Her name is Lisa Murkowski — daughter of a former Alaska governor and an elitist.
As Alaska’s senator, she scores a dismal conservative rating of 53/100. She was defeated by Joe Miller, a true conservative, in Alaska’s recent GOP primary. Now, she’s coming back as a write-in candidate and, in so doing, will jeopardize Miller’s chance to be elected on November 2 as Alaska’s senator by splitting the GOP vote.
If you’re a Republican or Independent voter in Alaska, is this the sort of person you really want to represent your state in D.C. — someone who’s a sore loser, a spoiler, and who loves power so much she is determined to claw onto it?
And to all Conservatives who don’t live in Alaska, please donate to Joe Miller’s campaign, even if it’s $1 or $5!
~Eowyn & Steve
From an e-mail by conservative Sen. Jim DeMint:
Last night, Senator Lisa Murkowski announced plans seek re-election as a write-in candidate in Alaska. Rather than accepting defeat and working to unite Republicans behind Joe Miller, she has decided to put her own personal interests ahead of everything else.
The establishment loves to lecture conservatives about how we need to support liberal candidates to “expand the tent” and win seats for Republicans. But when these candidates lose their primaries, many leave the party and join the opposition. When conservatives lose their primaries, however, they accept defeat and support the nominee. Murkowski’s betrayal provides more proof that big-tent hypocrites don’t really care about winning a majority for Republicans.
Support Joe Miller for U.S. Senate
Each of the three candidates that we endorsed who lost their primaries gracefully accepted defeat and supported the nominee. Marlin Stutzman endorsed Dan Coats in Indiana, Chuck DeVore endorsed Carly Fiorina in California, and Ovide Lamontagne endorsed Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire and even declined a recount which he could have demanded. But when Arlen Specter faced defeat in the Pennsylvania, he left the party. When Charlie Crist faced defeat in Florida, he did the same. And now Lisa Murkowski is following in their footsteps.
This is why Republicans shouldn’t apologize for supporting principled conservatives in primary elections, even in states like Delaware. Conservative candidates are in it for their country while too many establishment politicians seek office to preserve their status and power.
Murkowski’s move puts this seat at serious risk. Many experts believe she could split the Republican vote and hand victory to the Democrats in November. Murkowski’s decision is also a major reversal from her statement following the primary that she would “return home” later this year.
Principles have never been that important to Murkowski. She supported a massive cap-and-trade energy tax that would permanently destroy millions of jobs in this country. She has waffled on whether she would support repeal of Obama’s health care take over. She is one of the worst abusers of the pay-to-play earmarks system. And she doesn’t support the sanctity of human life. With positions like these, it’s no surprise she’s leaving the party.
Support Joe Miller for U.S. Senate

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Reminds me of another little spoiled daddy’s girl,


Definitely a bad egg.


This is the tyrants I speak about in the petition I started a month ago. Please read and if you don’t sign please share with someone that might. Petition for Recommitment to the Declaration of Independence, please pass on. We the undersigned have understood the true meaning of the below document. Again we find ourselves suffering at the hands of TYRANTS. This petition is to recommit ourselves to the founding values, primary of all that LIBERTIES come from our CREATOR and not men. That being so, they only govern with the consent of THE PEOPLE. We are declaring independence from… Read more »




Somebody needs to explain to this power-mad RINO bitch politician that when we conservatives up and vote to fire their RINO ass, we intend for it to stay fired.


Murkowski is an unprincipled hypocrite who embodies all the reasons why we need to clean out Washington, DC and start fresh.
Her bad behavior and voting record should not be rewarded!