Biological male wins women’s cycling championship

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McKinnon (c) takes another win earlier this year/Instagram photo


McKinnon on the podium (c) for the world championship win.

This transgender woman won the women’s world cycling championship. No biological advantage there…

Of course if you have a different opinion than the good doctor you are nothing but a bigot.

From CYCLING’S first transgender world champion has fired back at heated criticism surrounding her breakthrough victory at the 2018 UCI Masters track championships.

Canadian philosophy professor at South Carolina’s College of Charleston Dr. Rachel McKinnon endured a torrent of online trolling after taking to social media to celebrate her world championship win in the women’s 35-44 sprint final at the Velo Sports Center in Los Angeles earlier this week (this story was dated Oct. 16.).

An image of McKinnon standing tall above her competitors during the medal presentation ceremony has spread globally in the wake of her controversial victory — just as she predicted.

McKinnon, born a biological male, won gold in the sprint final against friend Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen from the Netherlands.

An elated McKinnon claimed, to her knowledge, she is the first openly transgender athlete to win a world championship in any sport, after nudging past Van Herrikhuyzen on the final straight in a time of 12.903 seconds.

American Jennifer Wagner, who finished third, led the criticism against McKinnon’s participation in the championships.

Wagner responded to English media commentator Katie Hopkins’ online swipe at McKinnon by declaring it was not fair that McKinnon was able to compete at all. Hopkins also declared it was “febrile madness” for the UCI to sanction McKinnon’s participation.

McKinnon hit out at the criticism immediately following her victory both on social media and in interviews. She told she enjoyed no physical advantage over her competitors despite being born a male.

“I think there is absolutely no evidence that I have an unfair advantage,” McKinnon said. “People who oppose transgender inclusion in sport put us in the double bind. It’s the “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario.

“If I win, they attribute it to me being trans and having an unfair advantage. If I lose, the same people think I must not be good anyway. People will never attribute my winning to hard work which is what I think I deserve.”

She said there is no research to suggest that testosterone and body development would in anyway enhance the physical performance of transgender athletes.

She recently told USA Today that policing the testosterone levels of transgender athletes violates their human rights — declaring that should override all debates surrounding potential unfair playing fields for transgender athletes.

“We cannot have a woman legally recognised as a trans woman in society, and not be recognized that way in sports,” McKinnon said recently.

Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a rights issue (#sportisahumanright). We shouldn’t be worried about trans people taking over the Olympics. We should be worried about their fairness and human rights instead.

Read the whole story here.


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35 responses to “Biological male wins women’s cycling championship

  1. Hands down, he is a man competing against real women. He won nothing and the women are losers for allowing HIM in the competition, unless the women were lesbians and then they are even.

    • SORT of agree, Alma…even a Lesbian is for now and forever, since inception, since birth….an XX chromosome. And this bozo “winner” show-cased here, is an XY chromosome male/who thinks he is a female and went through physical and hormonal therapies to make him physically closer to what he things he is….a female….and THEN, he/as a she went out to compete against true XX females……..

      YOU CAN NOT FOOL MOTHER NATURE. If you are born XY, you are forever, legally, in court, for any civil case….an XY MALE. I don’t care how many lawyers or layers of “popular” law you have between your birth XY and your engineered “femaleness,” the fact IS….if your DNA is at any crime scene as a perp or as a witness or of some value to the case…YOU ARE THE DNA WITH WHICH YOU WERE BORN…conceived….born……grown with…and in spite of “what you psychologically feel like.” Civil Law will ALWAYS and forever, b/c of the DNA acceptance as evidence….consider ALL XX chromosomal evidence to be female and ALL XY evidence to be male. Period. Bring on the paperwork. Bring on the lawyers. Bring on your Congressmen and Senators and Doctors and Psychologists and parents and WHOMEVER…..legally, if for prosecurial purposes…if for civil cases, DNA is acceptable for the courts…then WHY OH WHY is it NOT acceptable to the people who give the courts legitimacy….the voting public? The people who elect the people whom appoint the courts? I just don’t GET THIS!!!!! LEGALLY……I accept it for other’s “emotions,” but it can NOT be a LEGAL acceptance due to the LEGAL status given to DNA in the courts……I just can’t see where I AM THE CRAZY ONE on this aspect of the issues in front of us.

      .I sort of “get it” socially ONLY due to todays’ genre of “decline of the Romam Empire” repitition of social/moral indulgances…..Repetition of failed historical movements……I GET THAT…I am concerned by it….but I don’t think we will be able to stop it…I think it will ROLL OVER us…and we will fail/fall as a great nation at some distant time….and some other culture who will “seize the day” ( the Chinese? Canadians? Mexicans?) will climb upon us and pick up the torch that was our great Constitution/our BLENDED (not “salad”) culture…..and move into the space that we occupied for some hundreds of years….but NOT NEAR as long as the Roman Empire…..

  2. Well if there was ever any evidence that these transgenders are mentally ill beyond their gender confusion this is it. What kind of person would insist and remain in denial of their physical advantage over others to the others detriment? Answer: A delusional narcissist without any honor, compassion, sense of fairness, or shame. There is only one thing that is going to remedy this travesty, and that is when the female athletes refuse to compete when there is a tranny in the mix. I am surprised that they have not boycotted these competitions before now. What are they waiting for? They get what they deserve if they don’t stand up to this. I have a feeling that many of these women athletes are already …cough…. ” manly” and therefore are loathe to speak up against one of their own in the LGBTQXYZ community.

