Bishop Athanasius Schneider condemns Synod's Final Relatio & its Perpetrators

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The author of this condemnation of the final “relatio” from the recently-concluded Synod of Catholic Bishops on the family, Athanasius Schneider, 54, is the Auxiliary Bishop of the archdiocese of Saint Mary in Astana, Kazakhstan.
Schneider’s parents were ethnic Germans from Ukraine who were sent by Stalin to gulags in the Ural Mountains after the Second World War. They traveled to Kirghiz in the former Soviet Union after being released from the camps, where Schneider was born. In 1973, at age 12, Schneider made his first Holy Communion by the hand of priest and martyr Bl. Oleksa Zaryckyj. Shortly after, the Schneider family left for Germany.
Bishop Schneider encourages Catholics who truly believe they are receiving Christ in the Blessed Sacrament should kneel and receive Communion on their tongues.
At a theological conference in Rome in December 2010, Bishop Schneider proposed the need for “a new Syllabus” (recalling the 1864 Syllabus of Errors), in which papal teaching authority would correct erroneous interpretations of the documents of the Second Vatican Council.

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0 responses to “Bishop Athanasius Schneider condemns Synod's Final Relatio & its Perpetrators

  1. Three things are essential to a valid Consecration: First, the priest must use the right matter, unleavened bread and real wine. Second, the priest must use the right words in the Consecration. And third, the priest must have the very Intentions of Our Lord Himself while performing the Consecration. Subtract or alter ANY ONE of these things, and there is no Consecration.
    I will do my best to be charitable to Pope Francis. I will not use any invective. He is on record as stating his intention of sending “Missionaries of Mercy” (his term) to every bishopric in the world, ordering them to get with the program of giving Holy Communion to divorced-and-remarried people. Once this happens, the Consecration will no longer be valid: Note that Jesus DID NOT give Communion to Judas Iscariot! If the priest must give Communion to a congregation that no longer believes and practices what the Church has taught since its Beginning, and the priest knows this, then there is no Consecration. BOTTOM LINE: We will, at that point, have LOST the Mass. That is what this is all about.
    The first duty of Charity is Truth: We are to admonish the sinner. It seems to me that the good Bishops have been making every attempt to inform Francis of just this, and he seems intent of not getting the message. And we are to admonish those “Jonestown Catholics” and get them to look at the historical record of Vatican II and this Pope: We’re not going to get communion on the tongue while kneeling outside of a Tridentine or Traditional Mass. Not as long as V-2 is the “Sheriff in town.” (Our Lady of Quito predicted this crisis in the Church. She also predicted IT WILL END. I hope we live to see it).

  2. Well said Steven Broiles!

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