Billionaire founder of social network of sadistic pedophiles is a Hillary Clinton supporter

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“For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.” –Ephesians 6

The 2016 presidential election wasn’t just a political battle, it was spiritual warfare.

If you doubt it, recall that Satanists were among those who protested in Washington, DC, against Donald John Trump’s presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017.

Did you know that Satanists endorsed Bernie Sanders for the presidency?

And that bestialists supported Hillary Clinton? See “MAGA: Bestialists in retreat after Trump win“.

And that the Clintons’ longtime friend and associate Larry Nichols says Hillary Clinton is a Satanist?

Here’s more evidence that the Democrat Party is the Party of Evil.

According to Wikipedia, with a networth in February 2018 of $1.54 billion, Mark Pincus, 52, is an Internet entrepreneur who was a founding investor of Twitter and Facebook. He is also the founder of Zynga, a mobile social gaming company; the startups Freeloader, Inc., and; incubator SuperLabs; and the co-founder of Win the Future (WTF), the “progressive left wing” insurgency movement within the already left-wing Democratic Party.

In the 2016 presidential election, Pincus was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, as seen in the pic below. He blames Hillary’s loss on “outside factors like Russian meddling”.

Wikipedia‘s entry on Pincus also says this:

In 2003, at age 37, Pincus founded his third startup,, an early social network. partnered with major local newspapers and was backed by The Washington Post, Knight Ridder Digital, and Mayfield Fund and Guy Spier.

Pincus said in 2008:

We’ve kept Tribe going not because we believed it would turn into a phenomenal business success like Bebo or Facebook, but because I think it serves a really valuable role for the community.

In November 2016, a poster on Voat discovered a massive sadistic pedophile “community” at, where child porn of the sickest sort is openly available, and where sadistic pedophiles boast of “no limits” to their twisted perversities.

Although I had known about Tribe some time ago, I couldn’t bring myself to post about it until November 2017 in “Sadistic pedophiles and Sen. Al Franken’s ‘joke’ about anal rape of babies” because what Tribe‘s members write about is so horrific and demonic.

So, consider yourself forewarned.

On Tribe, members can initiate a discussion on a particular subject by starting a new thread. One of the threads is truly evil, titled “Newborn Snuff,” which was begun on October 2, 2015 by a member who calls himself BabySnuff. This is what BabySnuff wrote (WARNING: Graphic language):

“Anyone else have a fantasy of raping a newborn to death? Kidnap a woman off the street, rape her and impregnate her, then when she gives birth, immediately shove your cock inside the newborn and rape it, tearing it apart with your cock. Once you cum, and the baby is a broken mess, just shove it back inside the whore it came from.”

Below are some of the comments on that thread:

“HAIL SATAN. its the best”

 “HAIL SATAN! I need to give myself to him to become a temple 4 him to enter & instruct me how to fuck NB’s as a way of worshiping him!!”
“i want to ruff fuck bbys balls deep on my cock & worship satan with a large group of nepi bby snffers into 666!!!! ”

Other threads on Tribe include incest, cannibalism, and spreading AIDS via “gay” sex.

Want more evidence that the Democrat Party is the Party of Evil? See:

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21 responses to “Billionaire founder of social network of sadistic pedophiles is a Hillary Clinton supporter

  1. There are, without a doubt, certain people on this planet whose lives should be extinguished based solely on their thoughts.

  2. I have no words….
    Struck dumb.

  3. Is this news supposed to be a surprise? It’s been happening around her and her “husband” for decades. They’ve both been to Epstein’s pedo paradise island on multiple occassions and most of their cohorts in the deep state cabal are frequent fliers there too. These satanic lizards are the definition of evil and deserve to live there lives in prison and their afterlife in burning hell.

    • And then there’s John Podesta, the worst most brutal murderous pedophile on the planet. He works for hillary too.

  4. As ugly as it may be, this is information that needs to be written and read.

  5. Democrats and their cronies for ya…

  6. Funny how we all want the truth…but even a media outlet like FNC quashed Hannity’s Seth Rich investigation, AND the Pizzagate story.

    Interesting…whever there’s something we MIGHT actually get them on…all we hear are crickets…EVEN from the Right.

  7. These degenerates should be hunted down by Federal Marshalls and other right authorities and they really should stand trial for crimes against humanity.
    This level of depravity is stupefying. I can’t understand it, and I don’t want to.

  8. Sick people. Just sick.

  9. And I suppose at the same time this POS would probably censor conservative or non PC speech as ” hate speech”.
    And how absolutely apropos that a member of ” the Tribe” names his social network “The Tribe” because it is seemingly becoming more clear by the day that the members of The Tribe that are not perverse and twisted in some way or downright Satanic is rather rare.

    • Hillary is not Jewish. Neither is John Podesta, the worst most brutal and murderous pedophile on the planet. Neither are the agents of the CPS, the family court judges, sheriffs, and attorneys who run pedophile rings in collusion with each other. But that doesn’t fit in with your anti-semitic world view does it!

