Bitter: Things demorats didn't applaud at President Trump's SOTU address

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Let the butt hurt flow!!!!
h/t Weasel Zippers

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0 responses to “Bitter: Things demorats didn't applaud at President Trump's SOTU address

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    And yet they won’t hesitate to claim they were “legitimately” elected by the true U.S. citizens.

    • Kevin J Lankford

      They could not make it more clear with out taking up “arms”.

      • Kevin . . . You have nailed that one! It is rather evident from the sullen faces that is exactly what is going on. I sure hope that we are on the winning side in this monumental debate!

  2. Are we finally seeing the triumph of conservative ideas or are we rejecting the lefts ideas because they have proven to be unworkable, utter failures?

  3. Isn’t that pathetic. Do they ever look like the sore losers they are, still STEWING in their angst. Some of them even looked very “shifty” so I can see why, in the other post/comments, a few felt nervous re POTUS’ safety.
    I had read yesterday that there were 115 total statements by POTUS which generated rounds of applause. So those bozos had 115 opportunities to join in.
    And Bernie, don’t knock yourself out with that lame applause (then again, he’s over 80, right? lol). At least he gave it a shot, unlike the others.
    Highest SOTU TV rating ever?!

  4. Someone else is also stewing… I guess Seb Gorka trolled Comey one time too many … too funny!!

    • TPR . . . . That was priceless! I love it when Comey is feeling the heat . . . I hope there is more heat to come as far as he is concerned!

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  6. We are in genuine danger in America for this simple fact: It’s not the crony corruption that will do us in, No. We are in genuine danger because the Left (shown at President Trump’s SOTU Address) have actually gone insane.
    Mad Maxine Waters and Deranged Nancy Pelosi are out of touch with reality. They’re psychotic. Schmuckles the Clown Schumer has delusions of adequacy. The Black Caucus is p.o.’d they didn’t deliver what Trump’s policies did, and hence, they’ve lost a grievance.
    It is clear to me that we are witnessing the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS, and I hope President Trump takes notice and does something to WAKE THE FLOCK UP!!!
    This is not funny!!!

    • Steven . . . . I must agree with you. We are on a precipice and frankly things are looking dicey! I hope and pray that The Lord will fight our battles, after we have done all we can possibly do.
      There is no doubt that the Left is suffering from “the INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF MENTAL ILLNESS.” Folks who are certifiably crazy are some of the most dangerous people around. There is little doubt about that fact.
      When you wrote . . .”This is not funny!!!” I can only concur, the dire straights we find ourselves in is no joking matter. That the Leftist minions out in society are so prolific and so prone to do dumb stuff makes this situation all the more volatile. The only thing that I know for sure is that you and I, and the rest of the FOTM family, and other’s of like mind . . . must of necessity just keep moving forward, no matter what!

  7. too many cowards n traitors there,too many

  8. Please don’t judge me as a fanatic I am a believer In the mighty power of ONE GOD, OUR GOD, Donald J Trump was delivered on this earth with the mission of good against evil, undo mistakes and clean this mighty country of ours of corruption and uncover those that want us to be crushed by satanic minds. If there is a man I cherish is DONALD J. TRUMP, United States of America is rising again from the depths of globalism so everyday I wake up with a prayer that this man can complete his mandate and that God protects him and the rest of our country, beautiful United States of America.

    • Alma, I missed your post in my first reading—-but, you are right. Trump is the person I prayed for to pull us back from the Obama edge–from a Fascist turning in our Leftist-developing country—our inadequately Civics-educated young who will pounce upon the most recent/passing “ism” of their time without being able to justify or support it by fact…just by sweeping generalities of their time…..without thought or education on the issues….the SHEEPLE of our demise……..
      All through the champaign, I kept praying for the “savior” of our Republic to come through..( I have always believed that God sent us, the USA, the right person at the right time when we were in a true JAM…and, as a student and teacher of history….it has always turned out to be true—–the leaders we elect STEP UP to the job…even if some were not so strong, for varied reasons, in their time—-ie, Wilson—STILL we prevailed and survived together—LIKE surviving OBAMA!) .I didn’t even have a preference at the start…I just wanted the “savior” of the Repbublic…the person who would return to our Constitution as our governing, primary document, to come through, and win.
      And he did.

  9. Thank you dems. Your behavior at the SOTU sewed up your future and it isn’t in politics. You have shown the world where your true beliefs lie. You are still pouting over losing a fixed election.
    You couldn’t even applaud the fact things have improve with employment for blacks, your supposedly favorite go to race. Showing no respect to the two couples in deep pain was cruel. Nancy standing up and giving repeated stink eye to anyone wanting to stand was disgraceful.
    Good grief, dems, can’t you think for yourselves? Do you have to be told what to do in every move? There are enough of you to push back.
    Thank you dems, you are giving us so much to work with for the elections.

  10. Why bother attending an address created for the benefit of your OWN job/position as a public servant in Congress (?): Nancy Pelosi sat grinding her dentures, waddling her tremering head back and forth arms crossed tightly in the psychological “I resist” body language…..the silent Black Cacus “sold their peers South,” by their compliance with the Dems and their “keep them down on the plantation” ethos… SPITE of the highest Black employment rate in decades……no applause—no acknowledgments whatsoever for strides they have been badgering and blaming for —decade after decade……Maxine W. not attending, out on her expected “Delta Dawn” loose wanderings, Alzheimer’s-fueled tirades, rants, altered universe campaign, Adam Schiff with his bug-eyed (is this drug-fueled?) McCarthyism obstructionism/cry-WOLF theology……Schumer, as usual, LOOKING DOWN HIS NOSE through those disgusting drug-store magnifying glasses and LOOKING DOWN HIS NOSE at the American voting populace…….I just can’t go on….though there are TONS MORE examples from the State of the Union night…..

  11. Look, just imagine what it must be like to have a boss that wants you to say absolutely stupid, illogical things and sound convincing. They don’t work for us (which includes their “own” constituency).
    They work for the New World Odor. There was a time when they were a little more sophisticated with their lies. They tried to at least make them sound plausible.
    Now all they have left is hatred. They are hate peddlers. They are accusing their opposition of what they do themselves and demanding that their supporters stand with them no matter what they say or do.
    There used to be talk of what is good for the country, etc.. Not anymore. Now they are actually ashamed of America First. They are ashamed of Christian values. They say that nationalism is “poisonous”.
    It’s easy to see why. They have their script and their job is to try to keep the lid on while their owners install the replacement government. We need to make certain that they crash and burn right along with their odorous benefactors.

    • lophatt . . . . that was one of the very best posts i have ever read. It just covers all there is to know about the current political climate we find ourselves in today.
      I could not agree more . . .”We need to make certain that they crash and burn right along with their odorous benefactors.”

  12. I have to add that all night long ole Steny looked like he wanted to be anywhere besides sitting next to Pelosi.

  13. Black Reps , representing majority black districts not applauding the fact that black unemployment is at the lowest point in a real long time ? One has to ask themselves , who are these clowns really fighting for ? Their people or their bank accounts ?
    My guess , the latter !!!


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