identifying as Democrats has shrunk by four points, and those declaring themselves Republicans has risen five points. Even if everything else were equal, this factor alone could spell doom or Obama.
But do we hear or read about this in the MSM? No!
Collins noted that, in reporting the results of the survey, the MSM buried the worst of the news. Initial online versions left out critical portions of the story, and the truth was only available in the newsstand version of the article.
The lack of enthusiasm among the young and black voters presents a difficult obstacle for Obama to overcome. Even if he goes into high gear on the campaign trail, to raise these two groups’ enthusiasm level by 34 points will be difficult in the space of the next 10 months.
All the more reason for our side to keep an eagle eye out for voter fraud in 2012!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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8 years ago

Thank you, Dr. Eowyn and Tina, for this wonderful news, during this wonderful time of the year!

8 years ago

Wow ! ….A ray of light shining through ! This put a smile on my face. We need to be sure to share this to help lift other’s spriits, as well. Thanks ! : )