  10. Mark Pinkus also seems to have a “healthy” stake in Facebook.

    Facebook stake: .5%
    Value: $425 million

    Mark Pincus is the co-founder of Zynga, a producer of online social games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars. A serial entrepreneur, Pincus snared his Facebook shares at the first Angel round led by Peter Thiel, where both Pincus and Reid Hoffman ponied up $40,000 for their slices of the pie. Prior to Zynga, Pincus founded, one of the first social networks in 2003. Additionally, he was the founder and CEO of SupportSoft and also co-founded Freeloader, the first consumer-pushed information service. In 2009, Zynga was the most successful company built on the Facebook platform with $450 million in annual revenue. In 2010, conflicts arose between Zynga and Facebook due to Facebook’s Credits policy, which sought 30% of Zynga’s proceeds. As a result Pincus threatened to take Zynga from the Facebook platform and launch its own social gaming platform, ZyngaLive. Although a five-year agreement was reached between Zynga and Facebook later that year, the exact details of the deal were not disclosed.

  11. I’m not familiar with it’s background and haven’t searched on it, but wonder whether this Pincus fund is any relationship with Mark? None is showing on it’s face, but it does have a Democrat connection shown further down at the link. The first part below is from the about page. Mellman and the Democratic connection is the 2nd part:

    “The Pincus Fund, an initiative originally created by the Jewish Agency for Israel in partnership with the World Zionist Organization, the Government of Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, is committed to the centrality of Israel and the value of diversity across the Jewish world.” [This link below opens to another page for Board members. See Mark Mellman]:

    “The Mellman Group counts among its clients the Democratic Leader of the U.S. Senate and the Democratic Whip in the House (Leader Harry Reid, Whip Steny Hoyer). In addition, Mellman has helped guide the campaigns of some twenty-nine U.S. Senators, eleven Governors and over two dozen Members of Congress.”

  12. An article mentioning about Pinkus. An appropriate title.

    “The Perversion of America’s Self-Made Man”

    “Nobody likes being fired. But when Zynga laid off over five hundred employees in the spring of 2013, it’s a good bet that some of those let go by the social game-maker were happy to move on.

    Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, was not a fun guy to work for.

    Pincus became a billionaire during the minibubble for overhyped social media companies in 2010 and 2011. But by 2013, he was fighting to keep his company afloat. And for those who knew him well, there was a poetic justice to his fall.

    Mark Pincus was mean.”

  13. These folks are just plain sick…… look worship who or what you want,but when u talk about raping women taking the new born baby and killing it by raping it……that in my book makes u one sick demoRAT. If this bunch of sick jerks is what they are calling the future of our country then we are absolutely in trouble….big damn trouble.

  14. I believe this article is investigating some genuine crimes, but there are also self-promoting con men who are planting some false evidence. Specifically, the banner that say “no pedo bashing, no mike cernovich” was probably a false flag. (I say “probably” but I am very confident that it was a false flag planted by friends of Cernovich. Many other investigators are absolutely convinced it was a false flag.)

    I suspect that Cernovich is a small-time con man; I suspect that Mark Pincus is a big-time psychopath.

  15. The “tie that binds” is hatred for Christ and Western Civilization in itself. They represent their father, Satan.

  16. I do not want to wait until the Second Coming to see these perverts sent to Hell.

  17. I suspect that gaikokumaniakku is right when he says, ” I suspect that Mark Pincus is a big-time psychopath.”. I have not searched to verify a connection, although that was what I was searching for to begin with, so while I’m still not positive I do heavily suspect that there is a connection between Mark and the other Pincus talked about there, whose connections are shown in 3 of my comments made at Irish Savant today.

    “We’ve all heard about the Warburgs. We consider them to be a bad part of history.

    Think again.

    “Warburg Pincus traces its roots to E.M. Warburg & Co., founded in 1939….Today Warburg Pincus is a globally-integrated partnership led by co-chief executive officers Charles R. Kaye and Joseph P. Landy.”

  18. I was trying unsuccessfully to reply to Marlene re her accusation that Lana’s comment is anti-Semitic, so I’ll put this comment at the end. Although Lana can handle herself more than well enough, I won’t give Marlene’s libelous accusation a free pass.

    Jews came to dominate the ownership of newspaper, magazine, and book publishing in the age of print through collusion between the big advertisers and publishers. And only collusion can explain ownership of Hollywood, pornography, and the music industry, which in all these cases Jews so openly brag about it, pornography in particular, that it’s Marlene’s motives and bad faith that become suspect in her accusation.

    In this digital age they’re also so grossly over-represented in ownership of digital platforms that to suggest it’s not due to collusion is an insult to mathematical logic, common sense, and what’s left of good-faith discourse. We could add their thirty-five-times over-representation among senior Wall Street management, with its ability to allocate scarce capital resources to their own to seize control of the new public forum and hence the election process in America all over again.

    The response that it’s due to superior business skills and intelligence is easily demolished, and has been by Jewish intellectuals such as Ron Unz, yet even if one were to allow for a non-existent advantage in brains and skill, it would still not even begin to override the vastly greater number of non-Jews in America with equal intelligence and business acumen who are conversely grossly under-represented at the top of these cultural and economic determinants of power in America.

    But there’s no need to prove anything to people like Marlene, whose unfounded accusations exhibit that uniquely psychotic mix of paranoia and grandiosity implicating themselves as the haters dealing in bad faith and as the destroyers of dialogue, not us. As a consequence it’s worth paraphrasing Lenin’s dictum, Why should we reply to Kautsky? He’ll reply to us, we’ll have to reply to him again, and there’ll be no end to it. It is enough we denounce him as an enemy of the people and (Lenin quoting Dostoevsky) everyone will immediately understand everything.

  19. It appears you’re guilty of what you accuse me. But you don’t care as long as you can make an opportunity to spew your anti-Semitism, apparently at EVERY opportunity. Despite Lana being able “to handle herself,” you felt a need to handle her. Imagine that – lol!


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