Birthers Receive Death Threats

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As the Left-Dems-MSM exploit the Arizona shooting by scapegoating “right wing rhetoric” for sicko Jared Loughner’s mass murder, they conveniently overlook real death threats that have been made against those whom the complicit media deride as “birthers” — U.S. citizens who only want the truth of Obama’s birth eligibility for the presidency, as prescribed by the Constitution.
This blog recently was targeted with death threats by a commenter, James Spader, with a legion of successive aliases: Lets Kill Birthers, Birthers Are Traitors, Why Lie?, Want Truth?, and Truth Hurts.
On January 5, 2011, under his first alias “Lets Kill Birthers,” Spader posted the following comments to my post, Dems and Media Fear Civil War From Obama Eligibility:

Lets kill birthers | January 5, 2011 at 12:44 am
You are so full of shit. You birthers are fearful of us because you know we’ll kill each and every one of you for being traitors to the United States,. It’s you and only you who have threatened to overthrow the LEGALLY elected government. You are, thus, enemies of the state and I promise you YOU will pay for your crimes.
Lets kill birthers | January 5, 2011 at 12:55 am
You don’t worry us a damn bit you puke birthers. Only thing that concerns us is where to dispose of all your traitor bodies when we rid the universe of you.
Lets kill birthers | January 5, 2011 at 4:13 am
LMAO. You honestly think the “authorities” are going to come after me when it is YOU pieces of shit who are threatening to overthrow a LEGAL and perfectly constitutionally eligible government/president??? Seriously? The only people the “authorities” are arresting and throwing in jail is BIRTHERS!!! (Walter Fitzpatrick, Terry Lakin, Leo Haffey) to name just a few of the many birthers who have been jailed or imprisoned in the last couple years….. Seriously you inbred moron, you are treading on thin ice motherfucker. We are going to either JAIL or KILL the rest of you treasonous cockroaches before the next couple years are out.

 Lets kill birthers | January 5, 2011 at 4:24 am |
I hope to GOD they do forward my IP the the cops. I really do. I do this to call their attention to your treasonous websites. It’s YOU cockroaches who need to be investigated and imprisoned/executed.
Lets kill birthers | January 5, 2011 at 4:26 am
A BIG FUCK YOU to all you evil birthers! May you die and rot in hell you no good or nothing sacks of shit.

This vile commenter has used two IP addresses (,, both from Port Angeles, Washington. On January 10, 2011, after I finally banned this individual, he sent me two enraged e-mails, calling me a “bitch,” “shit,” and to “go fuck yourself.” But his e-mails also revealed his real (?) name to be James Spader and his e-address to be
H/t beloved fellow Tina for the WND article below.

Header of hate mail sent to American Patriot Foundation

Brand-New Crosshairs, Death Threats Target Birthers, GOP
Media anti-eligibility rhetoric blamed for mail, phone threats
By Brian Fitzpatrick – WorldNetDaily – Jan 10, 2011
The American Patriot Foundation has received dozens of threatening phone message, e-mails and letters during “birther” Army officer Terrence Lakin’s legal proceedings the past few months, including two letters that view the words “GOP” and “Birthers” through a sniper scope.

An APF official claims the threats are inspired by media attacks on people who question President Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve in the White House, even as many media figures are attempting to blame the Tucson massacre on harsh rhetoric from Republicans and conservatives.
“I’ve been called a subversive and an enemy of the state, not to mention moron, insufferable little b-tch and a lot of other similar nasty comments,” APF’s Margaret Hemenway told WND. “I write a lot of them back to tell them that e-mail rage, like road rage, is neither healthy nor adult behavior and remind them it is the fundamental obligation of citizenship to support the U.S. Constitution.”
Lakin is the officer who refused to obey orders to compel the Army to put him on trial, in an effort to force President Obama to prove he is constitutionally eligible to serve as commander in chief of the U.S. military. APF was established to support Lakin’s legal defense during his Army court martial.
Hemenway sent the following letter, postmarked in Columbus, Ohio, to the U.S. Post Office authorities to be investigated because it contained a direct threat:

“This is to inform you that LTC Larkin (sic) is a F—— COWARD who should be put in front of a firing squad and shot. If I see his a– on the streets of Washington I will save the government the expense of a trial, I’ll dip a bullet in s— and shoot him in the head. This f— off deserves to die on the streets of America.”

