Bill Whittle – Fast & Furious Really About Gun Control

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Thank you Hardnox, for bringing this latest gem from Bill  Whittle to our attention!

H/T Hardnox

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0 responses to “Bill Whittle – Fast & Furious Really About Gun Control

  1. Excellent!!! just watched this on,this one I hope will go viral. Nothing like the truth.

  2. O and Holder were the originator of the operation. Back when the talking points were that no good US citizens were supplying all of the weapons to the drug cartels and his lackeys in congress were calling for draconian gun control regulations. The plan was to flood Mexico with American weapons to impose the gun regulations the lefties so want. The truth is that the cartels use American weapons that are of WWII vintage that are not available to purchase in the US.

  3. That’s an insult to Wyle E. Coyote.

  4. Great post! The media says most Americans don’t even know what Fast and Furious is about. Well, we do. And I check the news daily for any updates. And I intend to make noise until those scumbags are held accountable.


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