Bill Whittle: Obama is an evil bastard

Beginning in Cairo, Egypt, and spreading to Libya and other Muslim countries — in the Middle East and across the world — US embassies and consulates are under siege and our diplomatic staff are attacked and killed, ostensibly because of a little-seen movie that Muslims say is “anti” Islam and “anti” their prophet Muhammad.

Our own intelligence, however, says the most violent attack — the one in Benghazi, Libya — was not a spontaneous act but was “well coordinated” and “well planned,” and has identified the extremist Muslim Brotherhood as behind the Cairo attack, and al Qaeda as behind the Benghazi attack. Even worse, the State Department was warned of the Benghazi attack 48 hours in advance – but did nothing,

Among the makers of “Innocence of Muslims” is Nakoula Basseley, a Southern California filmmaker, a self-described Coptic Christian named as “the key figure” behind the film.

Instead of standing up to the rampaging Muslims and defending Americans’ constitutional right to free speech, the Obama administration repeatedly apologized to the Muslim world for the movie. The first apology was made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (we’re sorry the movie hurt your feelings) to the news of the killing of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. The killing of a US ambassador is an act of war.

Then, Basseley was “investigated” by federal authorities and brought to a Los Angeles sheriff’s stations to be “interviewed”. His home has been besieged by the media and he has gone into hiding in fear for his life.

Image of Nakoula from a video provided by CBS2-KCAL9

Bill Whittle is the host of Afterburner with Bill Whittle, a PJTV program. Founded in 2004, PJ Media is a conservative opinion and commentary website, formerly known as Pajamas Media.

Other FOTM writers have posted Whittle’s video commentaries before, but in this one Whittle is truly withering in his condemnation of the POS for his cowardly appeasement of Muslims. Whittle’s condemnation is all the more devastating because of his soft voice and always polite demeanor.


This is what Whittle said, beginning at around the 7:43 mark:

“I’d like to have a quick word directly to Barry Soetoro, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

In that document, Barry, you’ll find an addendum called the Bill of Rights, and on that Bill of Rights you’ll find right at the top the foundational idea of this country — the document and the people you swore to defend.

You handed that most precious gift — the right to speak and think without fear, a right that’s been defended and paid for by rivers of blood — to our mortal enemies in exchange for enough peace to get yourself reelected, so that you can lie under that same oath again.

I pray to God that there is a law of Heaven higher and nobler and sterner than the laws that you trample down here on Earth. Because the willful violation of so sacred a trust — over the graves of so many patriots and ripped from the hearts of a great and decent people who champion that freedom around the world — deserves a punishment far richer than the one that you’re going to receive this November, when those self-same people have closed the curtains behind them and finally unleash their righteous rage on what is without question the most dishonorable, treasonous, self-aggrandizing evil bastard the office of the President of the United States has ever seen.”

Bravo, Mr. Whittle!


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8 years ago

I hope what he says is true, and Americans are paying attention and infuriated by these events, in spite of the press protection BO receives. I can’t believe they actually tried to turn it back on Mitt’s “47%” remark in the middle of all this. Their complicity is criminal.

Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen
8 years ago

I believe the protests in the middle east were planned and organized by Barry’s handlers,No one is buying the ready made excuse of the video..No one with a brain believes Barry works for the best interest of our country

8 years ago

When I first saw Obama getting off a plane before he even ran for president, the comment was that he was an “up and comer’ to the political scene. I looked at him and I was immediately repulsed. I didn’t want to watch him as there was something evil that I sensed. That was not based on reason or logic, just my God-given sense. It hasn’t changed either.

8 years ago

Obama’s sins are many! There is so much evidence he is a FRAUD. How then..dear God..that polls are showing more than half Americans approve of him?!! A vote for Obama is a vote for the agenda of Bill Ayers, black panthers,communsim,the rev.Wrights of this world,the muslim brotherhood.All of these radicals call for murder and mayhem.Its a call for the godless ‘state’ to take over ones entire life and the life of your children.It won’t be a pretty sight if Obama is re-elected.

Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen
8 years ago
Reply to  hanna

I think the polls like the press are lying in an attempt to discourage voters ..Whats really scares me is the liberal strangle hold on all the media..

8 years ago

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Bill Whittle: Obama is an evil bastard

Wayne Hadsell
8 years ago

The time for standing up for what you believe is now! America can’t survive another 4 yrs of this traitor.

Joe Geer
7 years ago

Enough negative remarks about Barry. It’s clear and concise of what his objective and plan is for America. The evil bastard will fail in his attempts along with his cast of demons. Perhaps a mere mortal just might reach out and touch someone in a profound manner. Better yet why not does the Secret Service do their job and arrest the pathetic bastard. Best part obviously was scrapped up out of a bed of evil on a mud floor. Scum !!!