Hemenway said a postal inspector told her the letter is “prosecutable,” but the inspector was not able to identify the sender during the investigation.
The incendiary rhetoric and threats aimed at “birthers” could be inspired by over-the-top rhetoric by some figures in the media, in Hemenway’s view. “I’m just sick of the vitriol and hate mongering of the liberal media, decrying ‘birthers’ as whack jobs, lunatics, fringe, etc. Their venom has encouraged this type of email, phone calls and letter threats,” Hemenway told WND.

Jeffrey Toobin

Hemenway cited CNN host Anderson Cooper and a guest on one of Cooper’s shows, commentator Jeffrey Toobin. “Toobin called us a ‘racist, freak, lunatic fringe’ on Cooper’s show,” said Hemenway, who added that Cooper himself has directed abusive language at people who question Obama’s eligibility. “You don’t think this encourages attacks against us? They deserve to be held accountable for their comments.”
The steady stream of invective directed at “eligibility activists” has received little media coverage, though numerous commentators have attempted to draw a connection between heated conservative rhetoric and the attempted assassination Saturday of Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Ariz.
For example,Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said during a press conference, “Let me say one thing, because people tend to pooh-pooh this business about all the vitriol that we hear inflaming the American public by people who make a living off of doing that. … That may be free speech, but it’s not without consequences.”
MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann quickly linked Dupnik’s remarks to former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, pointing out that a Palin website identified 20 Democrat-held congressional districts, including Giffords’, as targets for the GOP in the November elections by putting crosshairs on them.
Ironically, the liberal website Daily Kos also put a bull’s-eye on Giffords’ district, targeting her for defeat in the 2010 primary for being a “blue-dog Democrat.”
In an article titled “Violence and politics merge,” Politico reported that some people may have a political interest in blaming conservatives like Sarah Palin and tea partiers for inspiring Arizona gunman Jared Lee Loughner. According to Politico, “One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did. ‘They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,’ said the Democrat. ‘Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.'”
No links between Loughner and Palin, conservatives, Republicans or the tea party have surfaced since the shooting. A far different picture of Loughner is emerging: that he is a mentally deranged leftist who formerly volunteered for Giffords and the Democratic party. 
Two anonymous letters sent to APF from Richmond, Va. place “GOP” and “Birthers” in the crosshairs of a rifle scope alongside the exhortation “Load ’em Up!” These letters claim to be sent by a group called “Militant Association of Democrats,” which says “We are Second Amendment Democrats!” Each letter consists of a profanity-laced tirade directed at Republicans and eligibility activists….
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0 responses to “Birthers Receive Death Threats

  1. Patriot Angel/Barb

    All of this is utterly ridiculous. It is a shame that people are doing this. There is a two party system and it is natural that they will disagree. But taking lives or threatening to are mentally deranged human beings.
    There is nothing wrong with demanding that government in all forms go by the book and be transparent with the taxpayers monies and laws they are making us succumb to. There is nothing wrong with the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America in which our military takes an oath to defend.
    There are many of us who disagree with laws yet we uphold them while taking steps to change them as afforded us by the constitution for redress of grievances. In fact, the majority of conservatives are law abiding and tax payers. It is the “other” party who love the entitlements.
    Where is my country going? My hope lies in none other than Jesus Christ. It will take Him to set this world right as it is on the fast track to Sheol.
    I will be praying for the safety of all involved as well as the conviction of those who are propagating this nonsense. Lord…slam the doors in their faces and let their rhetoric fall on deaf ears.

  2. Patriot Angel/Barb

    Steve, I can’t see this ending well either to be truthful. I know too many people from different walks of life and all of them are constitutionalists and/or Christians. I hear a lot of the talk and do allot of research…read a lot of news etc. It is going to take the Lord and a miracle. When 2 or more are in agreement….the Lord has His ears open!
    Being right with Him is the most important thing we can do. Hatred is the same as murder, lust is the same as adultery, and when you have broken one command you have broken them all and no sin shall enter the Kingdom. I am ready everyday for His appearance. I say….even so Lord Jesus….come QUICKLY!

