Birth Certificate Fraud- Demo Video

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0 responses to “Birth Certificate Fraud- Demo Video

  1. just like obama!

  2. Damn, don’t folk know you have to scan the hardcopy printout or photocopy of it for this kind of gag to work? (Hubris has undone people cleverer than this.)

  3. More fraud and more fraud! If it was no big deal, why did Obama spend millions so that his alleged certificate would not have to be disclosed, along with his academic records! Why not satisfy us crazy birthers as we have been called, with the information that was asked for two years ago if it is so insignificant! The fact of the matter is, that we are not crazy at all! The Democrats insisted that John McCain prove his eligibility so that he could run for President, and he complied. But God forbid that anyone make this an issue for this king! This is a very important issue, because if you are not eligible to serve as president, then everything else in your attempt to serve as president is irrelevant and illegal! God help us! Why can’t everyone understand this apriori and ab initio logical position!

  4. okay……
    let me make sure that I am getting this right……
    some ding dong photoshopped a longform BC and then left it in layers, didn’t flatten the image, merge the layers????????
    Is that much unbelievable stupidity even remotely possible????
    Just because it’s so totally unimaginable…is it possible to CREATE layers on a single locked background image ad a ploy, a trap to make Trump and “birthers” start screaming , “Fraud, Fraud ” again????
    It is inconceivable that a document that could be proven fraudulent in less than a day, be trotted out with such fanfare…..
    If this guy on the YouTube figured it out, everyone else will, too…….
    My head is going to explode.
    I never believed it this morning, it just didn’t make sense…..but already?
    I don’t know what to think. wow

  5. Hey All
    check this out:
    this makes sense. the above link basically says that the new BC was scanned and saved as a PDF which makes type searchable so the typed passages are in layers..whereas the signed names etc do not have separate layers as Adobe cannot recognize human script as type.
    This makes sense to me…as much as I do not trust Obama and his creeps, I couldn’t believe they were that mind numbingly stupid and careless.
    Was the thing doctored beforehand…perhaps but these layers do not appear to be the poof.
    It’s good to know what’s real. : )

    • Hi,
      I checked the link about OCR, but something still does not make sense. Why there are some letters left on the background layer not being pulled out in text layer ( why number 1 on the top right corner was seperated from the serial numbers). Why the signature of Registar is boxed in the same layer of the text if indeed cursive type is not recognized and should be left on the background layer? Why his mother signature is cut in half in two different layers? Also the number of date does split, how can it be searchable?

  6. What about the faintly penciled in numbers? Who penciled them in and why? Regardless of the technical details of scanning, OCR, Adobe, etc, it’s odd that a legal document or a photocopy of a legal document has handwritten pencil notations in the typed fields. Even in the final demo of the video when all the typed info in the fields disappears, the penciled notations remained. I just don’t understand their significance.


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