Billboard focused on African-American abortions being taken down

New York (CNN) — A New York billboard that focused exclusively on African-American abortion rates is being taken down because of concerns for public safety, said Hal Kilshaw, spokesperson for Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising, on Thursday. The billboard was erected by group opposed to abortions.
The billboard is attached to a building that houses the restaurant Lupe’s Kitchen. Some of the wait staff, Kilshaw said, were being harassed by patrons who objected to the billboard. In addition, a scheduled protest Friday by people opposed to the billboard prompted public safety concerns, which led to the company’s decision.
Kilshaw said the controversy surrounding the billboard did not factor into the company’s decision to take it down.
“We accepted the copy in accordance with our policy,” Kilshaw said. “We believe in people’s right to advertise, (we) thought it (the copy) was OK, (and) we stand behind that decision,” Kilshaw said.
Kilshaw said the company is trying to get the billboard taken down as early as Thursday evening.
The sign, paid for by the organization Life Always, reads: “The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”
The billboard, about a half mile from a Planned Parenthood facility in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, features an African-American girl.
“They’re attacking women for choosing abortion while simultaneously destroying family planning,” said spokeswoman Mary Alice Carr of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “Their hypocrisy is as large and as obnoxious as this billboard.”
But Stephen Broden, a pastor and Life Always board member, told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday, “It’s hard to celebrate Black History Month” with abortion “hanging over our community.”
“Abortion is outpacing life in our community” and he said the billboard’s message is meant to be a “provocative” way to illustrate the problem.
African-Americans have high abortion rates compared with other demographic groups, according to Rebecca Wind, a spokeswoman for the Guttmacher Institute, a New York-based research center for sexual and reproductive health.
The disparity is in part attributed to a “lack of adequate services” in many black communities, which “has resulted in more unintended pregnancies,” Wind said.
According to the Life Always website, the move is an attempt “to raise public awareness of Life issues through advertising and raise truths about Life issues to educate and empower individuals.”
The sign is part of a national campaign where more billboards will appear over the next couple of months across the country, Life Always spokeswoman Marissa Gabrysch said.
Calls to Life Always and NARAL Pro-Choice America were not returned Thursday evening after news of the billboard’s removal broke.
Bill Donahue, Catholic League president, released a statement Thursday in support of the billboard.
“Life Always says it wants to raise public awareness of Planned Parenthood’s war on black people. Good for them,” he said.
Critics say the message is misleading.
“The issue is here they are doing a campaign, targeting one group of women and making them feel guilty and shameful about family choices that they are making,” Carr said. “You can’t take a woman and lift her out of her experience.”
But the Rev. Derek A. McCoy, another Life Always board member, told reporters something needs to be done about abortion in the black community and this is “calling attention to a dramatic event.”
“This is a truth and tragedy,” he said.
Broden said “The child (in the billboard) was selected for her innocence.”

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Candance Moore
Candance Moore

I’m confused. If they “stand behind” the content then why are they taking it down? That makes no sense.
And what is this….“You can’t take a woman and lift her out of her experience.” That just sounds like plain jibberish.


A disparity due to lack of adequate services? What, no condoms available?
Saw this on Hannity tonight. Apparently the girl’s mom didn’t approve of using her daughters pic.
Whatever the case, the fact that abortions are much higher in this group needs to be addressed. There is personal responsibilty for your actions. Tough to teach when PP makes it so easy to get rid of a “problem”.

Dr. Eowyn

Since the Left don’t like the Truth, they’ll just resort to censorship.
“I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts.” -Stephanie, my far-left friend, ca. 1982

Dr. Eowyn

Sadly, yes.