  3. I think you should report this guy’s comments to the FBI. Those were not even “veiled” threats, they are blatant

    • Aw, but like with the Panthers, this is just a rhetorical expression of opinion, unlike anything Sarah Palin says (which is hate speech and a “terroristic threat” even if it’s only “Pass the salt, please”) for left/liberals. Disagreement is treason for them– Mao, Stalin, etc. felt the same way.

  4. Amen, and “ditto!” to Linda’s comment above.
    This vile stupidity has gone on too long, and needs immediate termination. I’m passing this page on to former US Army & Marines who will follow through. Eowyn should not have to endure any more of this terminal Satanic foulness.

  5. Now through Nov 2012/Jan 2013 is going to be interesting (recall what Sun Tsu said about living in “interesting times”). This may not end well… if there’s anything you feel you might need, buy while it’s available.

  6. Isn’t it interesting that no import is given to the vicious threats against United States Citizens who want to see all of Obama’s documents that he is hiding, spending millions of dollars on attorney’s fees to prevent disclosure of them. I understand the recommendation to report the threats to our blog to the F.B.I., but remember,the F.B.I. is under the control of Obama. Do you really think you will get results?

  7. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I’ve not posted here before, but Free Speech’s link at Citizen Well’s blog led me here. I have to believe there are still some patriots in the employ of the FBI. They may be fearful of losing their jobs, but they weren’t hired by the FBI because they are fearful, were they?
    Keep the faith.

  8. wow! This is not going to end well at all. the division is deep. It’s an “us” versus “them” mentality. no one will win in this scenario and only serves to destroy public trust and opinion, and might I say, seed animosity, cynicism and anger. there seems to be a lot going on recently in the world, and right here. i fear the future looks bleak. alot of things; political, environmental geographical, natural, all seem to be converging. It will take a great leader to lead the world from the edge of abyss at this point. once the shit hits the fan and things start degrading, where are we all going to meet, bunker down and form a mini protected society? Someone please forward me the location. i have skills which can come in handy in such a scenario.

  9. That loudmouth liberal Sheriff in AZ, well apparently he knew about Loughner’s antics (death threats, etc) before and did NOTHING then…
    “The Dupnik Cover-Up — He Knew About Loughner?” by Jeffery Lord, The American Spectator, 11 JAN 11,

  10. If and when the crap hits the fan I hope this punk is on the front lines, but I doubt it, he is the type that would crap his pants if a cap gun was fired in his proximity.
    Little Jimmy, the adults are in charge now, you’d better run home, your momma’s calling and you need your diaper changed

  11. Ah, the tolerant liberals at work again. This is not going to end pretty…perilous times we are living thru right now.

  12. The brain-damaged far-left freakazoids would not be reacting this way if they weren’t scared sh*tless that Obama may very well turn out to be an illegitimate POTUS.

  13. ~Eowyn,
    Thinking outside the box here… I can’t help to think that the latest online “death threats” to birthers is an attempt by the political left to incite such rhetoric in order to pull out someone, anyone who will take the bait.
    By this I mean the democratic machine needs ammunition (and cover) going into this next election by drawing out websites, bloggers, posters, tweeters etc who will respond or engage in the same hate filled rhetoric speech directed at the president. All to be distributed in the MSM as not only “crazy birthers” but now ones with the intent to cause bodily harm.
    IMHO, James Spader and those like him fall in the Obot trolling category (possible even FBI coordinated stings) looking to catch big fish and used as poster children birthers in the MSM for more cover and side show circus distractions for Obama.

    • Thomas,
      That certainly is within the realm of possibility and probability, Obama being an acolyte of Saul Alinsky.
      Alas, Obot trolls will only dig their own graves here on the Fellowship. Nothing they do can or will incite us to descend to their level. We have the peace and self-composure that come from a clear conscience and a love of truth and of Christ.

  14. Well Blimey.
    I believe we have been hit by a bloody spammer.

  15. Oh, never mind.


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