Bill Whittle Looks at Obama's Record

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0 responses to “Bill Whittle Looks at Obama's Record

  1. hehehe….Bill rules….Obama drools
    (dan vents:lyingtraitorousbraindeadzombiemoroncommietool)

  2. someone please send this video to these boyz.
    “Let’s Do It Again.” & they mean it. via GWP

  3. This guy is great. Thanks for posting the video.
    Thankfully he didn’t mention Romney.
    That was the best part for me.
    Neither of them are any good, unless you like jerks.

  4. Overheard about three blocks from Obama’s Chicago home,.. Two young, African American males in conversation about Obama. “He has got to go before he destroys our nation.” This just proves that not everyone in Chicago has drank the kool-aid. Thank goodness.

  5. At this point we have to elect the man who is going to do the least damage to our country. Romney ain’t great, but he is 100x better than Oblamer.

  6. “What is a left-wing socialist but a Marxist without a gun?”
–Don Feder


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