Bitch Can't Spell

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We’ve finally found the really dumb broad in Alaska — and it’s not Sarah Palin.
RINO Sen. Lisa Murkuwski Murkowski lost Alaska’s GOP primary to conservative Joe Miller. So now she’s determined to be a spoiler and split the Republican vote by running as a “write-in” candidate. (See my previous post, Bitch“)
Alas, her write-in campaign is off to a less than stellar start, notes a source who points to the URL at the bottom of this image from her first ad. (Politico)

H/t Weasel Zippers.

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0 responses to “Bitch Can't Spell

  1. Well, somebody set up a site with that mis-spelled and it isn’t a pro-Murkowski:
    “ALASKA, let’s make LISA MURKWSKI history!”

  2. Murkowski is another example of a sore loser and rotten apple not falling far from the tree (of her crooked father).
    FYI: Nancy Pelosi may be an airhead, but she has political instincts from her father (former crooked mayor of Baltimore).

  3. Pathetic loser needs to go away!


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