  3. Why would women take part in these things? How about arm wrestling? Remember when the Soviets were accused of either doping their women athletes with steroids or using men in their place?

    So, over time, these events will devolve into insane pervert contests. Maybe they can find some midget trannies to spice things up.

  4. If biological women athletes who don’t participate in “doping” don’t fight this, women’s sport competitions at all levels will collapse. Women athletes who are afraid to fight this crap because they’re afraid to not follow the PC narrative will lose their right to legitimate competition. It’s that simple.

  5. It needs to be disqualified for not riding a girls bike. (sarc)

  6. Where is the pink hat feminist army….this is a reason to march….

  7. There’s a pathetic Mother’s Day video by him in an article on this insane young man in which he thanks his mother for all her support and hopes she’s now happy she’s finally got the daughter she always wanted instead. (theothermccain dot com.)

    Rhys/Rachel also goes on to invite “questioning” children to ignore their own mothers if their mothers disapprove and to become part of the “glitter queer family,” which is straightforward grooming, it would appear. In his voice and mannerisms there’s the telltale, fleeting hesitation suggesting he’s acting for Mommy Dearest and not really experiencing his newfound feminine persona. The poor bastard is definitely insane.

    What’s not insane but sheer evil is his hiring by a state college, run by a former Republican legislator, subverting the morality of and recruiting impressionable young people newly on their own into his life of insanity, disease, depression, and often suicide. As for the cycling farce, it shows that the feminist movement was all along about mocking rather than protecting the feminine. Young women I see around are even affecting a mannish running style that makes them look like fools.

  8. Lionel Mandrake

    It’s not “her” it’s “it”.

  9. Why does this author refer to “him” as a “her?” Transexual perversion means the end of women’s sports.

  10. Physical activities (sports, bathrooms) are governed by physical state (sex), not mental state (gender). Logic so simple only a leftist could screw it – up.

  11. LOL! WTF is that genetic misfire? Our enemies are trembling in fear and thinking how futile it would be to ever attack such a manly country.

  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Isn’t the picture obvious enough for any fool?

  13. This could possibly be the next wave of the #WalkAway movement. REAL females need to take a ‘hard stand’ against this surreptitious fraud. They fought too hard, for too many years, to be recognized and financially supported for their unique sports achievements.

  14. “Dick Lane Velodrome” may become the next tranny-biker convention spot.

  15. Well this story gives new meaning to sports “doping”

  16. I can’t help but think of the IRONY of Dick Lane Velodrome – LOL!

  17. When did we get this lame? Fears of being sued by every nutcase coming out from under their rock? Face it, the dude won in a womens competition! That’s no accomplishment. Nothing to be proud of! I can whip the 3rd grade girls softball team but that’s nothing to rave about. It’s time that MEN pulled a creep like this aside and tell him to go home or have an ambulance waiting on you at the finish line. The fault is ours for allowing stupid things to continue until they are out if control. We determine our culture; not politicians or activists and, by God, we’ve let it go too far for too long!

  18. Not only is this one “man” (with or without quote marks, take your pick) cheating against women, but the whole enterprise is letting him cheat against women. This is not a “level playing field,” this is not “equality,” it is really an act of hatred!
    And we can thank that witch, Gloria Allred, for having started this trend, over 30 years ago, when she sued every male-only club she could serve papers on to allow women to enter!

    Each group of people needs their own preserve. There is nothing wrong with women having their own associations or clubs. Ditto for men. What this PC insanity is doing is infringing upon people’s constitutional rights to freely associate with their peers.

  19. The Bolshevik overlords and their useless idiot liberal acolytes are trying to recreate the Soviet Union here in the US.. Its Cultural Marxist version of Lysenkoism.

  20. I’m shocked that the female athletes will even stand on the podium with this guy. Female athletes everywhere should skip the ceremonies in protest, when a man wins in their league. That’s the only way to finally end this nonsense and designate women’s sports for women again!

  21. Ashley McGuire said:

    “Twenty years ago, if a man hit a woman so hard that he sent her to the hospital, he’d be in prison. Now he can get paid for it.”

    Transgender MMA Fighter Breaks Female Opponent’s Skull. Are we …

  22. Are Venus & Serena Williams men? (1/7)Pelvis analysis

  23. Go to minute 3:15, look at their hands (remember the ‘indent’)

  24. Girls can do anything a man can do. Remember ????

  25. “””only one thing that is going to remedy this travesty, and that is when the female athletes refuse to compete when there is a tranny in the mix.”””
    That was my first thought reading this headline.
    Tru dat!

  26. It was a hollow victory based on lies. Just because you think you are something doesn’t make it so. He never had surgery to remove his hormone producing equipment. The guy needs a shrink, period.
    And any woman that puts up with this and still competes needs one as well. The field will never be level.

  27. As Austin Powers said:

  28. I’ll bet he’s proudernpunch. What sort of sports organization would allow this? Nothing like being the only one on the team that gets a prostate exam.


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