Bill Whittle: Memebusters-Osama Bin Laden Edition

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0 responses to “Bill Whittle: Memebusters-Osama Bin Laden Edition

  1. [Obama-Osama] died for our sins!
    It was old catholic-masonic ‘Scapegoat by Proxy’ to help the Democrats shake the Carter Iranian raid fiasco – which also ended with a downed helicopter. [Osama-Obama] pulled the TRUMP card that weekend & all our nationalist outpouring tapped to ‘un-Carter’ himself.
    Then Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a former state department official said that [Obama-Osama] had Marfan syndrome – the same disease lanky Lincoln had… The Obama-Lincoln transfer was big during the election and culminated in the obscene ‘Lincoln Bible’ rite on inauguration day held in the bowels of the White House.
    Now they are showing Osama watching himself TV, right after we saw Obama (& company) watching Osama die on a TV. Watch the movie ‘Videodrome’ and you’ll undestand why they did this: “Must Watch TV!”
    muBarak(!) Hussien(!) Obama(!) – He is literally absorb (cannabalize) our foes and that makes him the [Jesus-Judas] Scapegoat.
    “Barak and Deborah (Hillary Rodham Clinton) are credited with defeating the Canaanite armies led by Sisera, who for twenty years had oppressed the Israelites.” [Book of Judges]
    Watch for ‘King David’ Petraeus on a Democratic ticket in a decade. {notice how the raid happened when Petreaus (Military) and Ponetta (CIA) were swapping places…}
    [Osama-Obama] killed on May Day? Pagan-Socialism’s Biggest Festival? Gimme a break!
    Conservative Christians are getting hoodwinked!


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