Bizarre Common Core math

Common Core (full name: Common Core State Standards Initiative or CCSSI) is an education initiative sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the purpose of which is to establish consistent education standards across the states as well as ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter college or the workforce.

On June 2, 2010, Common Core standards were released for mathematics and English language arts. States were given an incentive a lure to adopt the standards through the possibility of competitive federal Race to the Top grants.

To date, 44 of the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia are members of the CCSSI. Minnesota has adopted the English Language Arts standards but not the Mathematics standards. Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska and Indiana have not adopted the initiative.

Common Core is much criticized. The latest example has to do with its bizarre math that critics say is needlessly and nonsensically convoluted, so bizarre that a North Carolina dad with a Ph.D. was stumped by his kindergarten kid’s math homework assignment.

Below is an example of bizarre Common Core math.

Students are asked to solve what 427 minus 316 is, by using the number line below:

Common CoreDid you understand the math assignment?


You’re not alone.

This is what a mom wrote about her son’s math assignment (source: Clash Daily):

Common Core mathH/t FOTM’s Anon.

See also “Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ Agenda,” Parts One and Two.


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0 responses to “Bizarre Common Core math

  1. This is great!!! Daughter and I laughing!!!

    I say… GO MOM!!

  2. Another reason to homeschool…

  3. The questions comes to mind — Why would anyone in authority want to confuse a child with this kind of absurdity? Oh! I remember, stupid people are people who are more easily led !!!!!

  4. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.” –George Orwell

    Left/liberals want to destroy that possibility. If Media Matters says 2+2=5 then they want people to believe it is five… or three, or six, or “social justice”.

  5. They are not so interested if the student gets the right answer, it is more on how they arrived at their answer. Idiots, all of them. We know and they know we know, this is indoctrination into socialism.
    I saw where Indiana is not going to sign up, but then, a warning that the states are just going to change the name and continue using the standard. We cannot let our guard down for one minute.
    Thanks for posting this, I keep forwarding.

  6. *Massive sighing/eye-rolling.* What are CA educators doing w/Common Core at our school ?? Same as we did w/”No Child Left Behind,” “Whole Language.” “Modern Math,” Standards & Accountability” every other “flavor of the decade.” Every Admin. is an “expert” on education ..& yet…the last educator we had in office was maybe Woodrow Wilson….oh great!. THAT turned out good (not!) it’s a political football that pays off big time in votes. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch–Here’s what happens: Kids come through the door, we teach them. Period. There’s WAY more to worry abt than “Common Core.” It’s JUST a way to organize/test curriculum that relies heaviy upon teaching kids to THINK instead of respond to a “multiple guess” evaluation. No one is good at this yet…maybe they will NEVER be good at it. It will be a long road to that end, & some new politician will come along even before this is all instituted and change thing s all over again. We teachers know that. The public doesn’t b/c they only think about it when change is instituted…they haven’t spent decades weathering change after change depending upon which guy is in office…they forget the last umpteen changes…esp if their kids are out of the public schools by then.

    Here’s and example of REAL problems: I am using a US History Book (for longer than planned b/c we had to skip an every-6-yr adoption due to finances) that is incredibly deficient! The last Language Arts adoption was not great, either…all of this DUMBED DOWN….and we were stuck with it for the last 6 years b/c of the ObamaNation ecoonomy…we’ll be stuck with it for another 6 (BTW…most school systems have a rule that says you MUST use the adopted text for at least 80% of the time in the classroom) So what do “good” teachers do? We listen to the rhetoric, nod our heads, use the “new” vocabulary” pushed on us by the sheeple, & then we go back to our rooms, make sure the dumbed-down text books are sitting on tthe desks each day… & then pull out our own resources to enable us do the stuff we KNOW is right, the stuff that will bring results, hold interest in our grade-level kids, inspire them, & move them on to “real” academic acquisitons. If our administrators schedule walk-through days & insist on a certain schedule or agenda to be posted on our board daily for Common Core (or…fill in the blank…..) …we do all that flowery stuff so THEY stll have a job…still have something to do every day besides wrangle the behavior problems sent up to the offiice..

    But, at the heart of education is a well-rounded teacher who likes kids, & has basic equipment (GOOD books, a place to show visuals…like the old blackboard or whiteboard….I took computers out of my classroom long ago….kids just wanted to play on them….so the only one I have in the room is the one they make me use for taking roll, communicating w/the office, etc—if there’s something I want kids to see on it…I project it through an LCD….I can control visuals per appropriateness for content through internet that way….)—– and I also need children who are sent to school in decent health (including social/mental health) , nutrition, proper rest/exercise balance, & with an expectation at home and at school that they WILL learn and perform, not interrupt the education of their neighbors or the lessons planned and offered by the teacher (oh, and please God and parents….I pray the 11-yr-old girls don’t come to school wearing mom’s lingerie, a belly-button-nose-or tongue riing, or a tattoo —but these prayers are NOT always answered!)
    ……….THIS LAST WHOLE LIST IS THE ONE WE TEACHERS STRUGGLE WITH ON A DAILY BASIS! In fact…when we were way back on “No Child Left Behind” with the threat of the Federal Gov’t coming in & “taking over” our schools if they “underperformed” (which means that ANY segment…like language learners, for instance— scored less than “basic” on any part of the multiple-guess test….the ENTIRE SCHOOL FAILED)—so, teaching in schools where we often have kids come up out of Mexico with NO schooling beyond 4th grade…no English….and suddenly thrust into 7th or 8th grade in the USA….I was PRAYING for the Feds to take over the school! Can you imagine a GS 13 or a GM (Gov’t Managment Level) taking over a middle school???) I wanted them to handle the truants, the nasty parents, the illegals, non-English speakers being required to take the tests in English, the tragedies that we field constantly…… 🙂 Couldn’t wait! Them that makes the rules should have to live with the rules!!!! Of course….we all knew it would never come to be…it was an impossible thing…like Obamacare. It was “OZ” & the curtain was going to be swept back before the “end” anyway. There were built-in failure markers….Common Core will have it’s own benchmarks for faillure…….I know just about where they will be already…will fill you in later….TMI for now.

  7. Lest we forget, common core is also a product of the bill and melinda gates (eugenics) foundation, this is certainly not the worst this has in store, I’m sure. (perhaps problems involving who to throw overboard, for the survival of the fittest brainwashing?)

  8. Doc, thanks for doing this article. This “common core” is horrific. The “communist blueprint for education” I hope and pray people will get into their schools, get involved and stop this. Indiana just yesterday nullified it in their state. If they get our kids here, we are gone. The states need to take education back. Stand up and say no not just no but “Hell No!”

  9. “Common Core (full name: Common Core State Standards Initiative or CCSSI) is an education initiative sponsored by the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO),”

    Actually, it is completely owned by them, as in, those two Washington DC corporations hold the copyright to the alleged “state-led” standards. They both received (still receive?) millions from Bill Gates.

    No state implemented the alleged “state-led” standards until bribed to do so with the federal sugar daddy money in Race To The Trough.

  10. I like that analogy.. “race to the trough”… Ain’t it the truth!

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  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. No, I don’t understand the math problem either. How can one come to a specific figure with such a graph? Incredible!


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